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If It Means A Lot To You - Pietro Maximoff x Reader (April Song Challenge)

Words: 1930
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: Mentions Avengers
Summary: Based on the song If It Means A Lot To You by A Day To Remember, Pietro and you, a normal citizen, have been dating for two years. Recently, he is always away for his work, and it has been getting to you. Finally, someone reaches their breaking point.
Authors Note: APRIL SONG CHALLENGE! This month’s theme was I would write Angst…and Jadyn would write fluff. So yeah, it’s real angsty. But I love this song a lot…so heck yeah.

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Ao3 / Jadyn’s Challenge

One would say it would be hard to be a normal person and date an Avenger, one that was enhanced as well. And while months ago you would have defended your stance, nights where you sat alone in your loft staring out into the city waiting for a call, you agreed with them.

Pietro and you had been dating for almost two years, and recently his place in the Avengers was becoming more needed. You weren’t anything like an Avenger, just a normal job and trying to get by. You started living together after a year, and had been living together for another year now. But living together was relative; he was gone majority of the time because of the duties of being a superhero.

He promised to call every other day, time depending on what he had going on. But you were worried, it had been three days with no sign that he was still alive. No calls from him or Wanda to alert you if anything happened, but you knew you couldn’t jump to conclusions. You read articles online to see if the Avengers were still fighting or if they were headed home, but there hadn’t been recent updates on the fight for days. No one had much idea what was going on with them.

You jumped when you heard your phone start to ring the Sonic themesong, indicating it was Pietro calling. “Finally!” You groaned and picked up the phone. “Hey!”

Hey darling,” Pietro said into the phone, a low and quiet voice, but you could hear the smile. “I hope you’re good tonight.

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i need more of Bruce adopting black hair orphan

“So you ready to get another sibling?” Tim said leaning against Damian’s doorframe “What are you talking about Drake?” Damian said not looking up from where he was folding and packing clothes into suitcases. “Oh come on Dami, you’re headed off to college, Bruce is totally gonna pick up some kid, with black hair and blue eyes for sure”

“what ridicules logic are you using Drake?” Damian held up a purple V neck and held it against his body and Tim gave him a thumbs up, and Damian started to fold it. “Oh come on you never noticed the pattern? Dick goes off to college becomes Nightwing, and what 15 minutes later Bruce has Jason in a yellow cape, Jason took his dirt nap and bam! I’m the one in Green pants”

“I thought you had to harass father for the role of Robin” Tim waved his hand dismissively “I got my own thing with Young Justice I come back and there’s Cass, I retired for 15 minutes and Bruce made Steph Robin. I go to college and boom there you are!”

“I’m his real son Drake not some stray he found”

“sure if that helps you sleep, you got your own thing with the Titans and Superboy, and boom he got Duke. Well now you’re an all grown up 17 headed for college, me, Duke, Case, Steph are all long gone, so how long till you come home and there’s some kid in one of the guest rooms?” 

“You are ridicules Drake, father does not just randomly adopt children. Besides he’s growing old, he’ll retire after I graduate and I will be Batman, no need for another Robin.”

“yeah sure, has he told you that?”

“well not in so many words” 

“Bruce Wayne will stop being Batman when he’s 80, and then only when we all over power him and tie him down” 



The first semester had not been hard. The classes and course work was insultingly easy, but despite himself Damian had enjoyed himself. He carried his bag up the drive toward Wayne Manor looking forward to hot coco and relaxation for winter break. He had missed Titus badly while in the dorms. Damian threw open the door and was greeted by a horse bark and Titus made his slow stiff jointed way toward Damian. Damian petted Titus noting the gray fur mixed in with his black. “Hi old boy, did you miss me? yeah I missed you too, where’s Alfred the cat? is he mad at me for leaving? yeah” Damian looked up and found a small black haired boy staring at him. The boy was 9 or 10, maybe a small 11. He had a mess of black hair falling into his eyes, his very blue eyes that for a moment Damian thought looked just like his father’s eyes. The kid was wearing an oversized sweater that Damian was sure had once been Tim’s. “Who are you?” Damian said it in his cold command voice. It seemed to have no effect on the kid, he stuck out his hand “Hi, I’m Terry, Terry McGinnis” Damian narrowed his eyes “that does not explain why you’re standing in my front hall” 

The kid tilted his head. “Oh did Bruce not tell you? I live here now” He looked around like someone might be listening and dropped his voice to a whisper “I’m Robin now” his eyes wide and excited. Damian looked at him and blinked a few times. “I hate it when Drake is right” he walked right pasted a puzzled looking Terry and went to find his father, they needed to talk. 

