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Aro-spec Awareness Week 2017

Hey everyone :)

As you might (or might not) know, Aro-spec Awareness Week will be from 19th till 25th February this year - less than a week from now!

I really wanted to do something for Aro-spec week this year, but sadly it’s still exam season here, so I barely have any time for tumblr. Since Aro-spec Week is only once a year I didn’t want to miss it completely, though - and this is where you come in.

If you want to celebrate Aro-spec Week 2017 on this blog, share your ideas/thoughts/art/puns/… with me!

I’ve drawn up a quick plan for posts (though this isn’t written in stone, so if you have any suggestions for other themes or have a post that doesn’t fit the theme of the day, please submit anyway):

Sunday, 19th February: Aro-spec headcanons!
You know that one character who is totally aro-spec? The one you could relate to immediately or read that one fanfic of and headcanoned them as aro-spec ever since? Whether you have drawings, stories or just write the character’s name (and series/movie/book) in my submission box, it will be highly appreciated!

Monday, 20th February: Aro-spec Art Day
Quick aro doodles and art of your favourite character or the aro flag or whatever you can think of! Or do you have a favourite piece of aro-spec art on tumblr? Tag me and I’ll reblog it!

Tuesday, 21st February: How did you find out you were aro-spec?
Whether there was one specific event you can recall perfectly or many small moments that still sometimes make you realize that you’re way too aro-spec for this sh*t - share them here!

Wednesday, 22nd February: What I like about the a-spec community
What is says in the title - what do you like about the aro-spec community? The chatrooms, the puns, this very blog? ;) (Okay, I was just kidding with that last one, but really - submit away:D)

Thursday, 23rd February: Intersectionality
Aro-spec and asexual, bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual…? Tell me about your struggles or experiences, share art, jokes, whatever!

Friday: 24th February: Aro-spec recommendations
A book/tv show/movie with an aro-spec character? Your favourite aro fanfic? A cool playlist? Share your recommendations here!

Saturday, 25th February: Aro Jokes and Puns
Everyone knows we have the best jokes - of course this had to be part of aro-spec week!

I’ll try to fill my queue with posts related to these topics, but it would be super awesome if you could share your own ideas etc. - either by submitting something to this blog (whether it’s a page-long rant or two words - I’ll happily take it) or tagging me in your posts so I can reblog them!

The earlier you submit, the more time I have to sort out my queue, so submissions start right now - but if you find/make something on the last day of Aro-spec Week, please submit anyway :) I’ll use the hashtags ‘#arospec17′ and ‘#arospec awareness week’

McReyes Spring Break Event

Hello! Welcome to McReyes Spring Break!

This event will hopefully be one of a series of four this year, one for each season: Spring Break, Summer Break, Fall Break, and Winter Break. There will be a new vote for each event to decide if it’ll be a prompt week or an exchange! Rules and FAQ can be found in the sidebar and the information tab! 

The event begins on Sunday, March 19th and lasts till Saturday, March 25th!


Here is the list of prompts and a few examples to go with them! Of course, you’re free to put your own spin on each if you like!

Day 1: Firsts

Examples: First encounters, first missions, first ultimate whitness, first kisses, first dates, first times, first anniversaries, first holidays, etc.

Day 2: Growth/Change

Examples: Second changes, changing sides, change of scenery, personal growth, emotional growth, physical growth/change, etc.

Day 3: Tomfoolery

Examples: Pranks, teasing, play wrestling, jokes, April Fool’s, drunk shenanigans, vandalism, mess making, parties, vehicle “borrowing”, etc.

Day 4: Age/Role Swap

Examples: Older McCree, younger Reyes, Deadlock rebel Reyes, Overwatch/Blackwatch McCree, Omnic Crisis McCree, etc.

Day 5: Bloom

Examples: Flourishing in a new (or past) environment, developing feelings, blooming relationships, blooming trust, flower blossoms, etc.

Day 6: Storm

Examples: Spring showers, thunderstorms, arguments, force of nature (personality), blitzkrieg, controversy, etc.

Day 7: Tenderness

Examples: Fond looks, idle touches, cuddling, forehead kisses, massages, washing together, breakfast in bed, etc.


25 Days Of Shit Slytherins Say will be a thing starting tomorrow (DECEMBER 1) going till the 25th of December (aka Christmas Day)! I’ll be posting one Christmas related quote a day for all 25 days! They’ll be funny relatable holiday quotes for every Slytherin! Super excited!:D

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–Sorry if you do not celebrate Christmas, I’m not trying to exclude you or anything. Sorry if it makes you uncomfortable or anything. Christmas happens to be my favorite holiday and I just get super excited about it !–

Day one

Charlie woke and looked at his boyfriend. He was awake and staring at him. “You don’t usually wake first.” Charlie gave him a suspicious look. “What are you up to?”

Matteusz blushed. “OK. It is December 1st. This is your first Christmas.”

“But Christmas isn’t till the 24th or 25th?”

“Yes, but there is a tradition that some people use to count down the days. An advent calendar.” Matteusz pointed to the desk. Charlie got up and moved to it. He saw a wooden house with 24 doors.

“Each morning you can open one door. Just one.”

Charlie was confused. “I don’t understand.”

“Open door one.”

