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A Daddy!Harry thought I need to share:

I’m watching some old clips from the Saccone Jolys and there’s this one vlog where Jonathan is away for a few days and Emilia wants Anna to Facetime him to show him something, and he’s not in WiFi range so he doesn’t pick up and poor Emilia is just DEVASTATED and crying, “No, I need to call him! I need to call him now! I need him!”

And I think this is definitely something that Harry’s little girl would experience the first time daddy really goes away for a few days. Maybe he’s in a lot of meetings and his phone is off or he’s in an interview and can’t answer so you’re trying to comfort her by saying things like, “Daddy will call later.” but she’s not having it…

I might…actually save this for a blurb so I shouldn’t say much more…

But yeah. Just wanted to share that.

Steven Grant Rogers cannot possibly like men, because a combination of Irish genetics and being brought up Christian makes you immune to Catching The Gay. Stay tuned, more to come.

Okay, I think I’ve calmed a little from the shock of Jmo leaving and I want to say something too.

I watch this show since 2011 (I didn’t even have a tumblr account back then, can you believe?). I love Once. I love this fandom. But most of all I love to be a part of something. All the fanfics and fanarts, and metas give me so much inspiration - I love you all guys.

Yesterday I was afraid so much that I lose all of it (it’s really breaks my heart). But there’s still ideas in my head for cs edits - and I want to share them with you, to give them life. And i want to see all of your amazing works. I just…can’t let go. Not yet.

Is that enough bubble wrap for you madam?

Right, so i work in a UK department store and safe to say the majority of our customers tend to be a little snooty!

On this particular day i had been asked to go over and help on the tills (not my usual post) as they were short staffed, i had logged onto the till at the end and was waiting for any customers that needed to pay.

After a while a lady came over and stood at the other end of the row of tills to me so i called down to her with a happy “hello there” and I immediately received an “…oh, I’ll come to you then shall I?” (Clearly she wasn’t happy that i had decided to dare log into a till that wasn’t within 3 feet of her), as i’m used to being spoken too like this i just smiled and waited for her to walk over.

She then proceeded to empty a candle and a ceramic milk jug onto my till with a rather unpleasant “I’ll have these wrapped” (i would have offered if she had given me a chance). I’m now started to get annoyed at how rude she is being, but I just though she was another one of ‘those’ customers and smiled as i rang through her items and wrapped both of her items perfectly sufficiently in bubble wrap.

When i gave her back the items she tutted and pushed the ceramic jug back at me and demanded that I wrap it better. By now i’m sick and tired of her talking to me like a servant so i took a deep breath and forced a “yes of course”, I then proceeded to wrap her precious ceramic jug in a stupid quantity of bubble wrap, taking as much time as I possibly could to tape up every single gap and small opening I could find, then continued adding layers and taping the gaps for a good 5 minuets.

When i felt that I had finally wasted enough of her time i returned the jug (now in so many layers of wrap its about twice the size) to her and said happily “There we go madam is that wrapped enough for you?”, all I received was a scowl as she snatched the jug from me and exited the store. My biggest hope was that when she got it home she had so much trouble getting through my layers and layers of wrap and tape that she would have dropped the jug and it would have smashed into several, tiny, hard to clean up pieces.

General life update:

So my college finally found me a placement which is excellent because I only have till August to finish my portfolio/ online log so I can re-sit an exam so…. that’s a good thing.

A….. less um, shall we say, ideal, thing…. it’s in Norfolk.

Which, for reference is about two hours from where I currently live. So I mean, the practice has accommodation which I can use, sooooo…..

I mean it depends on how much the accommodation IS, but I have a fair amount of money saved and my dad said they’d help me.

Anyway I spoke to the head nurse from the practice the other day and she was really nice and I’m going up for an informal interview and to see the house/ meet my potential house mates on Monday.

TlDr I’m probably moving to Norwich.


So here it is! My bullet journal setup for 2017. I am not creative at all and I absolutely love love the 2017 drawing I made. The words on the little envelope are the Dutch equivalent for New Years resolutions: “goede voornemens”. The reason they are in an envelope is because I believe they are very private, and I let my friends look through my journal a lot. Also, my entire journal is in Dutch because that’s just the language I speak.

Other than that I included a yearly overview, a future log up till Juyne so I can plan a bit more in advance and my january opening. I still want to add a habit tracker though!

10 Things I Know About Long Distance

And what I want people to know when I’m asked “how’s your relationship going?”

1. It’s almost always equally both wonderful and horrible.

Being in relationship with someone long distance usually means that you really care about each other. It is not something you would do just on a whim or just because of a fling. Therefore, that relationship is probably rewarding. But the reality of your best friend living across the state/country/world is really difficult. The relationship is always worth it, the distance is always hard.