– blackpink reaction to you coming home late ❃.

– ❃ = angst

– Request = Can I please request blackpink’s reaction when you come home late but they were waiting for you and they get mad that you were not home at time. Thank u so much


Originally posted by jenniekimblackpink

you promised jennie that you would come home early so both of you can spend more time together because lately you and jennie rarely even talked, just talking over text that doesn’t even last for an hour.

she waited, waited and waited and she didn’t even got a text from you, she decided to call you but you never picked up until she felt really tired and sleepy so she laid on the couch that’s when you decided to show up.

“ i’m back home ”

no respon

“ i said i’m back home ”

“ i waited for you for two hours, called you like hundred times, cancelled my plan with the girls because of you but at the end you didn’t show up till it’s pass 1am and you still think i’m going to act like nothing happened ? ”

“ oh i’m so sorry ! i forgot and i didn’t me- ”

“ save it, I’m going to sleep ”


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she wouldn’t be mad if it happened once, she knew that your life involves more people she wouldn’t be mad that you’re hanging out with your friends what really pisses her off is that you ditch her almost always for your friends.

today jisoo was supposed to hangout with lisa but then you called her telling her that you will meet her in your shared apartment at 10:30, jisoo cancelled the plan with lisa and lisa was so okay with it, jisoo waited for you patiently and worriedly (is that a word?) and when you showed up jisoo snapped.

“ what made you come late ?, was it your friend again ? ”

“ yeah we bumped into each other ”

“ oh that’s great, i’m going to visit the girls ”

“ what about that movie we were going to watch ?! ”

“ look at the time, the movie already finished and another one came on i’m going to watch that one with lisa, i cancelled our plan which was a bad choice because obviously hanging with your friends is basically better than spending one single night with your girlfriend”


Originally posted by lalisaes

lisa wouldn’t be that mad she was just pissed that you promised her and told her that you will be home soon so you two can spend the rest of the night together but where were you now? it’s almost midnight and you still didn’t show up.

it’s almost 1am now and lisa decided to get dressed and go visit the girls because at the end the movie already finished and she’s really tired and sleepy now, when lisa wore her jacket she heard the door open making her turn around.

“ oh, you’re back “

” yeah, we were going to watch that movie remember ? “

” well yeah that movie started at 10, and it’s already 1am “

” look i’m sorry i’m late but we can watch another one, right ? “

” i’m sorry [name], i’m spending the rest of the night with the girls you can still watch it without me “


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i don’t see chaeyoung being that mad or angry, she might be pissed but she won’t start a fight maybe just arguing or asking you where were you at, if you said that you forgot she’ll be sad and disappointed because why would you promise her ?.

chaeyoung stood in front of the kitchen table moving side to side, she wouldn’t hear the front door opening but once she saw your figure moving she walked up to you with a confused and a suspicious look on her face.

“ care to tell me where were you ? ”

“ i got stuck at the traffic ”

“ i see, the movie just finished but we can still watch another on- ”

“ I’m tired and i’ll go to sleep, we still have tomorrow ”

“ i’ve been waiting for you all night and i feel tired too but i’m still up till now, all you have been doing is coming home late making me wait and at the end you keep breaking your promises and my heart, i’m sick of it”

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11) when one stops the kiss to whisper “I’m sorry, are you sure you-” and they answer by kissing them more for Rhyssa/Fenris or Eliza/Garrus, your choice. :)

Hi everyone, here’s some DA2 Act 3 Rhyssa sadness! 


Orana is hovering over a pot of stew when Hawke comes in to the kitchen. There are tear streaks on the girl’s face, constantly washed clean and then replaced by a new wave of tears, but she makes no sound as she stirs, and stirs, and stirs.

Hawke pauses in the doorway. She wants to embrace Orana, give her what comfort she can, but she smells herself, all fire and blood and lyrium, and knows she looks a soot-stained and bruised horror. There’s no comfort within her power to give. Better to stick to the plan, and get Orana safely away. Alive and terrified is better than dead, after all.

