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my daily to-do lists are shorter this summer because i’m working full time, so i’m experimenting with spreads a little. last week’s was “3 things i’m proud i accomplished each day.”


Described as ‘a mole on the cheek of Lahore’, 17th century mosque, The Masjid Wazir Khan was built in seven years during the reign of Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan. It is famous for its extensive tile work. A visual delight!

Wazir Khan Mosque.
Lahore, Pakistan. (Instagram: aabbiidd)

“I like watching her get excited about things. She has a very distinct look when amazement comes over her face. Like she gets really excited about dachshunds. I always text her pictures of dachshunds. Or the tile work at the 81st street subway station. She loves that. Or warm socks. I mean… warm socks are kind of exciting to me. But she really loves warm socks.”

Who Am I? Part 10

Summary:  My take on A/B/O in the MCU (non-cannon).  Life takes on a routine

Warnings: NSFW, a little bit of smut 

Words: 4k

Tags: @divadinag @ariwolff14 @mrssgtjamesbuckybarnes @marauderice @el-bucky @kellyn1604 @negan–is–god @theariel85

@divadinag @ariwolff14 @mrssgtjamesbuckybarnes @marauderice @el-bucky @kellyn1604 @negan–is–god @theariel85

You walked down the stairs, hand-in-hand with Steve.  The euphoria was still surging through your veins. Your loft was covered in the aroma of bacon.  A smile spread across your face.

“Is it just me or are you extra happy this morning?” Steve raised your hand and gave it a kiss.

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Hmn this might be werid but I'm in the mood for angst, rfa + minor trio(MY baes) somehow injurying mc really badly maybe even leaving a permanent scar or something, if they were in an argument or etc, happy or bad ending u'r choice abd it's okay if u don't do this if it makes u uncomfortable

Oh my God this killed me, I deleted it over four times on accident!

This deleted over three times, and I almost had a mental breakdown, then my power was out before, sorry for the wait.Omg I’m so sorry for being so behind, I lost power for over 24 hours, and then I typed everything up and my computer crashed and it all deleted. I don’t mean to make up excuses. I’m so sorry! Anyway yeah, I’m not sure how good it’s going to be, but I hope you’ll like it!!!!
• He knew he wasn’t supposed to do it
• He knew it was bad for him, that it could very well kill him
• He was going good so far, he hadn’t smoked in two months, and hadn’t gotten too drunk in about six weeks
• You were happy about that, and honestly, he was pretty proud of himself
• But one day it happened
• He slipped, and all descended into Hell
• He had lost a role he’d been preparing for weeks to a man who he hated
• And his friends managed to convince him to go out and get a drink
• Well one turned into five
• And a cigarette
• Or two
• It was a miracle he managed to drag himself home, but when he did he sort of lost it
• And not in a good way
• You were waiting for him, after a crap ton of missed calls, and the pictures on the messenger
• You were ready to give him some Advil, put him to bed, and the next day to spend around eight hour lecturing him on the dangers of smoking
• But it didn’t exactly go that way
• When you saw the state he was in you kinda snapped
• A shouting match ensued
• “You’re going to kill yourself!!”
• “You’re just being over protective and stuck up, besides, what if I don’t care?”
• “You take that back right now!”
• “Why should I?!”
• Eventually he picked up a plate on the counter and chucked it
• He wasn’t aiming anywhere in particular, and it wouldn’t’ve mattered he was so drunk
• But the pieces of porcelain, along with what smashed on the grounds when he wildly grabbed it, were stuck in you
• In your shoulder, your ankles
• You bit your lip, fighting back the screams of pain as your body burned with the shrapnel-like pain of something being thrown at you at a fast rate, before lodging itself in you, still glistening with cleaning solution
• You ran out, leaving Zen with his thoughts
• In his drunken state he didn’t notice, he just slinked off to bed, falling into a coma-like sleep the minute his head hit the pillow
• When he woke up at first he didn’t remember
• Rolling over to hug you he noticed the bed was empty
• At first his thoughts were confused through the headache and haze of his hangover
• Hangover…
• He ran into the kitchen to see the remains of what happened last night
• Immediately he freaked out, calling Jumin, Seven, Jaehee, before finally clicking on your number
• The phone rang about five times, and he was in panic, when finally, finally, you answered
• “Hello?”
• He almost sobbed with relief
• “Jagi! I’m so sorry for what I did, oh my goodness are you hurt, where is it? Please I’m so sorry!”
• The line goes silent for a few seconds and Zen thinks you’re going to hang up
• “Zen, I’m happy that you’re okay. I am currently in the hospital. The porcelain is out, they were worried about infection due to the cleaning solution, but they can now say that is not going to happen. If you just wanted to know my vitals then I’ll be going.”
• Your voice sounds like a flat instrument, the ends dipping down into something, and something unpleasant.
• “Jagi, please, I know, I made a mistake, and I get it, you can leave if you want. Just please, please don’t hate me forever. That would break me.”
• You listen on the phone
• “Fine Zen, I’ll talk later, I have to talk more to the nurse. See you, bye.”
• The line dies
• When you’re released from hospital a few days later Zen notices the scars that trace your arm and ankle’s, the one on your arm slightly yellow, scabbed at odd places, the holes from vaccines and IUDs vivid against the dull purple
• He acts so fragile around you
• And though you don’t like to admit it, that breaks you a bit inside
• So you agree to stay
• As long as he gets help
• He nods
• He did something wrong, and you will always have the scars to prove it
• Not him, because sometimes we don’t hurt ourselves, instead we pin our crimes on others
• And he knows that now
• The day you move back into the apartment, over a year later, he is waiting patiently, the pieces of glass still in a box, buried deep in his closet that acted as his own reminder

