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soulmates see color (IzuMito)

Happy late birthday @elenathehun​.  I wrote IzuMito like you wanted ^.^  💕 

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This is fucking ridiculous.

Izuna drags a hand down his face, closing his eyes to the massive warehouse full of various merchandise, and sincerely regrets asking his father for this mission. He certainly hadn’t wanted to accompany Uncle Kenrou’s group to the western desert with his brother (of all miserable places), but he also hadn’t realized at the time that he’d have to track this group of thieves south and east to cut over nearly the entirety of Hi no Kuni, sneak past patrols from several different clans (most of whom would love to kill him), and then curve back upwards to stop within kunai-throwing distance of the Yu no Kuni border.

And now he’s finally caught up to his quarry, except they’ve already sold his client’s priceless (and pointless) trinket to a merchant.

A very successful merchant.

One who possess an unnecessarily large stock in his opinion and is either the most disorganized and eclectic woman Izuna’s ever come across or who has evidently met her soulmate and decided afterwards to implement a color-based organizational scheme among her products.

Which makes this night so much better given that to him everything just looks like a mass of yellows and grays with a scattering of blues.

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The Little Assassin Who Could- Sebaciel Au.

* I gave you guys two prompts and you voted, this one “All my intel said you’re not meant to be back until next week and I’m sitting here using your flat as a sniper nest to kill a bad guy. This is awkward.” won! So here we are.

The original list of prompts could be found HERE

** Thanks for you guys who voted, and for waiting almost a month to get this, I honestly thought it would be finished sooner. eehh, better late than never, right?

Tags: Sebaciel, AU, smut, fluff.              Word count: 2.5k

Summary: Sebastian has everything under control, he’s got his weapons ready, and his target is going to be on its mark soon. Ciel is just an unexpected complication…Or more.

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He makes a quick job of the lock, his fingers moving on autopilot. He’s broken into so many houses he’d lost count of them. This apartment isn’t any different.

He hears the distinctive click, the sound that signals his welcome, and he turns the knob and opens the door. It’s dark inside, but he’s expected it, no one’s there and no one will be till his job is done, when the owner gets back Sebastian will be far gone.

He walks around the place. The apartment is huge, speaking of an opulent lifestyle, the kitchen and living room are separated by a long marble bar, and everything is in shades of gray and white. It’s tastefully decorated, but Sebastian can’t help but feel like he’s stepped into an old movie. No matter, he’s not living here.

He’s not living anywhere.

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Commission Sale!!!

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Imo, I suspect they'll give Oswald another love interest next season and he will be a decent man ( not necessarily a real significant other ). However, I'm sure nygmob stans will tear him apart lol.

Oh really? I actually don’t think they’ll do that but it would be nice. My major issues with season3 is that honestly Ed and Os being together would have made so much sense. Their chemistry was through the roof, they cared about each other intensely, they had easily the best most natural, positive development on the entire show & their relationship was otherwise adorable and it did not make any sense what so ever to totally destroy it the way they did ( other than obvs homophobia ) 

I mean its issues within issues. Its layers of bad.  Because thats only scratching the surface. When you go deeper into it it becomes worse because you know Oswald is their only gay character and the only major character in the series who has formed romantic feelings for someone and never had them returned. He’s also the only major character who has had their romantic feelings for someone met with absolute animosity. Even Ed was shown as managing to “”win”” a girl who otherwise wanted nothing to do with him. 

 He’s the only major character who’s fist and only attempt at being with someone else was shown as a terrible & negative tragedy and this is again even when the forming of this relationship with his crush was not only positive, logical and natural but also framed to be a mutual love by both parties both on and off set. 

 ( I mean Ed’s affection and actions toward Oswald was what made him think Ed was in love with him in the first place. They promoted Nygmobblepot over twitter as a mutual love by retweeting art that depicted Ed and Os as boyfriends, usually kissing and such  ) 

I complained about it way back when, but I said this was obviously being done to hurt Oswald so much he swears off love which would mean the writers would not have to commit to continuing to depicting him as a gay character outside of this one plot, they can treat it as finally addressing Oswald’s orientation that had been implicated strongly up till now, job done with a massive excuse to never show Oswald pursuing love or romance again because who cares for “that gay shit”. 

