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eth gets really bad nightmares sometimes so like during some nights eth sometimes finds himself in tyler's room cause he just needs somebody and tyler is v welcoming and they snuggle on the bed unril eth goes back to sleep but sometimes during the night even with ty, eth gets a bad dream and tyler cuddles him closer and runs his hands through the blue hair while shushing the boy and comforting him till he relaxes -☁️✨

aww my heart! and maybe lullabies too?

18 Reasons You Should Be Watching "Yuri!!! On Ice"

Just passing on the buzzfeed article of YOI, if any of y'all haven’t read it yet….


Emma (begrudgingly) granting Regina’s wish of sacrificing herself vs. Emma preventing Regina from sacrificing herself
Once Upon A Time 2x22 | 6x08

This hands down has to be my favorite picture of JB. He is serving Happiness, Joy, and Heavenly angel  all wrapped up in Handsome Beauty and I am left in awe.


No matter what happens, my heart will be forever yours.

And I will fight, until I see you again

-Kirigaya Kazuto “Kirito” (Sword Art Online)


D.J. Cotrona as Sean Mathers in Windfall

“I just want to show up with the other lottery winners. You know, stop living my life in the shadows.” 


11.19.2016 - Blackhawks vs Canucks

chicago completes the comeback win after being down 3-0 for two periods!

so if she pulls the sword, he dies
if she doesn’t pull the sword, she will eventually die

wow…they definitely were not kidding with a sad tragic love story

merry christmas everyone

Fans: Pre-order the most awaited NCT 127 Limitless album

SM: Actually there are 3 versions…



Theirs was the love that was meant to be, but wasn’t meant to last.


Sharing my drawing’s of Rarity & PinkiePie & AppleJack in a KH style! ;)

well i try my best to design the clohtes like EquestriaGirls clothes to kh?….hmmm i got it….lol sorry the colors are lame, ikr XP

also the keyblade,rarity’s was reference on Aqua’s, pinkie was ref on somewhere in the internet keyblade D.s., Applejack well i guess on terra’s~ (*w*)”  hope you bro’s liked it ^^