• Okay, this one was an accident
• Yoosung had been holed up at the library for over twelve hours, agonizing over finals
• He looked more dead than alive tbh
• So when he dragged his way home he wasn’t exactly thinking straight
• You were cooking beef soup on the stove, waiting patiently for him to come home
• “MC…..”
• He stumbled in, bag falling immediately to the floor
• You smiled softly, then went back to your work
• “Yoosung, hwo about you go take a bath, dinner will be ready in a bit!”
• “Ahh, but MC! I’m too tired, let’s cuddle!”
• He went to hug you, but you carefully pried him away
• “After dinner Yoosung, it’s important for you to eat.”
• “But MC!! Dinner isn’t that important!”
• He lunged towards you, going to hug you, but somehow knocked you back
• The broth feel on your elbow, which in turned rammed into the fire, touching the gas distributor
• Your survival skills kicked in, and you managed to get the fire off yourself, but not without screaming in massive pain, feeling like your flesh was dying, eaten away quickly like in those old movies
• Yoosung immediately sprung into action
• Turning the stove off he ran towards his phone and called an ambulance
• When they got there and he explained it the medics just shook their head
• He felt ashamed
• He waited outside the room as they operated on your arm, managing to put some sort of fake skin on it, that would attach to the cells and act like actual skin
• It was the latest technology, but Yoosung couldn’t help but worry
• When you were finally allowed visitors he rushed in and held onto your good hand tightly
• “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”
• The tears streamed from his face onto your palm
• You just smiled softly
• “It’s okay, I’ll be fine, there’ll always be a bit of a dark patch, some burn scars, but after some rehab my right arm should be completely functional again.”
• You tried to keep your tone light and airy, but Yoosung could still hear the pain behind the words, the heavy breathing tearing at his heart
• Even when you were released he still babied you
• You were put to bed, and he was getting everything ready
• In the process he pulled up your sleeve somehow
• He immediately began to cry
• The scar was massive!
• Wrapping around your arm, and patchwork of hues, ones that would never fade
• “Yoosung.”
• Your voice snapped him out of himself and he realized he was crying again
• “I don’t care about how it looks. I’m happy that we’re both safe and there was no true long term damage. So please don’t cry, when you do it makes me so unhappy.”
• He put on a brave face for you, but when you were asleep he kissed the bruise lightly, whispered I’m sorry, and fell asleep to the tears in his eyes

