till linde

How to (deeply) annoy a Rammstein fan

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- “Rammshteen”

- “They are nazis”

- “They promote violence and rape and incest and murder”

- “I bet you don’t even understand the lyrics”

- “So you like Germany now ?” (also works with Japan and anime/V-kei)

- “They are ugly/scary”

- Tokio Hotel

- “Till LindeRmann”

- “Till Lind-mann”

- Flake’s name being pronounced the same as “flake” in “snowflake”

- “Their singer doesn’t even know how to sing correctly”

- “Their singer speaks like Hitler”

- “Pyros ? Well [*insert here any other band name which uses pyro effects on stage*] does it too, they have no originality”

- Typical conversation:
You “I like Rammstein”
Dumb “Oh yeah, Rammstein i’m a fan too i love Du Hast and Amerika !”
You “These are famous and pretty good songs/vids but I personally have a preference for Mein Herz Brennt, what version of the vid do you prefer ?”
Dumb “Mein herz wut ?”