& I fully get Oswald is not the sort of character who develops romantic feelings easy in the first place, he was as ace coded as he was gay coded and Oswalds “lack” of sexuality is actually directly linked to trauma but his romantic inclination was obviously present & shown with Jim and Ed. To me this was just a shitty shady attempt to remove that from him too to completely neutralise the gay. 

I don’t know if they’ll bother building up another intimate relationship with another guy for Oswald to be with when they had the perfect grounds for this and went the complete opposite way on it the first time.  I mean?? super cool if they do ( the nygmobblepot thing would still be ugly but giving os a male love interest thats actually mutual would still be a step up for the show ) but I just can’t see it happening taking everything else into account. 

Owen Shaw- Drive Part 1

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Request from anonymous

Imagine: You’re apart of Owen Shaw’s team and you happen to have feelings for him, but he doesn’t seem to feel the same way. Your jealousy tends to get the best of you, every time you see Shaw and Letty together. Shaw notice you get jealous, but doesn’t seem to care. One day, he flirts with Letty, even touching her, and happened you see the whole thing. You finally had enough and you seek attention elsewhere. How will Shaw handle it? Would he continue to do what he wants? Or finally speak up on how he feels about you?

Owen Shaw- Drive Part 1

Chapter 1

Reader POV

I gathering information that Shaw wanted on Hobb’s new team he brought in. Shaw, wasn’t too happy that this team almost took them down out there. I wasn’t too happy that I wasn’t out there helping them. When Shaw brought me in, I was his right hand woman, I was the one he always counted on to get the job done, till she came in, Letty.

Shaw was suppose to kill her, but he decided since she had no memory, it was best to bring her in. Once she was in, I was bench the rest of the time. All I was able to do now, was gather up information on the equipment and weapons we needed. I didn’t understand why Shaw rather have Letty by his side then me. After all, I’ve known him for over three years and always been there for him. Hell, I saved his ass when armor guards showed up ahead of schedule.

I know I should be grateful that I wasn’t but in the line of fire, but still I felt Shaw didn’t want me around. We hardly talk, unless it was to discuss what we need. It hurt me that he was pushing me more and more away each day, since over the years, I’ve developed feelings for him. I was hoping he felt the same, I was thinking he once did. He would stand closer to me than he needed to. He would even hold my hand and a few times, I thought we were going to kiss, but we always got interrupted. But like I said, once Letty came in, things change and I was old news.

“(Y/N), do you have the information I asked for?” Shaw said as he walked over to me. I turned to him and I nodded to him as he gave me his half smile, that I love.

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“Good. Print it out for me and I’ll get the team.”

I nodded again at him and turned back to the computer. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him standing there, staring at me. He kept opening his mouth and closing it, like he was wanting to say something but he didn’t know what he wanted to say. Then he just shook his head and walked off to get the others.

I turned around as he walked off, I just shrugged my shoulders and turned back to the information I was printing out. My eyes widen when I saw a picture of Letty sitting on someone’s lap. Holy shit, it can’t be, can it? My shocked expression turned to a smile. Now, with this new information, Shaw was surely kick Letty to the curb.

Chapter 2

Shaw POV

I looked over from the carport and saw the team was already gather up around the table. As always (Y/N), was across the far side of the room, standing alone. She always kept her distance from the others, specially Letty. I know (Y/N) wasn’t intimidated by Letty, she just really had a dislike for her. Every time I stood to close to Letty or talk to her, I can see (Y/N) clenching her fist and even heard her growling at times. It was quite adorable to see her get jealous over Letty.

There was times, she started to fight with me about me pushing her to the side and spending my time with Letty. Once I told her, that I wasn’t tied to her and I could do as I please, she dropped the subject. Now, she didn’t speak to me at all, she barely even looked at me. I had to admit it, kinda upset me that she didn’t want me around her anymore. I wanted to apologize for what I said, but I have too much pride to tell a woman I was sorry. Eventually, I know she’ll get over it and stop giving me the silent treatment. I knew, she can’t resist me for much longer, she misses me too much.

“Okay, listen up.” I said, as I walked up to them. “That was a very different breed from Hobbs’ usual wannabe warriors. We need to learn who these people are, what they’re made of.” I looked over at Vegh, who had the paperwork. (Y/N) was so stubborn that she had her deal with talking about the information she found, just so she wouldn’t have to talk to me “ Vegh?”