• You guys had planned this date weeks ahead
• You two were so excited
• Until Jaehee bought a ticket for herself to go see one of Zen’s plays
• The same day
• Not even two, no, one
• You were obviously upset
• You two had been talking excitedly about it for weeks, it was going to be special
• It was your anniversary after all
• So why did she do that?
• You ended up confronting her about it
• And a screaming match ensued
• “Do you not enjoy my company or something?!”
• “Maybe I’m just getting tired-”
• “Of who, me?!”
• It was going back and forth
• Until a coffee withdrawal-ed Jaehee threw a vase at you
• The glass shattered against your face and lodged itself into your eyelid, barely missing the iris
• But you still knew there was trouble
• You resisted the urge to touch it, but not the urge to screaming bloody murder as you grabbed your phone and ran
• When Jaehee could see past what had just happened she immediately panicked
• Dribing to the hospital, she called Jumin, Seven, and Yoosung by the time she reached there
• When Zen was there she didn’t so much as acknowledge his existence
• Finally, after agonizing hours they were done
• Your vision couldn’t be saved
• The RFA let you two have a moment alone once they were done surrounding you
• Jaehee kneeled next to your bed and began crying
• She apologized again and again
• You just sat there listening, your eye now slightly white with film, a scar weaving its way around the gap
• When she was done you began
• “It’s good that you learned your lesson…”
• He head picked up in surprise
• “…That was you won’t make the same mistake with your next loved one.”
• She began crying again, and you just tapped the assist button and rolled over
• The day that you were released she came over with some flowers
• But you were already gone
• It had been years since she had seen you
• Seven refused to tell her your location
• All she knew was that you were in France
• She waited for you every night
• The only night you came was the night she left this world

• You two were so excited to work on this small cottage
• And you of course insisted that you two work on at least part of it together
• It was a sunny, hot day, and Jumin was working on the tiling, while you worked on some of the piping
• “I’m so excited!” You squealed cheerfully
• He smiled gently at you
• “Yes, it’s going to be the best vacation home anyone has ever seen.”
• You smiled brightly
• That smile lit up his world, you were his torch in the darkness, a spirit leading him out of what once had been darkness
• He still couldn’t believe the ring you wore on your finger, the fact that you had said yes
• “Hey Jumin, could you pass me the wrench.”
• Absentmindedly he picked up the metal object
• And chucked it at you
• It hit your forehead with a thud as you knocked on the ground
• Blood was trickling down your head, and your vision was fuzzy
• A concussion was almost certain
• Jumin’s head whipped up when he heard you fall, and he immediately drove you to the hospital
• It was indeed a concussion, and the scar was unrepairable
• He was beside himself in guilt
• Watching intently as they patched you up
• It took them about three hours before he could see you
• Your neck was in a brace, and the scar was read, the skin sunk in slightly, no wider than a paint brush
• He kissed it softly before apologizing profusely
• You laughed slightly, despite the pain
• “It’s okay, but, um, what the heck were we doing.”
• You had forgot the 24 hours up to when it happened
• He carefully explained everything to you, and you listened
• He felt bad about it every time he saw your scar
• But you assured him that it didn’t matter, what a concussion and a small scar in the grand scheme of things
• Eventually he got over his guilt
• And when you two had children of your own one of his favorite stories to tell them is about how their mother defeated a giant metal dragon

• It was torture trying to push you away for him
• And for you too
• But you kept pushing, and pushing
• You just couldn’t give up
• He would hear your sobs through the thin walls, and agonize over the pain he was giving you
• But it was for the best
• Wasn’t it?
• One day was especially bad
• “Don’t get near me.” He kept insisting
• But you kept pushing it
• Eventually he stopped thinking
• Shutting down he shoved you into a wall, hard
• The room echoed with a crack, amplified to the sound of a gunshot
• His façade immediately disappeared when he saw your curling up around your limp arm, your face scratched, the blood sticking in your hair
• He scooped you up, running towards his car, asking over and over if you were okay
• You were crying into his chest, the pain running through your blood, your ears ringing and your vision half fizzed out
• He rushed you to the hospital, and stayed there the whole time
• When he was allowed to see you he rushed in
• Your arm is in a cast, the bruise climbing up around your joint
• Apparently your arm also popped out of its socket
• He apologized over and over
• And you just said
• “I’m happy you don’t hate me.”
• After a few weeks in hospital, you had an infection and it took a bit longer that expected
• He helps you get into your house, where you immediately go to your room
• After a while he knocks on your door and joins you
• You’re snuggling under a bunch of covers and it takes a few minutes top pop your head out
• You smile at him
• “I’m so happy you don’t hate me.”
• “No MC, I could never hate you.”
• He kissed you lightly on the forehead
• “I love you….”

