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kate for him, for me at least, always represented his moral compass. he was always looking out for her a little bit more than anybody else. —  dj cotrona // quote

Hugging Astro from behind

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It was thirty minutes before one of Astro’s biggest stages. I mean, of course they have performed before, but never for an audience of 30,000+ people. Jinwoo’s nerves were clearly getting the best of him as he was pacing around, muttering his rap in Clap Clap. You being the great girlfriend you are, decided to come up behind him and hug him!

“What was that for?! And, can I have another one?!”

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Namjoon - Breaking

A/N: I’ve had this written for a while, it only seems fitting to post this on his birthday. Happy Birthday Dance Rap Monster. Thank you for being you.

word count: 2,631

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“She is going to be so pissed.”

“We don’t have to tell her.”

“That is the last thing she has left from her friend that passed away.”

“Can you…?”

“I’m not telling your girlfriend for you, this is your problem not mine.”

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