tiled glass

Here there are a thousand minds
a thousand lights
a thousand worlds lining walls
like tiles
or stained glass windows
and your mind moves through them
like a fish through a reef
shiny and graceful and quick
and at the same time it is in the center
it is the center
and I want nothing
other than to explore it
and it alone
—  A.O.A.M. || Library Love Poem

Artwork at the four new Second Avenue Subway stations!

Jean Shin, “Elevated”, at 63rd Street Station. Ceramic tile, glass mosaic, and laminated glas fabricated by Frank Giorgini Handmade Tiles, Udu Inc., Miotto Mosaic Art Studio, and Tom Patti Design.

Vik Muniz, “Perfect Strangers”, at 72nd Street Station. Glass mosaic fabricated by Franz Mayer of Munich.

Chuck Close, “Subway Portraits”, at 86th Street Station. Ceramic tile, glass and ceramic mosaic fabricated by Mosaika Art & Design. (Detail of portrait of Zhang Huan).

Sarah Sze, “Blueprint for a Landscape”, at 96th Street Station. Porcelain tile fabricated by Sarah Sze Studio, Alcalagres, and Estudio Cerámico.

Today, I fucked up... by coloring my hair fire engine red and making my boyfriend think I was dying.

I usually dye my hair dark reddish brown, but thought I’d like a change. And being in college still, there’s no better time to experiment with cool hair colors.

I bought a box of hair bleach, and another of red dye and went to work in my apartment bathroom. After a while of sitting around waiting for the dye to take, I got in the shower to rinse it out.

There was a lot of it in my hair, so when i stepped into the shower, the bright red dye started rinsing out and pooling in the bottom of the shower, which doesn’t drain well. And of course, some dripped into my eye, causing me to flail around, splattering dye all over the shower tiles and sliding glass door as I looked for a towel.

Just as I was dabbing my eye with the wet corner of the towel, my boyfriend (He lives with me) came home and came into the bathroom.

He saw the red splattered glass door, and me in the shower, and screamed. I, startled by hearing him scream since I hadn’t even heard him come into the bathroom, yelped too. I jumped back and stumbled to the ground in the shower, and he pulled the door open, freaking out.

He saw me fallen down in several inches of blood red water, with more red splats all over the wall, and that was when I realized how scary it must have looked.

I quickly said that it was just hairdye, and we ended up laughing about it.

TLDR - Dyed hair bright red. Boyfriend walked in on me washing out the dye in the shower, and thought I was covered in blood.

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fic: Only One To Blame

Nygmobblepot Week - Day 1: Future Riddler/Penguin

The Riddler pays a visit to the Iceberg Lounge. | Read on AO3

angst, oneshot: 932 words, rated: g

Like always, dedicated- and with a big thank you - to my dear Kris ♥︎

It’s been forever.

Yet Ed feels a weird sense of familiarity as he’s led up a circular staircase made of glass and illuminated with blue lights, making the steps look like little ice floes.

He’d waited almost half an hour until he’d gotten the green light to be received in audience of fone of the most powerful and feared men in Gotham: The Penguin.

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