“It’s time, Orana,” Hawke says, gently as she can, but her voice is raw from too many screams, and Orana curls in on herself. “Douse the fire, we have to go.”

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I Won’t Say Sorry

Prompt - “You can’t keep hurting me and then demand I apologize instead!”

Relationship: Lovers

Fandom: Young Justice 

Character: Artemis & Wally

It started with Wally coming back after three years of being gone. Artemis started to miss lunch dates, ignored calls, and often time wouldn’t come home till late at night. All the time she once spent with you was now spent with Wally. The way she talked about him hurt you too like they were still together and maybe they were. Perhaps you were just a roadblock for them, but you didn’t want to let Artemis go. Months went and Artemis offered Wally the guest room to stay in till he got on his feet again. Now it was the looks, that longing glance that you once had for Artemis. The slight touches that lasted longer than they should have. How Wally still knew everything about Artemis when you were still learning.

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ok so I have things to post such as 2 commishes but like,,,, where do I find the time to do that


If you can wait till I get home,
Then I swear to you that we can make this last.
If you can wait till I get home,
Then I swear come tomorrow, this will all be in our past.
Well it might be for the best.

Hey, not dead yet! A quick something to not forget how to draw.


You and Michael were teenage sweethearts and you’ve been apart for a while

DISCLAIMER. Michaels name was Henry Johnson when he was with his adoptive family

Henry Johnson was nice. He was a nice boy with a rebellious side that not many people saw apart from you. Henry liked you and grew up with you. You met each other at school and kept on staying in touch after you both quit at age sixteen. His mother didn’t mind much, she didn’t care that you two were close friends. She would care that you and Henry fucked on her bed, but she didn’t need to know that.

You two didn’t know what protected sex was. You didn’t even know it existed then. Condoms or protection or slims weren’t talked about, neither was how a baby can be conceived so easily.

When you were about seventeen and a half, you were told by your parents that you were being sent to a boarding school for young ladies in Oxford. Also that you would be staying there permanently till you were twenty one and would not come home at all. You couldn’t believe it. You and Henry had just started plans for you to run away. It despite your protests and your screaming. You were put onto a train that same day and never saw Henry.

It was only the day before that, that you’d slept with him in your bed and your mother had walked in on you. She chased him out of the house and forbade him from seeing you. But you didn’t expect them to send you off the following day without even being able to see him.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 479 Reaction

It’s 3 in the morning and I have to wake up in two hours and won’t be able to come home till 8 at night. All you have to know for this chapter is that:

  • Zeref and Invel looks way too similar
  • Natsu and Lucy are so cute. 
  • I absolutely love Gemeni’s star dress.
  • For the last chapter react I stressed that Brandish and MarMar was also taken away AND LOOK WHAT HAPPEN!
the problem with calculus

aka heads or tails short #2

summary: It was going to take me a lot more than a few minutes to figure out this problem, wasn’t it?

pairings: ervia brotp, jellalvia brotp, jerza, minor gruvia. mainly brotps.

sidenote: dedicated to hotrodren​ , happy birthday mom!! s-sorry i meant to finish this last night but i saw a picture of chris pratt and got distracted for like four hours forgive me mother for i have sinned. (i wanted to write something way cooler but im a nerd so pls accept this as your birthday pres)

I gave my forehead a much needed kneading. Why were headaches always specifically targeted to parts of my brain? Right now I had a killer migraine, but only right above my right eye. Is this what cancer feels like?

My inner questioning was interrupted by my computer buzzing. Erza was calling.

I clicked answer and her fuzzy (but still beautiful) face appeared on my screen. Her long red hair was tightened into a low ponytail, but she had flyaways mingling outside of the hair tie and she still looked like an absolute queen.

“Help meeee,” she demanded, making an unpleasant face and whining.

“Ugh. With what?” I asked, doodling in my science workbook casually.

“Calculus!” She interjected. Of course. Calculus was something I was surprisingly good at (I mean, as far as being ‘good’ at calculus went, I was no Steven Hawking, but I could bring home the bacon).

I searched for my calculus notebook before my computer buzzed again. Guh. Jell-lame wanted to join our conversation. I hit accept and his face appeared.