2. My technology is my life-line.

The person that I go to when I have a good/bad/confusing day is my significant other. The person I go to when I need to talk something through is my significant other. The person I go to for pretty much anything is my significant other. And sometimes I worry that if something happened to her or her family, I wouldn’t know about it for awhile. My phone, or my laptop, is my connection to them. So when we talk about being present, that’s more difficult for me, but it’s not that I’m not trying. Just know that even when I put my phone aside, I will want it to be nearby.

3. My time with my partner is different than most of my other time.

It’s not that the rest doesn’t matter. The rest matters immensely. But a lot of the little things that couples take for granted–driving places in the car together, holding hands while walking places, waking up in the same apartment or even city, spending birthdays and holidays together, being able to call them when you’re having a bad day and having them show up on your doorstep–all of those things have to fit into specific weeks or weekends we schedule. It becomes more normal to be apart, but it never gets easier. And so my time with my significant other is as if we are making up for the 7 weeks we spent apart. But it is also as if we were never apart. It is a strange paradox.

4. When my significant other leaves, I have to learn how to breathe again.

Whether we spend two days together or two weeks together, or even two months together, the day that she leaves is a day I weep a lot more than I intend to. As I watch her go or as I board a plane, my breath catches in my throat and I can’t seem to catch it for a moment. It feels like the longest moment. In our time together, we fall into place with one another. And when I am just me again, fending for myself in a way, I have to re-learn what it’s like to breathe without my person there. It might only be a moment, but that moment–that catch of breath–happens every. single. time.

5. I am often looking ahead because it’s easier that way.

My year is sometimes measured by the time with and the time without. The time in between looks less glamorous when I look at my calendar and it’s easier to look ahead to those things. To look ahead to the time we will live in the same place, to the time that won’t be apart anymore. It’s not that I don’t value the present, but in imagining a future where I get to be with her, it makes the present a lot more livable. 

6. Time is sometimes measured in goodbyes.

When we spend a weekend, a week, or several together, I sometimes mistakenly log that time away as “one week till I have to say goodbye again.” One week until I have to learn how to be physically alone again, until I have to learn how to breathe again. And that’s okay; but it’s important that I remember to also measure it in the present events, and in the times we get to say hello again, instead of just those “see you laters.”

7. There are aspects of long distance that make a relationship a lot stronger.

While I don’t know that I agree with the whole “absence makes the heart grow fonder” cliché, I think it is true to an extent. I have learned how to communicate a lot more and a lot better, and I have learned how to ask for what I need, even when I know that she cannot give it to me from a distance. I have learned what it means to be both independent and dependent simultaneously, and I have learned how beautiful love can look–both up close and across the miles.

8. I say “I miss you” and “I love you” like reflexes, and mean them more deeply each time that I say them.

It becomes a reflex to remind my love how much I miss her and how much I love her…but I say it so that she doesn’t have the chance to forget. I say it so that she is reminded, daily–sometimes multiple times a day–that even though I can’t do all the little things that come with being in the same place, that that doesn’t mean that I love her any less or any differently. It is part of our relationship, and even when we’re together, we remind one another. It is a beautiful gift that long distance has given us.

9. I never feel fully at home without my partner.

When you fall in love, part of your heart learns how to be at home with the other person. Today, I was thinking about how my hometown doesn’t really feel as fully like my home, and where I go to school and have spent 5 years doesn’t really feel like my home either. I realized that it’s because so much of where my heart feels safe and at home is with my partner. Nowhere feels 100% like home to me without her.

10. Until the day I would rather be without my partner than continue with the struggle that is long distance, it is so worth it.

It Started With A Game (Baekhyun x Reader)

Written By: Admin T.Pot

Characters : Baekhyun x You

Summary : By day, he’s an idol, you’re an English teacher.By night, both of you… are gamers.

A/N: Most of the talking is in a chat room. And since putting the username after every chat is kind of annoying to do and to read, I’ve decided to put all the chats in brackets, bold the ones sent to you, and leave it be for the chats you send. So ~ [babybyun0592] and [effuuu41w7] Okies ?? Also ~ [brackets for gaming chats] and <these pointy thingies for Katalk chats> Also ~ ㅗ is a Korean character but also used to flick someone off while texting … Don’t tell anyone I taught you guys that .. It’s just necessary right now cause it’s mostly chatting and it’s used often amongst Korean gamers and chatrooms …;; And after this one shot, my stories will be short ranging from 1000-3000 words ><

Word Count : 8800

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Tumblr Understands...

Tumblr gets me more than my parents ever could
It makes me laugh more than half my friends ever would
The fandom family is whole and round
I get more from this online group of clowns
Tumblr understands that a “ship” isn’t the kind with a hull
It knows all about the ships like #Malec #Solangelo and #Nabriel
I can cry with my fellow fandoms and I can laugh till my sides hurt
But when I log off every night, it’s my dreams that keep my life from crumbling like Jack Sparrow’s dirt
In it lies my heart along with Davy Jones
And if Tumblr ever dies, I know I’ll feel it in my bones

Because Tumblr Understands.