till he begged for mercy

Hello Sunshine

summary: Kai kidnaps the reader and threatens her life merely for for fun. 

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          You sat outside your house, letting the sun warm your skin. You needed a break, you deserved a break. For the past year your whole life had been filled with nothing, but Vampires, Witches, Werewolf hybrid things, and Doppelgangers. You wanted just two seconds of normalcy. Scratch that you needed a moment of normal. If you had to deal with one more crazy Witch or a depressed Vampire you were going to lose your mind. 

          You ran your hands through the bright green grass that somehow managed to calm your mind.  Its bright green color was pleasing to the eye and you spent what felt like hours just merely running your hand though it. You would have much rather been relaxing at the beach, but your back yard would have to do for now. 

             “Hello, sunshine.” You quickly stood up at the sound of the voice. Kai Parker stood right in front of you smiling that same damn smile he always had on his face. You simply just sighed and folded your arms across your chest. Any other day you would have called Damon or Stefan to have them come to your rescue, but not today. Seeing Kai should have struck fear into every bone in your body, but instead you only felt annoyance. He ruined your perfect evening so now you were mad. 

              “What do you want Kai?” You spat. He laughed at your words which made your blood boil. His smile got wider as he walked closer to you. His eyes traveled up and down your body causing you to feel all kind of different emotions. 

             “I think I want you.” He grabbed your shoulders and squeezed them hard causing your knees to buckle. You winced in pain, but you made no sound. While you were trying to recover from the pain he inflicted he moved so that he was now standing in front of you. The last thing you saw was his large hand coming towards your face, before his touch caused you to fall to the ground. 

        Your head pounded and your eyes struggled to open. When you finally came to all you could see was darkness it was as if you never opened your eyes. “Hello!” You yelled out. 

          “Shh, you’ll wake the spirts.” You recognized Kais voice. 

          “Kai, where are we.” You asked. You could here movement, the familiar sound of shoes against concrete filled your ears. You struggled against the ropes that held your hands together. You wanted to see where you were you wanted to see where Kai was, but you were practically blind.  

            “I should probably give you your sight back.” He whispered in your ear. You jumped at the sound of his voice, not expecting him to be so close. 

          “You took away my sight?” You questioned. You had just assumed he had you in a dark room in some scary shack or something, you never thought that we would have taken away your sight with his magic. 

          “It’s a good substitute for a blindfold.” His hot breath tingled your neck sending shivers down your spine. 

          “Just give it back.” You yelled as you struggled against the ropes once more. 

          “FIne calm down, honey.” You felt his hand drag down your face and as it did light began to shine through your eyelids. The sudden change of light hurt your eyes. tears filled your eyes and some even spilled down onto your cheeks. 

          “Why are you doing this?” You said trying to force your eyes all the way open. 

           “Im bored.” Once he finished his sentence you felt the cold sting of a knife at your throat. Again you should have been scared but you simply just felt annoyance.

        “Really? You have all this magic and you put a knife to my throat.” Now you could see Kai’s face. He was confused at your lack of fear. Seeing him confused made you want to laugh, but you had to hold it in. 

          “I picked you because I knew you would be easy to scare, why aren’t you scared!” He yelled causing you to jump once more. What was stopping him for killing you, why did he suddenly stop using magic? Was he really just bored? 

         “Just let me go Kai. Go find some other damsel in distress.” You spat. Your confidence surprised him, but you could see he was now mad.

          “I’m not letting you go.” He said taking the knife from your throat. 

          “Kai let me go.” You pulled against to ropes once more. “Please” 

         “I’m not letting you go till you beg for mercy.” He whispered in your ear, his hand ran down your face once more, but nothing happened, he did that simply because he wanted to touch you. “Get comfortable, sunshine.” 

“Near the end, Ser Gawen Wylde and three of his knights tried to steal out a postern gate to surrender. Stannis caught them and ordered them flung from the walls with catapults. I can still see Gawen’s face as they strapped him down. He had been our master-at-arms.”

Lord Rowan appeared puzzled. “No men were hurled from the walls. I would surely remember that.”

“Maester Cressen told Stannis that we might be forced to eat our dead, and there was no gain in flinging away good meat.”

~ A Clash of Kings

Your brother Stannis is still holding the garrison strong, sire.

Maester Cressen paused, pondering the words he had written. Should he be addressing Robert Baratheon as “Your Grace”? No, he decided, the letter could fall into the wrong hands. “Sire” was the safest option, able to stand for both “my lord” and “Your Grace.”

As to the rumor regarding our men surrendering to the Tyrell force in droves, I hasten to assure you that there is no truth to it, sire. A few faithless men tried to escape - too few to matter considering the great number of loyal men still manning the garrison at Storm’s End - and those faithless men were caught immediately.

Cressen closed his eyes, and paused again. Forgive me, Gawen. I have wronged you.