Charlie opened the door and found a poorly wrapped chocolate. “So, inexpensive candy?”

“Open it.” Charlie unwrapped the candy and found a chocolate heart. Under it was a piece of paper. Charlie looked at it and smiled. “My favourite part about waking up, is having you in my arms…naked.”

Charlie blushed. “So everyday, I get chocolate and a note.”

“Yes, for 24 days.”

“You did this for me?”

“This is our first Christmas together,” he said taking his hand. “I want to create new, good memories.”

Charlie dropped his clothes, and pulled Matteusz back in bed. “You did say.”


Louigan, proudly still shipping itea since season 3 

Eagerly counting down the days till January 25th 


SO, I apologize to everyone that I confused! So I made a visual to help.
But to those who can’t really read this I’ll type it out for you.

To join the secret santa, all you have to do is send an ask/submission to this blog. You have to send your request(s) of what you’d like to receive for Christmas. That’s all you have to do



That way, we have all the requests that everyone submitted. So it’s a lot easier to know who would like to participate. 

ON THE 1st, we will be collecting all the submissions, and randomly pairing them up. We will send you the name of the person and their request(s).


You have till the 25th to finish your artwork or writing prompt.


12 Days of TAG #11: Grandma! 
For those of you that don’t know/haven’t seen yet, the wonderful @artisticrainey​ has organised a wonderful run up to Christmas for us all. <3 

Grandma lived through the onesie revolution and so I fully believe she owns this reindeer onesie and insists on draping it with fairly lights every Christmas. 

Also check out @ajacks99‘s wonderful picture of Professor Moffat which kicked this whole thing off, and keep and eye out for more holiday silliness from other members of the TAG Team every day from now till the 25th :D

Happy Holidays people! 

I was right. I got TWO audiobooks. 

So giveaway time!!!

I’ll hold the giveaway till end of day July 25th. 

In order to enter the giveaway please like/reblog this post or send me a message telling me you would like to enter.
(Also, if you pass this on to your friends that don’t have tumblr, because you don’t have to be a member to message someone people outside of tumblr can get a chance to enter. So let a friend know and spread the word.) 

And if you wanna reblog to spread the word but don’t want the audiobook just say that when you reblog the post so I know. 

I honestly really want this audiobook to go to someone that truly deserves it and preferably someone that can’t afford it… but that’s none of my business so like, reblog, and message your entries. 

Good luck. 

Edit: Winner has been contacted. There were 90 entries but alas only one person could win. Congrats to the winner and I hope someone else will do a giveaway with their extra copies. 

In Japan! -mini hiatus (digital art)

I will be in Japan (Tokyo) from April 25th till May 9th ;v; So there’s a possibility of a hiatus…from digital art. I am bringing my sketchbook so there might be some small sketches to post from time to time haha:) It depends on if any look postable. I’ll access social media whenever there’s internet available, which shouldn’t be an issue. I will post photos of my trip and such on my personal instagram acc @assidy_corncob and sometimes on my twitter as well (craziiwolf95)!

A Winner is Announced!

There will be a brief period of transition while the new mayor is installed into her office and administrative functions divided from the Ministry, but very soon London will have its first mayor and its first elected female figurehead.

Once fully situated, a mayoral Sinning Jenny card will become available in your opportunity deck. As the official mayor of Fallen London, you may hear news of her work crop up from time to time during her career.

Look for the The Victor is Announced! throughout London and speak to your candidate to wrap up any loose ends. You will have till 25th July to use up any leftover election resources, and the limited edition Election 1894 campaign posters will remain available until 22nd July

You will have the opportunity to influence who runs for Mayor of Fallen London next year - look out for news of this here, and on Facebook, and Twitter.


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I was actually supposed to do something better but I ran out of time and now its one minute till the 25th, Sorry xD Oh wait now its the 25th and imma go to sleep!

MERRY CHRISTMAS @not-just-any-fangirl!! I’m your Secret Santa <33


remember those really old “reblog to get a X” so im bringing that back since i have some free time.

if you rebog this post you’ll get a ginjinka based off the blog you reblog it to, it’ll look something like this:

more info + rules:

-must reblog before october 1st
-must be following me
-the chibis will be based off a few minutes of browsing your blog, as well as your theme, icon, url, bio and selfies if you have them tagged

List of recivers

chibis will be posted on my blog tagged/@ with the url, i might send in asks saying i posted it when i do if your askbox is open

I suppose I should bring this up this formally:
I’ll be away to America on the 12th of August till the 25th of August.
First off I’ll be heading to California to meet two awesome nerds friends of mine until the 19th. Then I’ll be heading off to Boston for the Pokemon World Championships to meet up with even more nerds friends! In fact, it’ll be my first team meeting a few of them in person so it’s incredibly exciting!

I’ll be competing in Worlds day 1 for VGC - I don’t expect to make it to day 2 but I’ll also be competing in the Boston Open on the Saturday, which is essentially a Regional level tournament which counts towards your best finish for the 2016 season.

Then on the 24th I’ll be heading back home! As such, I’ve queued up a tonne of Gifs so I won’t be running out anytime soon! Expect plenty of random posts while I’m over there though! I’m going to take pictures of the Worlds Pikachu plushie as soon as I get it along with whatever else is in the competitors goodie bag~

I’m a liiiittle excited…