• You two were usually really happy together
• You leaned on each other and were complete together
• But one thing hurt that
• The surgery
• Whenever if came up you two ended up bickering and pouting for about an hour
• And one day Rika inevitably came in
• “Just tell me you love her and I’ll be gone!”
• “Don’t give me an ultimatum!”
• “What, should I just stay here to watch you agonize over another woman!”
• That was the last straw
• He picked up the first thing he could feel and chucked it at you
• It, was his tripod
• There was an ear shattering crack
• The tripod had broke, and part of it was lodged in your thigh
• You grabbed the phone and called an ambulance
• V sat there, telling you breathe, trying to comfort you, crying
• The ambulance arrived and took you away leaving him
• Seven eventually got him over to the hospital
• Where you were crying
• The bit of tripod cut through nerves, and put a hole in bone
• You would never walk again
• When he heard that V couldn’t look you in the eye
• And if he did you wouldn’t let him
Five years later
• You had left a long time ago
• He saw you sometimes, being wheeled around by Seven or some other member of the RFA
• He had gotten the surgery after, to be able to look at the pictures of you scattered around his house
• But you never looked at him
• He knew it was hist fault, he hurt you so much, he deserved it
• So why did it hurt so much?


• He was doing much better
• All the drugs had been flushed out of his body
• There was one problem left
• The PTSD
• His attacks, although lessening, were horrible, he couldn’t recognize anyone, he’d scream, throw things, and
• You tried to pul lhim out of that darkness, but it took a long time
• One day it must’ve been especially bad
• You reached out to touch him
• And he swiftly took you arm and snapped it
• The pain was disconnecting, what was going on, you felt like you were on fire
• Who was screaming?
• Was it me?
• While you were grabbing for your phone to call an ambulance Saeyoung ra in
• Pushing past Saeran he scooped you up and took you to the hospital
• Saeran just stood there
• It took about half and hour for him to process everything
• And when he finally woke up it was Hell
• He ran to the hospital
• When he got there, the whole RFA was there
• Saeyoung walked up to him
• “She’s in surgery right now, they thought it’d be prudent to take care of it right away.”
• Those words chucked Saeran out to sea
• He couldn’t process anything, it was like the ground underneath him was made of glass, and he’d just shattered it
• It took a few hours, but finally you were allowed visitors
• And when he stepped in he knew he was lost again
• Your arm was in a metal brace, stitches spiraled down you arm, neat and carefully done, holes pocketed your skin where pieces of bone and vaccines were
• The RFA surrounded you, asking if you were in pain, did you need water, smothering you
• Saeran stayed in the corner, looking at the people outside passing by, leaning against the wall
• “You need to talk to her.”
• Saeyoung had snuck up behind him and put his hand on his brother’s shoulder
• “She won’t want to see me.” He said flatly
• “How do you know what she’s thinking right now? Have you asked her? You matter to her, no matter what she thinks of you, she’ll still want to talk.”
• Saeran looked at his brother. “And if she hates me?”
• “Well then you know, besides, I don’t think she hates you, she’s too proccupied.” Saeran nodded and, as the RFA began trickling out, walked up to you
• “I’m sorry, this is all my fault.”
• You looked at him, curiosity written all over your face

