little mix makes me so fucking proud of everything like, besides their music, work ethic and stuff, THE THINGS THESE FOUR WILL DO FOR PEOPLE IS OUT OF THIS WORLD? we all know they are involved with charities but the performance on G-A-Y just took that to another level? representing the LGBTQ community doing just a performance in a nightclub in London and it brought so many people to hear/get to know the song and it ever trended on billboard 140 chart because it was mentioned so many times in the past hours? that’s sick??? another proof that little mix is made for every audience and they deserve the whole fucking world at their feet because they work and EARN IT.

cuddle--weather asked:

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Thanks for letting me know, cuddle–weather!

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I made this Bravely default/stardust crusaders au for Kakyoin to be happy at last but now I realize if he takes the role of Edea, he’ll still die in the end. Anyways, here’s everyone’s freelancer look and character placement. Some costumes are slightly altered.

Super quick and easy raw salad because the heatwave doesn’t make me very hungry {Iceberg lettuce • Tomato • Red bell pepper • Sweet corn • Flaxseeds and lemon juice} Quick question, who you be interested if I started a YouTube channel with recipes ? 


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