“What’s up?” He asked. His hair was matted down and he looked like he had just taken a swan dive into the public pool.

“Please tell me that’s not sweat.” I begged, retrieving my notebook and flipping to the page where my assignment was supposedly written (if I had even done it yet, of course).

“Nah. Just took a shower.” He informed. Gross.

“Hm. What number do you want help on, Erz?” I asked absent-mindedly. My notebook was messier than usual, about half of the problems were done, and towards the end you could tell that I had started to run out of steam and the letters had become garbled and nonsensical.

“32.” She requested, leaning over her computer like she could somehow see my notebook through the screen. It’s a damn good thing she’s hot.

Huh. I hadn’t done that one yet.

“Just give me a second.” I said whipping out my textbook and squinting at the problem.

My mind wasn’t exactly into the calculus either. I’m pretty sure my mind was on permanent vacation on Gray Fullbuster Island. He was literally all I could think about and it made me want to give myself a total frontal lobotomy with my purple correcting pen.

I began writing some stuff down in y notebook from the problem. I heard myself sigh. It had been only a day since I’d spent the night a la casa de Fullbuster and I still couldn’t throw my mind into some other gutter. I mean – geez, one guy can only be so interesting, you know?

I looked down on my paper and realized I had written ‘Gray Fullbuster’ in the area where I usually show my work. Fuck.

“Juvia? Are you done yet?” Erza asked impatiently.

“For god’s sake Erza – I’m doing Calculus, not microwaving  hot pocket. Chill.” I drawled, erasing Gray’s name in a rush and directing my focus back to math. Math. Math. Meth.

See? Already distracted.

“Ugh, Erza, why don’t you get some nerd to do your homework for you?” I moaned, sinking my face into my calc book in defeat. Math had won.

“Because you explain it better.” She said, in a duh tone that made my want to reach through the monitor and strangle her with her long, luxurious ponytail.

“Yeah, but you could just go up and seduce a nerd. Easy.” I pointed out. Jellal looked momentarily confused.

“And how would I go about doing that, genius?” Erza snarled.

“Oh come on, all you’d have to do is walk right up to some extra-credit snorting asshole, give their arm a touch with your boobs and you’ve got them on a leash for life.” I informed, like an asshole.

“Whoa – people are getting titty-tapped?” Jellal asked, Heh. That’s funny, I’m totally calling it that now…

“Nobody’s getting titty-tapped.” Erza said sourly, ruining the groupchat mood.

“I wanna get titty-tapped,” Jellal volunteered himself, curiously peering at us through the monitor like we were handing them out, free of charge.

“I wish I could just…reach right through the computer…” Erza mocked a strangling motion towards Jellal. He looked less than guilty.

“Oh hey, Juvia, I forgot to ask – why’s Lucy so pissed at you?” Jellal asked, the juicy bit of gossip obviously making its way throughout the school right about now.

“I indirectly sabotaged her relationship with Natsu. No biggie.” I answered. I wasn’t going to lie to them, no good had really ever come from me doing so.

“Ah.” He responded dryly. “I see.”

“Shut up Jellal, I need answers!” Erza screeched, shaking her computer so it looked like San Andreas paradise down at Erza’s place.

“Yeah Juvia, get crackin’. That calculus ain’t gonna do itself.” Jellal took Erza’s side instantly, turning to me to tame his monster of a girlfriend.

“I will shut this computer.” I threatened. Neither of them took me remotely seriously.

“Shut up and work your goddamn nerd brain!” Erza successfully booed. Of course. I love my friends.

“Work it! Work it!” Jellal chanted, proving to distract me even more.

“God, would you two shut the hell up?” I asked, annoyed. They just laughed, god, they are honestly such turdfucks. I can’t believe I actually put up with them.

“Hey, oh! You’re going to state on Friday, right?” Jellal asked, his attention span not nearly big enough to contain a teaspoon of salt.

I felt myself grin nonetheless. “Yeah. My dad got so excited – he went all out, we’re staying at a hotel and everything.”

“Fan-cay.” Erza commented, forgetting about the calculus as well. “I wish  could go, my parents would never let me skip anymore school though,” she said, referring to the fact that gymnastics took up a lot of her school time already.