  • “Why is it your fault that you have PTSD?”
  • Saeran looked up at you, disbelief written all over his face, but you were dead serious
  • “It’s not the fault of the people who have cancer that they have it, why should it be any different for people with mental issues. Sure I’m really mad, I’m frustrated, I hate this scar, but that doesn’t mean it’s your fault you have PTSD.”
  • You two talked a long time
  • And came to a decision
  • Saeran would go see a professional psychiatrist regularly, and take medication as long as possible
  • The attacks stopped
  • He recovered, and what it took was hurting the one he loved the most
  • Never again


  • Kids, this is why you don’t run with sharp things
  • It was a week before April Fools Day, and Saeyoung was having the time of his life
  • Constant pranks on Vanderwood
  • It was driving them crazy, and one day it got to much
  • Achievement unlocked: You’ve officially broken Vanderwood!
  • The next time Seven tried it again Vanderwood has scissors
  • They were goofing off, running around, chasing each other
  • When you had the misfortune to walk in
  • The room was chaos
  • But that wasn’t the problem
  • The problem was that Vanderwood had run into you
  • As had their scissors
  • Right into your shoulder
  • You screamed, and at first they weren’t sure why
  • Then they saw the scissors lodged in you
  • Panic mode officially on
  • The drove you to the hospital, insisting that you mustn’t pull it out, it could cause nerve damage
  • It’s good they did, because the doctors later said that themselves
  • The procedure wasn’t horrible
  • Stitches, salve, then in bed
  • Unfortunately, it would leave a bunch of scars all over your back
  • You hated those scars, they were ugly, and they were there for such a stupid reason
  • Every time you saw them poking out behind your sleeves
  • Vanderwood felt horrible
  • You didn’t let it show that they were a bother in front of them
  • But they knew
  • Eventually they confronted you
  • “Do you hate me?”
  • “Why would I?”
  • “Because of your back.”
  • You flinched, and Vanderwood thought they were a goner
  • “I understand if you never want to see me again.”
  • “No.”
  • Those words echoed throughout them, and their face furrowed in confusion
  • “I may hate them, and sometimes I may not want to see you, but that doesn’t mean that I want to never see you ever again. That’d be ridiculous.”
  • You hugged them tightly
  • “It may have been your fault, but that doesn’t mean I should hate you forever.”
  • Vanderwood was never more grateful in their life

OH MY GOD IT’S DONE!!! Now here’s to hoping it doesn’t delete FOR THE FIFTH TIME while I’m writing the closing. I’m super sorry. I lost power for over two days, then it kept deleting, it was just a nightmare. I hope you liked, and I tried to vary it. I feel so bad about Baehee and V, but I just felt like I needed to. I hope this helps you and your need for angst!! Thank you for requesting this and hope you like!


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Jamie Benn: the fic that nobody asked for and I’ll never finish.

Warnings: swearing, kinda NSFW

The first thing Jamie noticed about her was not her green eyes that were way to innocent to be apart of any hockey franchise, or her lost expression as she quietly walked down the hall past the locker room. No, the first thing he noticed about her were her thighs. They were large and clad in a pair of denim shorts that did nothing to hide how her legs slightly jiggled with every step she took. He found himself staring at the tan expanse of her legs and couldn’t stop his cock from jumping with arousal when he thought about biting the soft flesh below her shorts.

Jamie shook his head of dirty thoughts and focused on untying his skates. This proved difficult has his mind continued to think of the mystery girls legs, then her wide hips and finally her ample chest, and soon he was sporting a semi beneath his hockey pants.

Thank god I didn’t wear a cup today. He thought as he re adjusted himself in his pants, keeping an eye on his teammates to make sure none of them noticed his predicament. Thankfully, they were all to busy chirping each other, trying to make up for the time they hadn’t seen each other during the offseason.

He shouldn’t be thinking of her like that, he shouldn’t be thinking of any girl like that, after all, he’d only been broken up with his long term girlfriend for 2 weeks.

Jamie tried to reason with himself in hopes of softening beneath his equipment, she wasn’t even that cute he thought, and she’s fat. That’s a PR nightmare. He frowns at his last thought and mentally scolds himself for being so judgmental. You’re the captain, you need to be a good role model. Jamie could clearly remember a time when he was the biggest person in the locker room, earning himself the names Chubbs from his teammates.

