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Gone is the long weekend, Boooo! But thank god for a short week! Yay! After being away for even just a small break it’s woken me up to the travel bug again. I love, love, love exploring new places and my latest find is definitely somewhere I would like to visit. The Sixty Soho is a boutique hotel in New York that has me salivating over its moody interiors (I love the floors & walls and I’m thinking that I might actually be able to translate this look into my Master bathroom! Anyway, I digress). It’s not the cheapest place to stay (I mean - it’s New York -and Boutique….) but it’s definitely on the HL! (hit list…)


Please ignore the poop & iPhone quality images, but here’s Mel’s set up!! Still being worked on as I figure out what he likes/doesn’t like, but it works for now. I’m going to tile the entire floor of his 40gal and make it a pretty nice display tank when I have the money. This is a 20gal.

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This sounds weird but would you ever consider tagging places that have nice tile? That's my favorite part of most houses <3

You got it!!! I’ve started tagging pretty wallpaper so I will def add tile/flooring to it.

The more I put up these very large and very expensive toys on the tops of my shelves the more I fear they’re going to fall off and take me out in my sleep

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“Have you lost your damn mind!?” WITH LUKE AND ME AND DO A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE THING OK?

2: “Have you lost your damn mind!?”

your feet slapped against the tile flooring of the convenience store. luke raced ahead of you, his legs much longer than yours. but you tried to keep up with him, deep and ragged breaths drawing out of your lungs. 

you threw a glance over your shoulder, seeing that there were still a few zombies on your trail. you wished that it was like the movies, that the zombies were slow and stupid. but no, when the world finally succumbed to the undead, they came back fast and smart. 

“luke!” you called ahead, trying to speed up to be beside him. he looked back to you and then to the zombies gaining on the both of you. he grabbed your arm, wrenching you forward and to the side behind the end of an aisle. 

luke clutched the baseball bat tight in his hands as he prepared himself. the first zombie came and he swung, the bat smashing into the man’s head with a hard thump. luke wedged it free before attacking the next zombie, blood splattering across his face like morbid freckles. 

the woman fell to the floor like an old rag doll before luke finished off the last zombie that was pursuing you. luke wiped at his face with the sleeve of his blue flannel. he then turned to you, his eyes wild. 

“have you lost your damn mind?” he said, the fire seeming to ignite within him. you sucked a breath in at his random outburst, though you did seem to deserve it. it was your fault after all that the zombies almost made you like them. “you know they’re attracted to smell, and especially sound. we have to be careful, y/n.” 

you nodded, trying to keep the tears at bay. but you couldn’t help it. after breaking your finger after falling and crying out, and now your best friend yelling at you for something that seemed so simple, the tears were overflowing. 

“y/n,” luke murmured, dropping the bat to the floor and wrapping you in his arms. “i’m sorry for yelling at you. i just can’t lose you. you’re the only thing i have left in this world. i don’t know what i would do without you,” he said, wiping away the tears that were streaking down your cheeks. 

you sniffled and nodded, feeling a bit better, knowing that luke’s outburst was only out of love. “now let’s go get your finger fixed and turn you back into that badass zombie slayer i know you can be.” 

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Heya Mod, I gotta say that your doing an awesome job here. Keep it up! *tosses glitter everywhere*

Ah no no NO!

DO you know how long it takes to get all that glitter off again?

I still have some stuck in between my floor tiles from last time!
 *shivers at the memory*

Hehe, thank you <3
I always try my best to keep you  all pleased with this blog and I must say, it’s really fun!
Little asks like this one really make my day :D

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Steve & Thor

     During her visit to Midgard, Clinton had been kind enough to allow Frigga to stay at his farm house with some of the other Avengers.  Laura offered her the biggest guest room despite Frigga’s instance one of the boys could have it.  Midgard was an escape for the goddess, a place where she was not defined by a title to the majority of the population.  People passed her on  the streets unaware of her presence, but maybe it was the “Thor’s mom” sub-name that had earned her such respect in the Barton’s eyes.  

     After a much needed few hours of rest, Frigga wandered towards the hall bathroom.  The door was closed, but not locked so she took the liberty of opening it, only to be slapped with steam.  The shower was running and two were inside, making some form of  surprised sound, water sloshing as Frigga drew the door back into place.  Thor and Steve.  She could not have mistaken the quick glimpse of their clothing on the tile floor.  Norns, was this vacation be off to an interesting start….


Inspiration to ideation. Find traits from ornate buildings or nature that you want to bring into your own home. Here, the blue walls and herringbone floor harken the inspiration image, but fits into everyday life. 

Explore the look for yourself:
Montagna porcelain wood look tile
Wall: Home Decorators Collection Soothing Spring
Trim: Home Decorators Collection Merino Wool

Inspiration image via Flickr user Vincent Ferron