Asking Sam a serious question

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“Sam?” You sat with your feet rested on the table of the kitchen, watching as the man of your dreams stood at the counter preparing his rabbit food. 

“Yeah.” He stated matter of factly, his eyes leaving the crisp colors of the vegetables and focusing on you. 

“Why are you so tall?" 

 "Excuse me?” He chuckled as you moved your feet to the cold, tiled floor and placed your hand on the dark wood table. 

“I mean don’t get me wrong, Dean is tall too, and so was John. I mean in all the pictures he seems tall, but he looks more of the height of Dean, and you tower over him. So I can only imagine that you towered over John too." 

"I mean genetics are a thing babe. I guess it was just destined for me to be tall.” He smiled going back to the salad laying in his bowl. 

“Still not my answer.” You giggled as you watched him smile, which lately wasn’t something he did often, and you were glad to see it.


Friday, I’m in Love | #ihavethisthingwithfloors

It’s Friday once again, and today’s feature is an Instagram account I am absolutely in love with - ihavethisthingwithfloors, because I DO have a thing with floors. Whoever came out with this hashtag and account must be an absolute genius, because now we have concrete, irrefutable proof of the AMAZING-ness of floors. Check them out, and remember to follow! Use the #ihavethisthingwithfloors hashtag on ur selfeet pics on Instagram, and who knows, your selfeet may just be selected to join in the blessed curation!

“When feet meet nice floors. Make a selfeet.”

Add style to your bathroom with a creative cabinet. A dresser-style vanity can be an ideal way to blend modern and vintage elements in your bathroom. Matching furniture-style vanity and built-in medicine cabinets, provide stylish storage solutions and an upscale look in the functional space above. Tapered legs give the vanity a furniture look, while vibrant yellow wall paint and floor tile make for a sunny morning routine. 

(via We Heart It)