All of this thinking had made Jamie soft beneath his hockey pants. He once again focused on untying his skates, hoping a shower would help him get his head on straight.

“Jamie, you alright?” Tyler, who was still sweaty from their practice, had a look of concern on his face. It was unusual for his captain to remain so quiet after a practice, especially the first practice of the year. Tyler knew about the break up, the entire team knew about the breakup and they were all being extra careful around the easily angered Benn.

Jamie was just opening his mouth, wanting to tell his line mate that he was fine and then laugh and ask if Tyler had gotten soft over the summer, when Coach Hitchcock appeared in the door way.

He had a smile on his face, which was not unusual, especially considering it was the first practice and everyone seemed to be in good spirits, everyone except the girl that had caught Jamie’s eye earlier. Now, standing beside his coach, Jamie noticed that she was tall, easily standing two inches taller than his coach. Then, of course, there were her eyes, the pair of glasses she wore did little to hide the worry that was displayed in her irises and god, she kept biting her lip and looking at the ground. She was the epitome of innocence and in no time at all, Jamie was getting hard again.

“I see everyone had a good first practice.” A few players let out a noise of agreement, but mostly they stayed quiet, wondering why their coach had interrupted their after practice shenanigans and who the girl with him was. “With it being the first practice and all, I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce the newest member of the Dallas Stars Franchise.” He motioned towards the girl beside him which caused her to blush and look back towards the floor. “This is Bexley. She’s going to be the new photographer for our team. I expect you will all treat her better than you treat each other.” That got a few laughs out of the team, even Jamie felt himself smile. “If anyone has anyone questions for Bexley, now would be a good time to ask.”

The room fell silent and eyes shifted around the room, tempting each other to ask something.

“Nothing? Okay, well, she’ll be here duri-”

“Holy shit!” It was Tyler that interrupted his coach, immediately standing to get closer to Bexley. Hitchcock sent his player a questioning glance and waited for him to continue. “I know you!” Bexley looked up from the floor, cheeks flushed with embarrassment, and nodded her head.

“Um, yeah, I-uh…” Everyone waited for her to finish, make the connection that they needed, but she didn’t. Instead she shrugged her shoulders and looked back to the floor where she was scuffing the toe of her shoe against the tile.

“You worked at ESPN right?” Tyler continued for her. “Dude, you saw my junk.”

Jamie nearly choked on his own saliva. He looked at his teammate and then to the girl in the doorway and shook his head. She probably slept with Seguin too, everyone sleeps with Seguin.

Chalking this day up as a big fail, Jamie went back to taking off his skates, ignoring the laughter that followed Tyler’s remark.

“I’m a professional Mr. Seguin, I’m not concerned with how much or how little I see.” Now, Jamie did choke on his saliva, coughing as he looked up from his skate. He had not been expecting that comment, especially from the shy new girl.

Bexley knew that her comment would get a response from the boys in the locker room, after all, she said it just to hurt Tyler’s ego. Around the room the Dallas Stars were laughing and teasing Tyler, while also introducing themselves to their new photographer.

Jamie, was impressed with her chirp, but made no move towards her. Instead he grabbed a towel from his cubby and slowly made his way to the showers, hoping the cold water would help the ache between his legs.

His shower did not help his hard on. It did however, give him time to picture Bexley on her knees, begging for his cock, green irises looking up at him and - oh fuck did he need to get laid.

Jamie was leaning against the wet shower tile, panting while rubbing his hand over his now limp cock. He couldn’t keep doing this, masturbating in the shower to thoughts of girls he didn’t know. Frustrated with himself, he ran a hand through his wet hair and reached for the towel he had brought with him, wrapping it around his waist.

When he returned to the locker room nearly everyone had left. Tyler was still there, seated in his cubby scrolling through his phone, although now he was dressed in his normal clothes.

“Dude,” Jamie said, reaching for his boxers and skillfully pulling them on under his towel, “Grab a shower, you’re greasy as fuck.”

“Ha ha very funny.” Tyler rolled his eyes but he subconsciously ran and hand through his hair, he’s definitely right. “Coach said he wanted to talk to you, well us but whatever. Said to go to his office before we leave.”