“I might be able to go, I just gotta convince my dad.” Jellal said. Erza looked slightly horrified.

“What? No! You can’t leave me all alone!” Erza yelled. Jellal smiled a having the upperhand, I imagine that doesn’t happen much when you’re in a relationship with a woman like her.

“Erza, god, you need to stop being so clingy! I know that you need me more than I need you, but-“

“Oh, just shut up, dingus!”

I smiled. I really wished I could have a relationship like them someday, one where you ca aimlessly joke till the cows come home, or just stay home and cuddle all day. Fuck these two idiots. They don’t realize how good they’ve got it.

“Juvia? Did you hear what I just said?”

Huh. Nope. Too busy dreaming of Gray Fullbuster, dripping in chocolate.

“Hm?” I asked, indicating that I had not been listening even in the slightest bit.

“I asked what your prom plans were. I heard Lis was gonna try and have a party at her place, well it’s Elfman’s party technically, but still. Are you gonna go?” Erza repeated.

Oh yeah. I had forgotten all about prom.

“Um…maybe, I don’t know. You?” I cursed myself a second after asking. Of course they were going! Jellal was freaking out about it last week…I wonder if he’d asked her yet…

“Well, yeah, I mean, Jellal’s taking me.” Erza brushed off. Jellal looked a little bit terrified. He must not have asked her yet.

“You still have to ask me, by the way.” She reminded to Jellal. He let out a sigh f relief and nodded. I wonder if he was gonna go with my dirt box idea.

“…Did you figure out the calculus problem yet?” Jellal inquired, probably just to grind on my nerves.

“Wha…of course not, you dingy moron, I’ve been talking the whole time!” I defended.

“Nobody gave you permission to talk!” Erza said hotly.

“Nobody gave you permission to be a bitch, but you seem to be taking to that just fine!” I shot back, rather proudly. I could be hilarious when I wanted to.

“This just in; Erza being a bitch?  The answer may surprise you, tonight at nine.” Jellal reported, holding a comb up to his mouth like it was a microphone.

“Shut up – both of you! If I don’t figure out this problem, I’m gonna rip my own hair out!” Erza moaned.

“Well god forbid – Erza, you’d look terrible as a bald person.” I said as I began actually working on the problem.

“She’s right you know. I’d still love you, though.” Jellal teased. Erza turned redder than her hair and I almost puked my guts out. They weren’t allowed to be cute on my time.

“Ok, I know how to get the answer for this problem, just give me a few minutes to actually get the answer,” I updated, Erza’s face brightened significantly.

“Thank god, Juvia, I was beginning to think you weren’t contributing anything to this friendship circle.” She said. I felt a little bit offended, fake offended of course.

“What? I am the epicenter of this friendship circle, dammit!”

“You wish – obviously I’m the epicenter.”

“Shut up, Jellal, nobody asked for your opinion.”

“Ouch. Rude.” Jellal said to his girlfriend.

It was going to take me a lot more than a few minutes to figure out this problem, wasn’t it?

Wallahi, Wallahi, Wallahi 
There are very few people in the world like my mom. 
I left for jummah at 1:10 from home and got back at like 3:30. 
In that time, she cooked six different curries (including chicken, beef and veggies.) She took a shower, prayed duhr, cleaned up the kitchen, ate and left for work all in that time. She’s gonna work till 12 AM then come home with her supervisor. 

May Allah SWT bless all mothers out there. 
And may we be able to provide for them when they aren’t able to provide for themselves. 

I cannot wait to score my first career and tell her “it’s time to retire.” 
She truly is the backbone to our family. 

Preferences #82 If it means a lot to you by ADTR

I hope you’re good tonight.
And I know you don’t feel right when I’m leaving.

Calum was leaving again for tour, he had only been able to get back for a couple of days before having to jet off to America. He knows how much you hate it, and how much you miss each other when he is gone.
‘I’m going to miss you.’ Calum said, hugging you with one arm, his other arm holding his luggage.
‘I hope you’ll be alright.’ Calum spoke in your ear, ‘I’ll be fine.’ You said, kissing his cheek. You let go of him, watching as he walked off whilst you stood back trying to hold the tears from falling down your face. He tired around one last time, blowing a kiss before turning a corner so he was no longer in sight.