“O'Conner, Parker, Pearce, Toretto and the rest of the team.” Vegh said, as she stay down the folders and showing us the information that (Y/N) had found.

These guys are common criminals.” Joe said, looking at the paperwork and the looking up at me.

“Tonight these common criminals were seconds away from taking us down. Show them the respect they deserve, or it weakens us.” I said, looking at Joe as he looked down.

Originally posted by fuckyeahlukevans

“You might want to see this.”Ivoy said, handing me a picture.

I looked at the picture, I couldn’t believe it. It was Letty sitting on Toretto’s lap. I can see out of the corner of my eye, (Y/N) was smiling about this. I remained calm as I handed Letty the picture.

“Ring any bells?” I said, as Letty took the picture from me..

“Yeah.” Letty said looking at the picture and then looking up at us. “ That’s the guy I shot.”

“ You look happy.” I said, crossing my arms as I leaned back on the table behind me.

“I don’t remember him.” Letty said, putting the picture on the table.

“That’s bullshit.” Klaus said as he step forward. I could see (Y/N) was nodding her head in agreement. “We got a problem, guys. We got a picture of her with the guy who almost took you out.”

“Klaus, aren’t you team muscle?” Letty said, as she glare at him. “Don’t make me go over there and make you team pussy.”

Klaus back down and (Y/N) shook her head. No doubt she thought the same thing I did. Klaus was already team pussy for backing down from someone.

“She doesn’t remember him.” I said, looking over at (Y/N). She shook her head at me as she rolled her eyes. She storm off pass me and my eyes follow her as she went to the carport. I shook my had and turned my attention back to the team.

“Names and records aren’t enough. I want personal information. Get into their lives, into their minds. Find their weaknesses and we will exploit them.” I said looking at Letty as I passed her.

I hurry to the carport area, but (Y/N) was already driving off in her car. I just shook my head and went over to my office. Damn woman is stubborn as hell. If she doesn’t want to talk to me on her own, fine, I’ll find away to make her talk to me.

Owen Shaw - Drive Part 2

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Death note characters

Soooo, I finally watched Death Note, yeah I’m like 10 years late but shh. Anyway when I was watching I was analysing the main characters for you guys :-) This is my opinion of the characters’ signs. There may be some tiny spoilers but I’ll miss out any big big ones.

Light: Pisces sun, Libra moon
Okay, when I was first watching I was thinking ‘Light is such a virgo’ because he had the typical virgo traits: judgemental, brainiac, picks up on little details etc but then I saw on the anime his actual birthday was 28 Feb 1986 which makes him a Pisces and when I calculated it, gave him a Libra moon. Tbh I felt that this fit more with his actual character than a Virgo, which I originally thought. It actually highlighted some, a lot of, similarities between the two signs. Both the signs can be extremely clever and pay a lot of attention to detail. (This helped my theory of L’s sign which is the astrological opposite of Light’s). Anyway he’s a Pisces, deffo, a Virgo would have logically thought about the consequences of using that notebook, the drawbacks, how not to get caught etc, is it morally right. Not Light, Light just tests it out. See, a Virgo wouldn’t even test it out they’d be like 'magic doesn’t exist this is dumb’ and thrown it in the bin or given it to lost and found, but a dreamy anything-is-possible Pisces? Of course Light tried it out, and it turned out to be real so he went straight into killing off criminals. This is where the Libra moon kicks in. Like, Light’s first instinct is to kill off criminals, which doesn’t necessarily make him a 'bad person’ but kinda does make him a murderer. I originally thought he was  Virgo with a Leo moon since he’s so self-righteous and believes himself to be a 'God’ but I think Libra suits him more. As we all know, Libra is the sign of justice and mixing the sign of justice with the dreamy, out-of-touch, deluded Pisces and giving them the gift of death… well that leads to exactly what Light is, a psychopath who thinks they are 'Justice.’ An extremely clever (Pisces) psychopath who wants to 'rid the world of bad people’ (Libra) and manages to distance himself (air moon) and is also a charming as hell womaniser/LIAR. As we all know, Pisces are (worryingly) AMAZING liars. But tbh it should also be mentioned that when Light forgot his memories he became this genuine loving kind person which is the other way he could have gone and a Pisces/Libra moon has lots of potential to be the kind, amazing person that he was supposed to be before the Death Note.