Jamie only nodded, too focused on getting dressed to respond. What could coach possibly have to talk to him about? Jamie let out a sigh and ran a hand through his hair before putting on his Dallas Stars hat. He knew he hadn’t preformed his best today, maybe that’s what coach wanted to talk to him about.

Deciding not to worry about it, Jamie reached for his bag that held his workout gear and slung it over his shoulder.

“Ready?” Tyler didn’t respond, just grabbed his own bag and fell into step beside his captain.

“I hope you know that if we’re in trouble I’m throwing you under the bus.” Tyler nudged Jamie’s shoulder with his own and even managed to get a laugh out of him. A laugh!

Finally, the pair stood outside of their coaches office doors. They exchanged a look before Jamie lifted his fist to knock on the hard surface.

“Benn and Seguin! Glad you could make it.” Hitchcock said it like they had a choice to be there or not, which, of course, they didn’t. The coach stepped aside and let the pair into his office, closing the door behind them with a soft thud. “Please boys, take a seat.” he said calmly, moving to his side of his large mahogany desk. “I should probably start by saying you’re not in trouble.” The boys physically relaxed at his words and they allowed themselves to slump into their chairs. “I actually wanted to talk to you about someone.”

Jamie was mentally preparing himself for questions about his ex. So he was surprised when a different name came out of his coach’s mouth.

“We need to talk about Bexley, Bexley Smith our new photographer.”

Jamie should have been expecting the customary ’you’re the captain so it’s your job to make her feel welcome’ speech. But for some reason his mind wasn’t at the rink. He had too much going on in his personal life to worry about the teams new photographer. His coach, however, had made it clear that this girl was very important to the franchise. She had offers from other organizations for work, so she should be treated with respect and dignity and blah, blah, blah. Which apparently is why Tyler was there. He was, some how, the perfect person to show her around Dallas. He was new to the city only a few years ago, surely that would give them something to bond over.

For some reason Jamie did not like that idea. Maybe it was because all he could picture was Tyler and Bexley, who may or may not have slept together once before, bonding over drinks and then piling into Tyler’s Ferrari too…

“I’ll do it.” He found himself saying. Both his coach and teammate looked at him skeptically. “Captains privilege.” He added with a shrug of his shoulders, as if he hadn’t just been picturing this girl and his best friend hooking up in the back of a car. “Besides, I could use a distraction.”

Nobody argued with him after that. Tyler sure as hell wasn’t going to say anything, if he could get out of an awkward evening with a girl he wouldn’t sleep with, he was all for it.

So now Jamie found himself alone, walking down the halls of the American Airline Center looking for the teams new photographer. He found her quietly seated in a quaint office that he had never seen before. She was sitting down at a small, modern looking desk, looking closely at her computer screen. When Jamie knocked, she jumped in her seat, a blush immediately forming on her cheeks. 

“Oh, um- hi, sorry. Come in, please.” Jamie dropped his workout bag at her door and made his way to the comfortable looking chairs that sat opposite her desk. Sitting across from her gave Jamie a chance to take her in. Her hair fell just below her shoulders in a wavy mess. It was ombre, dark brown at the roots and an intense blonde at the tips and, was that a streak of pink? He realized now that her eyes were maybe more yellow than green, and as she leaned forward on her desk, arms crossed below her chest, he got an eyeful of her ample breasts.


“Huh?” He tore his gaze away from her body to look at her eyes, he hadn’t been listening, hadn’t even heard her talking.

“I asked if you needed me for something.” God her voice was soft, not quiet but soft, how had Jamie not noticed that before?

“Oh yeah.” Jamie sat up straighter in his chair, as if his posture was the most important thing right now. “I wanted to invite you out for dinner? Maybe drinks?” Jamie didn’t even get the word ‘invite’ out before Bexley was leaning back in her chair, shaking her head.

“You don’t have to do this.” Jamie was completely shocked. Any other girl in Dallas would have accepted his offer in a heartbeat, maybe even have offered to skip the dinner and head straight to his place. Her reluctance had put a dent in Jamie’s ego and it definitely stung a little.