Is this really happening?
I swear I’ll never be happy again.

‘I knew you never loved me! I knew you were just in it for the fame! You’re a whore!’ Luke shouted, his hands pointing at you. Your breathing became louder, but you didn’t speak. You were too shocked, you never thought Luke would say that about anyone, especially not you. You shook your head walking away from him towards the front door.
‘Wait!’ Luke said, running after you. ‘Please I didn’t mean it!’ Luke said, tears were starting to fall from his face. ‘Please.’ Luke asked, his voice quiet and weak.
You slammed the door in his face, anger boiling from you. Luke fell down the door, his eyes shut tight. He hit his hand on the door, making a big noise throughout to he house. ‘Fuck.’

If you can wait till I get home,
Then I swear come tomorrow, this will all be in our past.

With Ashton being away on tour a lot, your relationship was not at it’s strongest point. You two haven’t been talking fro the past couple of days because of a big fight you had over Skype.
You were trying everything to distract yourself from thinking about him. Things just weren’t right without having him at the other end of the phone and it appeared they weren’t right for him either.
You heard your phone going off, making you walk towards the noise. ‘Hello?’ You spoke. You heard a deep sigh, ‘I’m sorry.’ Ashton’s voice was on the other end. ‘I can’t go on like this.’ Ashton said, ‘A-are you breaking up with me?’ A you asked, quite shocked.
‘No!’ Ashton said, ‘I can’t go on not talking to you. I want you to come on tour with us or for at least part of it. I miss you.’ Ashton said. ‘Ash, you know I have to study.’ You said, ‘You can study on the bus!’ He quickly suggested.
‘I’m not sure..’ you spoke, your voice trailing off. ‘Please just think about it. We can put all these fights in our past we can move forward and we can be the best couple in the world.’ Ashton said, his voice getting happier as he went on. You laughed, ‘I’ll have a think about it.’

And don’t you dare say we can just be friends.
I’m not some boy that you can sway.

'Michael, please we broke up months ago.’ You said to Michael as he was sitting on the sofa in your apartment. 'As much as it pains me to say it we’re just friends.’ You say, looking away from his eyes.
Michael moved his hands towards your chin so you would look up at him. ‘Don’t say to me that our relationship was nothing. Don’t say to me we can remain friend when we have this connection. That relationship.’ Michael insisted, moving closer to you.
You shook your head, standing up. ‘Michael please I want you to leave now.’ You asked, moving towards the front door.
‘I’m not that boy you can just push away, we’re meant to be.’ Michael said, standing near you.
‘No!’ you shouted, ‘If we were meant to be we wouldn’t of broken up. If we were meant to be I wouldn’t have to try and get my mind off you every night. If we were meant to be I wouldn’t have to try and mend my hurt all on my own.’ You shouted, tears were starting to fall. Michael walked towards you, pressing his lips on yours. You pushed you against the wall, your lips moving with each other.
‘I’m never going to let you go again.’


Smokey. He’s an asshole and cries literally all day till my mom comes home from work. He loves to make you look like a liar. My favorite instance of this is he was on the counter sniffing the grapes in a basket. My mom says to my brother “I found grapes all over the floor this morning but I know it wasn’t smokey, he hates them”. She looks over and there he is throwing them one by one off the counter onto the floor all while looking her dead in the eyes. One time I came around the corner in the kitchen and spooked him so bad he hunched over, poo'ed on the floor, and ran off screaming

If you can wait till I get home, 

Then I swear to you that we can make this last. 

(La la la) 

If you can wait till I get home, 

Then I swear come tomorrow, this will all be in our past. 

Well it might be for the best.

You know you can’t give me what I need. 

And even though you mean so much to me, 

I can’t wait through everything, 

Is this really happening? 

I swear I’ll never be happy again. 

And don’t you dare say we can just be friends. 

I’m not some boy that you can sway. 

We knew it’d happen eventually.

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but... what about lady smallwood?? that didn't get a conclusion; does this mean a mycroft spin-off? a special episode? something?

It means nothing.

It was yet another throw away moment because why the hell not in a series absolutely peppered with them.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed S4, it was great entertainment (and I mean what I’m about to say with the greatest respect), but if it has proven anything once and for all it’s what I’ve been saying for years: this show has never been as clever as people like to think.