L: Virgo sun, Taurus moon
Okay L is one of my fave characters so writing this is going to be good. Well tbh it’s mentioned several times within the anime that Light and L are so similar even though they’re also the complete opposites. They have this magnetic attraction to each other even when they hate each other. They both hate to lose, and both think that they are 'Justice.’ Whereas a Libra moon (air) would probably be more OK with killing off criminals, a Taurus moon (earth) probably not, thinking 'who are you to decide who dies and who lives?’ So this explains why they both want the same thing: justice, but they’re both totally opposite each other. L is amazingly clever, (Virgo) and it’s shown obviously by his intellect and all the things he solves so quickly. Tbh I think L cheats a bit because he’s a Virgo and he can pretty much predict/understand what Light’s thinking even before he does (they’re opposite signs). They predict each other’s moves extremely accurately and it’s really fun to watch. Anyway, L’s a loner- trusts barely anyone, always on guard (totally earth traits). At the same time, he’s a mutable sign bc he’s always chilled out and EATING (TAURUS!!!). He deals with things in a casual manner and does things humanely and morally. He always thinks things out 10 moves ahead, and is willing to die for his cause like a true Taurean moon. It should also be mentioned that what makes them even more similar are their moons. So their sun signs are opposite one another, and their moons are ruled by Venus. They are both humanitarians, wanting the best for humanity but Light wants to kill off bad people and L wants to save all humans. L is stubborn right to the end and hardly changed his mind once it’s made up. He’s ultimately a virgo since he’s even willing to befriend the person who wants to kill him because he’s the only other person on his level/who can understand.

Ryuuk: Gemini sun, Aquarius moon
Lol for Ryuuk I predicted these because the WHOLE reason for this WHOLE show was because 'Ryuuk was bored’ sound like a Gemini? Yeah I thought so. The Aquarius moon because he’s very detached from Light, although he kinda supports him, he’d never do what Rem did for Misa (I don’t want to spoil it) but, yeah. He does things for his own entertainment, is goofy, lies and hardly thinks of the consequences.

Light’s dad: Taurus sun, Cancer moon
Light’s dad is a total sweetheart. He believes in justice, the kind where no one dies, and does all he can to achieve it. He cares a LOT for his family thus the Cancer moon. He is also stubborn as hell with his pursuit of Kira and his denial of L’s theories. He doesn’t want to believe his son is capable of doing such things. Anyway I made him a taurean/cancer since he’s stubborn, wants to do the right things, risks his life for his cause and his family are the most important things to him. He’s also brave and sacrificial. 

Misa: Libra sun, Aries moon
Oh Misa, she’s such a weird character. Anyway I had to make her an air sign, she’s so air-headed. I thought Libra was the perfect. She’s like a model/actress/public figure (Libra!) who is pretty rash in her decisions (aries moon). Anyway she also believes the same thing as Kira (Light) and that’s why she’s a Libra. She is supposedly 'beautiful’ and she deffo uses that for her advantage to make people fall in love with her. She’s also a good liar. Her aries moon makes her passionate in her love for Light and also protective. Aries can easily be fooled/deluded and do anything to please someone they love. When she’s not in crazy mode, she acts like a normal Libra just having fun and talking a lot.

Mello:  Capricorn sun, Leo moon
I made Mello and Near the same sign because they both seem like the same sign to me. They’re both confident, sure of their goal (capture Kira) and of their morals. Tbh Mello has more loose morals than Near so he has a Leo moon. He’s competitive (so is Near with his sag moon but still) Mello is even more so. Mello does have emotions however and cares for his friends which is why he’s a Capricorn. He’s also vocal in his dislike for others which is a typical cap/leo trait. He’s rash, bold and courageous (which was ultimately his downfall).