“Do what? Take you out to dinner?” His voice was sharp and Bexley flinched away from him, another blush forming on her round cheeks.

“No- I mean yes- I mean…” Bexley took a deep breath to collect her thoughts before continuing. “You don’t have to do the whole ‘I’m the captain so I have to be nice to the new person’ routine.”

“It’s not like that.” Jamie defended. “It’s just, Coach told me-”

“Told you what?” She cut him off. “To show me around? Keep me happy so I wouldn’t leave?” The hockey player stared at her, mouth hung slack with surprise. Noticing this, Bexley felt heat rise to her cheeks. “Sorry, that was rude of me.” Her green eyes shifted from the man in front of her to a loose thread on her jean shorts. God he must think I’m crazy.

Jamie was still too surprised to speak. This girl had obviously met a few assholes before, that or she really didn’t like Jamie. Please let it be the first one. He thought.

“No need to apologize.” He said with a simple shrug of his shoulders. “You’re actually spot on. I just asked because…” Jamie considered his next words carefully. I just asked because I really want to take you to my bed and fuck you until those large thighs are shaking with want… “Dallas is kind of a big place.” He said instead. “Wouldn’t want you to get lost or something.”

In the end Bexley turned down his offer for dinner but agreed to exchange cell numbers.

“Just in case.” Jamie had said.

To Love Somebody

Characters: CastielXReader, ft. Sam and Dean Winchester

Word Count: 3242

A/N: Castiel wants to demonstrate his love for the reader but doesn’t know how. Cue up the most adorable, awkward angel ever as he tries and repeatedly fails to show you his love. Inspired by Castiel’s utterly innocent Websummons app search in episode 12.19 of “how to fix a truck” (no spoilers) – because, you know, the internet has all the answers to life’s complex problems! Pure unadulterated Fluffy Fluff (yes, with capital Fs ‘cause Fluff is capital).

Castiel meandered aimlessly into the library, deep in contemplation, stopped up short by the edge of the glassy smooth mahogany table where Sam and Dean sat steeped in a heap of dusty lore books and Men of Letters file boxes researching the latest case.

The angel had been off his game for days – quieter than usual, less helpful, more vague, seeking solitude in the lesser used domains of the bunker, thoughts wandering again and again to the image of you he held in his mind’s eye. He’d always felt more protective toward you than to other humans, even the Winchesters - your injuries and anguish wounding him in a manner he did not understand. And like the sun, you were the brightest object in any room. He found himself perpetually staring at you, into you - the radiant warmth of your soul pleasantly tugging against his celestial being as he fought the urge to gravitate closer, his grace sparking, flaring, and blazing through his vessel like a wildfire in your company. In your absence, he still sensed and craved this all-consuming burn – the very thought of you enough to stir a tingle of heat and longing within his vessel.

Three days ago, Castiel decided what he was feeling for you could be nothing short of love itself. And now that he had named it, he was bursting at the seams to tell you. Yet his burgeoning love remained tempered with fear you would not return his feelings. He could not confess it outright, could not compromise your friendship - he would rather remain your friend than risk pushing you out of reach and be damned to exist alone in the dark forever remembering what it was like to be bathed in the reflective light of your soul.

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RPG Maker Pixel Art/Mapping Tips

Disclaimer: I’m far from an expert on this! All of these tips are just things I’ve figured out along the way, so they may or may not work for your game. Try them out and see!

BIG TIP #1: If at all possible, work with low-res tiles!

The difference in difficulty between making a 16x16 tile and a 32x32 tile is big. It’s harder to get repeating patterns right, and 32x32 tiles will look pixelated anyways unless you use anti-aliasing, which is its own separate nightmare. Do yourself a favor and go low-res if you can!

That aside, let’s get into my personal strategy for making maps. One of the biggest obstacles for me is planning and making sure the tiles look good in the end– how do you know if the tiles you’re working on individually will work as a group? There’s nothing worse than working hard on a tileset that winds up looking bad once you put it in engine, or winding up with extra things that you didn’t actually need. How do I avoid this?

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