till the sun rise

It is the Morn herself!” muttered Schaunard; “astonishing, but"—and he consulted an almanac nailed to the wall—"not the less a mistake. The results of science affirm that at this season of the year the sun ought not to rise till half-past five: it is only five o'clock, and there he is! A culpable excess of zeal! The luminary is wrong; I shall have to make a complaint to the longitude-office.

Scenes From Bohemia , Henry Murger 

Schaunard making the most flowery “it’s too early to be too early” speech 

Pride, Prejudice, and more

author:  Jajungmyeon



Morden Day Pride and Prejudice AU

Description: A re-telling of the classic piece of work on finding love while dealing with issues of individuality and status, dreams and obligations, and promises and betrayals.

In which
Jimin cannot decide if he loves or hates Min Yoongi;
Seokjin tries not to, but has his heart broken;
And Taehyung constantly surprises everyone.

Comments: First of all, I would like to thank the person who told me to read this YoonMin fic based off of Pride and Prejudice. I forget if they did it anonymously or from their blog.  Because of you, I read this awesome 30 chapter and over 70,000 word story, till the sun was rising again.  And I regret nothing.   

This story is based off of Pride and Prejudice, which deals with themes of family, friends, love, misunderstandings, social norms, social statues, unbreakable bonds, trust, betrayal, parental pressure, and misconceptions.  Is so wonderfully.  It is told in mainly Jimin’s POV, but the other characters POV’s are added to give a different prospective on the story.  

Everything about how Jimin and Yoongi meet, to how they try not to fall for the other, to how they fall. Will have you on a roller coaster you don’t want to get off of.  The other members of Bangtan, some EXO, some GOT7, and an orignally character,  are wonderfully in this also and add so much dept to the story.  This is a long read but it will so be worth it.  So read it in one seating, like me, or several seating, just read this story.


Angel with a filthy mind
Wine, Roses and You all night
Till the sun will come and rise

As soon as your petals are flying
When the sun touches you soul,
I’ll be there to catch you falling
Squezzing you into a whole.

When I touched you with my soul
You turned pale and closed the door.
Who knew that my ancient soul
Would make yours fade even more?

Everything I have is craving
For the things you stole from me
Who knew that you were intending
To leave with my dignity?

These were all the things I thought
Before I start to realize,
I wasn’t an uneven whole
I was the one that had too much.

The one that had too much to give
Expecting nothing in return,
The one who gave herself to many
But there was nothing left for her.

—  A little poem written by me after being inspired by the marvelous Carrie Fisher, “Take your broken heart, make it into art”
We spent every day doing nothing, talking about nothing and everything, all the things we didn’t understand, all the things we never would. We woke up every morning with nothing to do, and didn’t sleep till the sun was rising again. We watched our youthful innocence melt away in the summer heat, rising from the ground in shimmering waves. We kissed goodbye to world we knew, and turned to the one we had yet to explore.

I will never regret a moment of that summer we wasted away together. We ended in dust as the leaves fell from the trees, but you taught me how it feels to love and be loved, and I will never stop being grateful to you for that.
—  EMJ // Under Midnight Suns And Satellites
  • Thomas: Everyone just relax, all right? Believe me, if there's one thing Thomas Barrow knows, it's men.
  • Anna: I don't know, Thomas.
  • Thoma: Guess what, I do. I know that one day Jimmy and I are gonna to get married on top of a mountain, and there's going to be flutes playing and trombones and flowers and garlands of fresh herbs. And we will dance till the sun rises. And then our children will form a family band. And we will tour the countryside and you won't be invited.

I came to that point in my life where starting work at 8:30 makes me think “oh wow, I get to sleep TILL THE SUN RISES!!!”

It should be illegal to be so used to getting up at 3:30.

I wants to make blanket forts and watch movies till dawn. Hold your hands till it gets sweaty and make funny jokes till our stomachs hurt.
Watch the sun set and rise too.
Take silly photos and go for long walks while raining, stuff our faces with food and too have impromptu jam sessions in the middle of no where,
there’s so much more.
And there is all.
But there’s one thing missing.
And that one thing is
—  /unspoken words//
Makoto and I are going to get married on top of a mountain! And there’s going to be flutes playing and trombones and flowers and garlands of fresh herbs! And we will dance till the sun rises! And then our children will form a relay team! And we will tour the countryside and YOU WON’T BE INVITED!
—   Haruka Nanase talking to Kisumi Shigino.
BBF (brother’s best friend)

Request: http://kpoppsluff.tumblr.com/post/131371896854/hi-can-you-do-a-long-smut-where-taehyung-is-your

Okay is a little dictionary if you aren’t familiar what the abbreviation or words mean.

Jagiya- honey, sweetie, darling, love

Y/N- Your name 

Y/F/C- your favorite color

Y/B/N- your best friends name 

Y/B/D- your birth date. 

Hope you guys enjoy!

Sorry if it’s long I got carried away!! XDD

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memories ive made with each of the signs (aries perspective)
  • aries: adventuring in the woods as little kids, making stupid videos, going to lots of concerts together
  • taurus: sitting on your porch till the sun rises smoking cigarettes while you play guitar, always getting you to do stupid shit with me
  • gemini: jumping off a 6 story bridge together into a river, i hurt my knee and you pulled me to shore
  • cancer: getting drunk off tequila together and watching make out scenes on youtube
  • leo: going on lots of adventures together, partying, you once washed your hair in creek water
  • virgo: sitting in your hangout-van getting high and laughing so hard at stupid shit
  • libra: sneaking over to your house because my parents wouldn't let me over since they found out all the shit we did together
  • scorpio: you did 3 tabs of acid and wanted me to bleach part of your hair and dye another part pink so i did
  • sagittarius: getting into intense arguments about how much better aries is than sagittarius and vice versa
  • capricorn: going to the park at 2 am and you ripped the fence posts out of the ground and stuck them up everywhere
  • aquarius: getting stranded in the city together at 2-4 am whilst royally fucked up
  • pisces: falling asleep on facetime every night, helping you get to rehab to get better, and sticking with you through everything

im just gonna watch osomatsu san till sun rises peace mom i hope the relatives like corpses because one is visiting them tomorrow 

“For me, that’s the best motivation for music. You’re turning emotional existence into a product that people can understand, and you get a high off that. I think the first reason I make music is that it’s a therapeutic way to deal with things. I always make the best shit when I’m upset. If you start off really upset and you work and work till the sun is rising and you are finishing, you can tell it’s really universal and it’s this great thing… That high is unbeatable; that’s the greatest fucking high on planet Earth.”

- Grimes