Near: Capricorn sun, Sagittarius moon
Near, ah the one person to actually achieve it, turns out to be a Capricorn. Near is very goal-oriented, distrusting of other people, has a close group of people he can count on and works till the job is done. He’s very loyal to his close group. He’d also HATE to fail (failing is not an option for Capricorns). Whereas L worried more about getting justice (taurus moon), Near cares more about 'winning.’ The sag moon definitely amps up his competitive side and also his ambition to solve the case. Similarly, everything becomes more like a game. Near is young but he’s very mature for his age, like most Caps. He has a solution to most everything and doesn’t like to lie, in-fact he even flat out tells Light he is suspecting him (just like L who did not lie). He is also extremely accurate in his predictions much like L, the thing that allowed him to win was his foresight which L couldn’t use because L and Light were astrological opposites and thought in nearly the exact same way whereas Near could think ahead of, and differently to, Light whilst also being on his intellectual level and picking up every single detail. 

Anyway, this is what I think of the Death Note characters. Let me know if you agree/disagree, any thoughts? What would you say they were?


Model Status

A/N: Hope you guys like, it’s short and sweet. I spent more time just wanting to get in the personality so i hope that’s not bothersome. yup yup…. request any thing you want and i will always try and give it a shot.

Title: Model Status

Summary: Reader is a model that recently did work with Tony, though no job is done till you go to a Stark after party. The reader shows off her smarts and kindness to Steve and Bucky, leaving a certain Winter Soldier wanting more. 

Couple: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Mention of Alcohol

Tony stood in front of the party at the entry way were he introduced each and every model that many of the guest had already seen at the fashion show Tony had sponsored earlier this evening. Each model was beautiful and seemed to carry themselves with confidence, both necessary qualities to make it in the industry.

Steve and Bucky stood off to the side by the bar, bored out of their minds as they watched the women walk through. Steve was always having to come to parties for Tony, something to do with appearances and showing that Avengers are more than teammates, they are friends. Bucky was forced there by Steve saying it’s a best friend’s duty to be there through a friend’s time of boredom. Usually Bucky wouldn’t have come even with Steve’s lame excuse, but he knew he had to integrate himself into society and in with the team so he figured why not start with an even filled with models.

“And the fairest of them all, y/f/n/ y/l/n.” You stepped into the room and down the stairs, following in with the other girls. You enjoyed what you did, though you didn’t seem to fit in with all the other girls, they had formed a bond while you generally were off to the side reading a book or checking Tumblr. For some reason while this reeled the other girls, it had made Tony take an interest in you.

After a short speech, Tony sprinted over to you, ignoring all the other girls trying to get his attention. “Hello, my lovely nerdy blossom. You did wonderful on stage today, your beautiful radiance blinded us all, you should really get that checked out” You laughed at his cheesy joke. He placed an arm around your shoulder and started to lead you away from everyone else. “I have someone I want you to meet, I think you’ll really hit it off”.

You couldn’t help but awkwardly chuckle as he lead you towards the bar, where you guys stayed. He waved over the bartender and told him some weird alcohol combo you’ve never heard but didn’t say anything about. Though before you were able to take a sip of the drink it was taken from your hands. Your eyes darted to the fleeting drink. “Uh? That was mi…” You realized the culprit was Steve Rogers with his sidekick Bucky Barnes. All your words became lost as you gazed upon the two Historical hero’s.

“Believe me miss, we’re doing you a favor. This drink could easily take down two Thor’s and the hulk” Steve said as he handed the drink back to the bartender. He looked to you and gave you a smile, “I’m Steve Rogers” He placed his hand on Bucky’s shoulder, “And this is Bucky Barnes.”

You giggled like a school girl, as soon as you heard yourself your eyes went wide and you placed your hand over your mouth. This lead to a roaring laughter from the three men. “Sorry” You blushed and brushed your hair out of your face. Bucky was tempted to do that for you, but felt that would have been weird considering he hadn’t even talked yet. “I know who you two are, you’re both in so many of the history books; you both gave so much to help. I mean you both gave your lives and while you helped keep our freedom, yours was kind of taken away” Your eyes had started off looking at Steve but fell to Bucky at some point.

They looked at you shocked. Generally they got complements like that from hard core fans or older men, which both didn’t seem to fit you. “Uh… Thank you.” Bucky murmured as Tony and Steve just looked at her.

