tile stairs


I was rewatching the first episode of Haikyuu and I realized something.

The first two screencaps above are the building where Hinata and Kageyama had their Junior High tournament in the first episode. The next two screencaps are where Kageyama went in season 2 episode 6 and ended up running into Oikawa. There was never a shot in this scene of the whole building, but you can see upon comparison that the stair railing and the columns are the same as the tournament building. Where Kageyama and Oikawa met was the same place where Hinata had his first and last Jr High tournament.

Conclusion: After their fight, Kageyama returned to the place where he met Hinata for the first time.

Twenty-One: Part Six

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Although a challenge, I manage to focus myself enough to run through my routine almost as efficiently as normal and I’m soon back in my office. I don’t get chance to relax though, because as soon as my bum hits the chair the phone rings. It takes me a second to register the foreign sound and my heart races as I force myself to pick up the receiver.


“Emilia! The phone works then?”

Alfie. His voice sounds strange through the tinny speaker, softer almost, his usual intimidating tone lost through the transmission, but it’s still clearly him.

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