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We asked some of the teenaged contestants in Junior Achievement New York’s business plan competition the same question we ask everyone:

What does money mean to you?

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Frank Murtha is a psychologist with MarketPsych who specializes in investor behavior. Or misbehavior. Or misconceptions. Well, all of that. His job is to study how people make decisions with their money, and to help us understand (and avoid) common mistakes.

He stopped by to talk to us about how a crashing stock market changes the way investors invest. (Hello, recession of 2008!) Pretty interesting stuff.

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TILE showed up for part of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards at the New York Stock Exchange last October, and we met some young folks who made us feel bad about sleeping through college.

Take Milun Tesovic, for example. He wanted a better way to find song lyrics online, so he messed around on his computer for a few hours and - next thing you know - he’s a CEO and winner of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards. Check him out.

Watch the oh-ficial GSEA 2010 recap video here.