You scratched the back of your head, “Ah, I’ve made it awkward. I seem to be really good at that” You looked down to the clutch in your hands and scratched your finger over the embroidered design. “I am kind of a history buff, so I’ve read a lot of stuff that pertained to you guys” You looked up and gave a killer smile that somehow enhanced your beauty and caught Bucky off guard, causing even him to smile. “I’ve always wanted to talk to war heroes from that time era”

Tony patted your back and picked up his drink off the bar, “Well as much as I would like to hear these two old bag of bones reminisce over the old times, I have better things to do.” He turned back to you and pointed as he walked backwards. “But if you want to talk about games, come find me. I found a new game I know you’ll love, way better than that shooter game you were playing the other day”

Bucky and Steve looked between each other, it was normal for them to interact with beautiful women, but to find one as nerdy as you was definitely a first. Steve looked back to you and smile, he had seen the eyes you gave Bucky earlier and was willing to let his friend have a shot at you. “Well, Miss. y/n. While I was there for the war, I didn’t really get to join in till later on.” He patted the center of Bucky’s back, “My friend here though is one of the bravest, the smartest soldiers there ever has been. I have to go mingle for Tony’s sake, but I bet Bucky would love to talk more about it with you”

Bucky’s eyes shot over to his friend, he wasn’t afraid to talk to you as much as he was afraid he’d mess up and make a fool of himself and you’d notice how unfit he was. “That’d be great” You called out with a smile, getting his attention again. “I mean if you want to” you guys stared at each other, both lost in the same thoughts.

Steve slipped away as you went on to ask Bucky questions and he answered; though it wasn’t one way, Bucky wanted to know more about you, he wondered how such a beautiful and intelligent girl ended up as a model for Tony, so you told him.

In the middle of talking you accidentally spilled some of your drink on yourself. “Ah! Surprise attach.” Though you didn’t even seem to worry that your clothes were covered in alcohol and were more than likely completely ruined, you were more afraid that you got some one Bucky. “Did I get you?” You said looking over him, but seen nothing.

He laughed and pulled off his jacket, wrapping it around you. “You’re strange, in the good way, and smart, and just to kind. I’d be an idiot not to ask, and please don’t feel obligated to say yes. But,” His blue orbs meant yours “Would you like to go out sometime?”

Cake - fic : Fight

Calum hid underneath the desk, nervous brown eyes looking out into the empty expanse of the room, looking for any telltale sign of movement that might indicate he was found.

He didn’t know how he’d woken up in this space, as big as a stadium and empty except for a few strategically placed pieces of furniture. He didn’t know why there was that strange burning in his stomach, telling him to lay down, spread open his legs, and call. He didn’t know why when he’d seen his bandmates, he’d had this instinctive urge to see them fight. And he didn’t know why when his bandmates had caught sight of him in the distance, they’d all charged, snarling and fighting each other as they all fought to reach him.

It had been hard to move his legs, to run. But run he did. He’d lost his bandmates about an hour ago, if he estimated right. And he’d done a good job moving quietly till he ended up at this new hiding spot so they shouldn’t be aware of his spot.

“Calum! I know you’re here, baby! Why don’t you come out & we can talk, hmm?”

Obviously, not as well hidden as he thought.

That was Michael’s voice, dripping honey. Calum moved further back into the darkness of the desk, trying to sort through the warring instincts inside him that alternatively told him to wide and show himself.

Then, seconds later, he saw another figure charging through the distance towards him. Slightly shorter, but more muscle. Ashton. Then a third, the tallest, and widest of the three. Luke. All three were sprinting towards him, jostling each other to get to him first.

Seeing them all charge, he knew they knew where he was. Who knows how they’d figured it out? All he needed to do was get out of here, and fast.

Fast as lightning, he’d darted out from under the table and was running off in the other direction. He hadn’t gotten very far before a heavy body he belatedly recognized as Ashton slammed into him from behind, clawing at his clothes as he was thrown to the floor.

Then another body (Luke?) slammed into Ashton on top of him, throwing him off and taking his place before he too was thrown off by Michael.

“Stop guys!” Calum begged, crawling out from under them as they started a brawl next to him. They didn’t listen, too busy trying to beat each other up to pay his pleas any attention. It was a good opportunity to get away and Calum wanted to take it.

Except he moved and immediately, the three of them were aware and pounced on him again, holding him down until they were sure he’d been subdued before they were fighting each other again.

Fighting over him. That’s what this was about.