Ser Gawen was not faithless. He was a good man tested beyond his endurance, forced to watch good men, women and children starve, forced to watch his own wife sickening until she died abed, forced to contemplate the death of his sons and daughters, all the while powerless to do anything at all.

“I’ll not beg for mercy, maester,” he had told Cressen, in the dark and damp dungeon where he was imprisoned. “It was not for myself that I did what I did. I am not afraid of death. I begged Lord Robert to take me with him to war, but he told me I am needed here. But my children … and all the other children. Little lord Renly, he’s a child too. How could I sit still and do nothing, waiting for them to die? I did it for our young lord too. How long could he last, giving most of his meager share of food to his little brother?”

“It is treason, Gawen. Treason,” Cressen said, his voice breaking. “To surrender to our enemy is treason. And you mean to do more than just surrender your own body. You mean to see to it that Storm’s End falls.”

“I mean to see to it that the siege ends! I mean to see to it that no one else has to die. Aye, aye, I know our young lord will not thank me for it. He is stubborn, that one, stone-cold stubborn, but we have always known that, haven’t we, maester?” The ghost of a smile touched Gawen’s lips. Cressen had to look away to hide his tears.

“And he has promised his brother that he will hold Storm’s End come what may,” Gawen continued. “He’ll not want to break that promise, whatever the cost, we both know that. But if Storm’s End should fall through my treachery, then how could Lord Robert judge him for it? How could anyone judge him harshly for it, when it is not his doing?”

The mess people make of things, Cressen thought, despairingly, when they fail to see, to truly see.

Gawen. Gawen. How you have erred. You have loved our young lord like I did, tried your best to protect him from harm like I did, but you have never understood him. Never! It was never about avoiding his brother’s judgment, or anyone else’s judgment. It is his own harsh judgment Stannis could never escape. He will never forgive himself for breaking the promise he made to his brother, for falling short of his duty.

And he will never forgive you for causing him to fail in his duty.

Stannis was furious, distraught, bewildered, anguished. “If it had been anyone else … but Ser Gawen … Ser Gawen, he gave me my first sword, he taught me everything I knew about fighting. Is betrayal the best I could hope for, even from the likes of him?”

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I LOVE YOUR HCS FOR BSD, please can I have some more tickle headcanons for chuuya and dazai?? maybe a fic with Dazai tickling the hell out of chuuya 'till he begs for mercy??

OMG THANK YOU SO SO MUCH, ANONCAKES! I couldn’t resist writing this, so here you have some headcanons AND a fic (it was supposed to be a drabbled, but it is kinda long) I hope you like them, sweetie. Thank you!


* Chuuya blushes very easily, okay? It’s not even funny, that’s why Dazai is always making him blush like crazy.

*”Chuuya-chan~, let’s play ‘make Chuuya-chan blush until he has to hide’, yeah?!”

*I think I mentioned this in the last headcanons: Chuuya can’t say I love you, so when he’s trying to say it to Dazai he’s like “I hate you so fucking much, Dazai”, Dazai laughs every fucking time ***

* Dazai LOVES to tickle Chuuya. Like I said Dazai enjoys watching Chuuya blush so he would tickle him when he’s less expecting it.

* Chuuya is a loser, he cAN’T hold back his laughter, he just can’t. He’s too ticklish.

*At first Chuuya makes the weirdest noises while being tickled, but once Dazai starts to tease and reach for his worst spots he starts to laugh his boisterous yet cute laughter.

*Chuuya likes to tickle Dazai when they’re watching a movie and when he’s reading because those are the only ocassions he can actually catch him off guard. So he’ll just start to squeeze his ribs and wiggle his fingers on his neck.

* Chuuya thinks Dazai has the cutest laughter (and he probably does), when he’s being tickled, it is so childish and cute.

Kinda angsty at the middle! I’m sorry I don’t know what happened. I hope you don’t mind. Omg 

It was one of those days where they were free from work. Chuuya knew it when he came back to reality, opening his eyes just a little and wincing when a tiny ray of sun filtered from the window and right into his face. He tried to move but soon he knew it was impossible.

“Not again,” he sighed out. “Please, not again”.

Chuuya twisted his torso and wiggled his legs a little, but it was rather impossible: Daizai had him trapped with his limbs. He was an octupus, for God’s sake, arms holding his waist and legs intertwined with Chuuya’s as if his life depended on it. Nakahara felt his partner’s face right in between his shoulder blades; the slow breathing against his back sending shivers down his spine. It was a lovely feeling, but Chuuya wouldnt admit it, never.

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because Mika is half russian, he actually has very blonde practically unnoticeable body hair, which is extremely ticklish. But since it's barely noticeable and so soft Yuu accidentally tickles him a lot. Until he notices what a HILARIOUS face Mika makes and now it's not accidentally anymore.

If Yuu found out that Mika was ticklish, he’d be all over that boy, he’d tickle all the time. Mika can be stubborn as a brick and if Yuu wanted something, he’d tickle Mika till he begged for mercy.