He didn’t expect Luke to come out on top. The blond had a decent chance against Michael, but Ashton was significantly older (2 years making a big difference between 19 & 21). So Calum was surprised when a violent 6 minutes later, a beaten and bloody, but victorious Luke left their two older band-mates laying on the ground a few feet away and advanced on him, blue eyes electric with lust as his hands worked open his fly.

Some instinctive part of Calum told him Luke was worthy, that he’d proven himself. He didn’t fight when Luke’s big, pale hands stripped him of his pants, and spread open his legs. He lifted big, vulnerable brown eyes up to blue as Luke took his hard-won place between Calum’s full thighs.

“Mine,” Luke growled, lips and teeth finding the tender junction of Calum’s throat. “I’m worthy… won you… fought them off…”

“Yours,” Calum agreed although not sure why he did, voice throaty, tilting his head away to allow Luke full access to mark him as he wanted. His hands wrapped around Luke’s broad back and legs around trim hips, tilting his own hips up in invitation.

Luke took it, pushing inside Calum and starting a rough rhythm fucking into the older boy. Calum gasped at the intrusion, surprised it didn’t hurt to be entered without preparation. It took him a while to realize he was leaking something… What was it…?

“Beautiful,” Luke growled. “So beautiful… so strong… ready to bear my pups.”

And then Calum suddenly realized why they’d been fighting over him. Why it hadn’t hurt when Luke entered him. What they were. What he was… An omega… And Luke was an alpha who had fought against two other alphas to claim him. And now the young alpha was mating him, intent on putting pups in his belly.

The still sentient part of him wanted to protest, wanted to fight and cry and bite and scratch for his freedom. But the more realistic omega inside him understood this was his fate: it would be dishonorable to fight his alpha when he’d already been claimed and even if he did fight, he wouldn’t win. Had no hope against an alpha’s strength.

His only recourse was to accept.

Head tilted to the side, he allowed the grunting blond on top of him to bury his face into the curve of his throat while those powerful hips pistoned against him. Silent tears poured out of his eyes.

I was watching NatGeo Wild you guys. I have no other explanations for this.

grandma: Oh that house down the street has been put up for sale. I hope whoever moves in are nice…

grandpa: We’ll be fine as long as there are no muscled greek gods to distract certain individuals who will not be named.

me: Yeah, and i hope he doesnt go jogging shirtless with sweat glistening down his ripped torso and need me to come outside and wipe down his big strong arms. Disgusting.

My insight about TVD’s future

First of all, I want you, guys, to know that I love these three girls: Nina Dobrev, Candice Accola and Kat Graham. They three are tremedous actresses. I love their scenes together. That frienship that conquers everything, even if they’ve dated the same guys. their moments are funny and cute. I’m going to miss those scenes where we could see them together. Elena has said that Bonnie is her best friend, but she has also said that Caroline is her best friend; they same happens with Bonnie and Caroline. So, they love and trust each other inthe same way. The fact that there is poll to know who Caroline best friend is annoys me. Obviously Bonnie won and obviously the person that created the poll was happy about the result. I can’t understand that irracional hate. I’m going to miss Elena a lot and I can’t stop feeling sad when I see posts like that. Maybe it’s because I love the show so much that I can’t hate any of the characters, specially the main ones.

Today I read a post that said: “Emotionally and Physically ready for Kat to take the TVD lead.” Don’t get me wrong; I love Bonnie, but I think it’s not happening and I’ll gladly explain why:

1. Nina Dobrev has undeniably done such a good job till now, but now that everybody knows that Elena is leavng the show, we know why she was getting that boring. The writers knew that they couldn’t involved Elena in anything important, unless it’s something related to her departure. Now they’re doing so with the cure thing. I don’t think she’s taking the cure, by the way. Something that anybody expects is going to happen, it always does.

2. Since the show needs a main female character, the writers have done a really good job by giving Caroline the main role. They’ve built a strong character; strong enough to be the main female character.

3. Bonnie has been so abscent on the show that it has made her a little bit boring. Besides, I don’t have to be blind to notice who has more prominece on the show: Caroline or Bonnie?

Also I’d like to write about the whole Bamon thing and let you know what I think:

1. I hate those people who ship Damon and Bonnie just because either they ship Stefan and Elena and they don’t want Damon to interfere in it; or beacuse they hate Elena. They are like those people who ship Stefan and Caroline just beacuse they ship Damon and Elena and they don’t want Stefan to interfere in it. It’s very hypocritical to do that. I respect very much those people who ship Damon and Bonnie beacuse they really feel their chemestry and not becuse of other reasons. Personally, I don’t ship them; weel, at leat not yet.

2. I don’t really see the Bamon thing happening because I sadly think that season 7 will be the last one. Damon will obviously be with Elena until she leaves the show; besides he needs to go through the mourning process. So, if Bamon is happening, it’ll be so quickly; just asumming season 7 is the last one.

Regarding this, I can see the way The Vampire Diaries is taking:

1. Season 7 will be mainly focused on Stefan and Damon as borthers. I state this based on the Sarah Salvatote and Lily Salvatore thing. I think that the remaing shows of the season will be more focused on Stefan and Caroline’s situation, and Damon and Elena’s one.

2. I don’t think Tyler is dying. Actually I have no idea about what could happen to him. I don’t see any hint. But what I’m sure about is that I’m going to miss him. Michael Trevino has done a good job.

3. Stefan and Elena’s final moment will be a moment full of memories about their relationshid nad the time the were together; it’s obvious, but I think we’ll witness haw much they appreciate each other as friends.

4. Elena will remember everything about her relationship with Damon. The Love that they have for each other will remind her how much she loves Damon. I don’t think someone is going to compel her to remember; and you, guys, know who that someone is. I don’t even want to write his name because I had some problems last time.

5. The writers are cooking the cure think to make us thing that Elena’s is taking it, but I think something really unexpected is going to happen. It’s never too eveident and obvious. I think Matt will have something to do with Elena’s death or departure or whatever will happen to her, by the way. if what I think is true, then who’s taking the cure?

6. Kai and Bonnie isn’t happening, either. She hates him too much.

7. Kai is turning into a vampire. Since he’s a syphon (magic sucker), he won’tlose his magic and will return madder than ever and that will affect Alarinc and Jo in some way. I just hope Alaric and Jo’s baby will be OK.

8. I think Enzo and Sarah will be romantically involved and she will turn eventually into a vampire.

9. The entire Steroline fandom: WHAT ABOUT STEROLINE?
Me: Chill out, guys!
Well, for those who haven’t watched the 6x19 promo, do it now. It’s a steroline promo. I litteraly almost die of a heart-attack. Caroline hugging Stefan from the back! That was so awwwwww and at the same time the way he turns his head to look at her was awwwwww and hot.  Ok, I have to go straight to the point and stop dreaming about Steroline. Well, We saw that Liz Forbes appeared from I don’t know where, but it’s clearly Caroline hallucinating. It means that Caroline will turn her emotions on very soon; if ti’s not on the next episode, it’ll be on the 20th one. Obviously Stefan has something to do with it. So, she’ll turn it on and she’ll disappear to be alone for a little while to deal with everything she’s been avoiding. Stefan will go after her and let her know he’s there for her. But I think we’ll witness the purest and the most tender declaration of love in the whole history of TVD and TV; obviously from Stefan’s side. Awwwwwwwwww! I’m so excited to see that! I get chills just by thinking of it! THEY ARE ENDGAME; MY HEART CAN FEEL IT!

Guys, as always: reblog this if you found it interesting. Let me know what you think; it’s important to me. If you have any quiestion, just ask; I’ll be more than happy to answer!


 Since The Beginning….

Castle: [to his daughter Alexis] I just want someone to come up to me and say something new.
Beckett: Mr. Castle?
Castle: [turning around holding a pen ready to give an autograph] Where would you like it?
Beckett: [holding badge] Detective Kate Beckett, NYPD. We need to ask you a few questions about a murder that took place earlier tonight.
Alexis: [taking the pen from him] That’s new.

Since 8 years,Castle and Beckett have been together just like me sticked to the TV with my coffee just to watch them.They have been apart of life since a very long time.It is hard to see this journey end.However,these eight years have been full of surprises with Caskett. Will always remember this tv show and Caskett. Shout out to the entire Cast and Crew-you have done a brilliant job.

‘Till Death Do Us Apart.’