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Windows for the Window God! 

This is probably one of my finest pixel art pieces so far ( at least IMO). I’m very happy with how these turned out!

As you can see, I do try to add some variety to my upcoming GB resource pack. I really want these graphics to be versatile in a similar way as the RTP is. That way, developers that potentially may want to use these will be able to cover a decent amount of ground.

That’s all for now, folks. I’ve mainly been showcasing various tiles so far, so I think it’s about time I switch my focus to creating some sprites! I still struggle with animating sprites, but I’m never going to get ‘em right if I don’t try. 

Till next time, y’all!

Laundry Mishaps (M) - RA!Jimin

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Summary: You just wanted to do some laundry, but an encounter with the RA leads to a private session in his dorm room.

Member: Jimin

Word Count: 3.9k

Warning: Smut, oh dear god

A/N: Supposedly based on the RA!Jimin from the RA!Jimin headcanon. Supposedly. He’s a lot more fluffy there than he is here, that’s for sure.

Sequel: Take a Break (M)

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Topmaniac and the Topman tribe have taken over Battlerock Galaxy!

I figured I would post this after seeing how popular SMRPG-styled Heavy Mole was. These were made back in 2011, well before I even started on my Yaridovich model, using the assets from Super Mario Galaxy. It was still fun to recreate the game’s quirky animation style, even if the animations I created would probably require more tiles than the game allows. I made a full range of animations for each of them, so I am only showing my favorite for each character.

Regarding the backgrounds, I felt it would be more recognizable to use the original reflection textures on the UFOs than having it be a matte gray, even if that would be more accurate to the Super Mario RPG style. The stars and space rocks were put together by me in 8x8 tiles, even leaving blank spaces in the tiles occupied by the UFOs themselves. I made another tile featuring the yellow metal platform featured in the stage, but it isn’t as fun to look at.

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Sorry for the lack of updates recently - I’ve been moving to a new apartment. Here are some WIP assets intended for the touchscreen (on the 3DS). Due to the lack of VRAM, I’m trying to make it out of very small parts, which can be repeated and animated without taking up too much texture space.

I have done similarly styled animations before, but one single animation strip could be over 2000 pixels long(!), so I’m going to have to do some trickery to achieve even remotely similar results on a 128x128p image.

Here are some of those old animations:

Meanwhile: Kada (the programmer) has been hard at work getting networking to work! The basic framework is now in place, and it’s possible to move about and see the other player!


It feels like my pixel art style kind of evolved a bit overnight! xD

I’m pretty happy with this, but it’s by all means not done yet. I realize that I’ll have to keep an extra mind about contrast when I create more detailed stuff. It might be a good idea to create some simpler floor tiles for the cavern…

I’ve got some cool buildings coming up next. Stay tuned!

Also; creating detailed cavern auto-tiles is both quite wonderful and frightening at the same time.


Greetings, y’all! Progress on my Game Boy resource pack has been going quite well lately! This may not look like much, but I have a lot of different stuff in the works ATM that are just waiting to be finished! 

Coming soon; WAY too many windows!

BTS Reaction To You Dropping Their Phone

Namjoon: Let’s be real here. This boy is so attached to his phone it’s like a part of him so when he saw his phone slip out of your hands he felt as if though his whole life was flashing before his eyes. He’d be so crushed but mutter a simple ok to your apologizes staring at his broken phone.

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Taehyung: When Taehyung sees you kneeling in front of his phone he’d know that you had cracked his screen big time. He didn’t really tell you anything just a simple,”It’s alright I’ll buy another I have insurance for it.” 

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Hoseok: Hoseok wouldn’t really care since he’s dropped his phone a couple before as well as he chuckled at your worried expression. “Really it’s ok don’t worry it’s just a phone,” he’d say brushing it off.

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Jin: Jin would be a bit upset because he’d have to go to the store and get a new phone. He just didn’t want to go through the whole hassle of it. 

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Jungkook: He’d be so sad especially since he’d have to restart his piano tile game all over again. 

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Yoongi: With Yoongi I think it depends on how his mood is that day. If he was already worrying about something he’d get angry and won’t talk to you as he goes to the store and quickly gets another one.

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Jimin: Jimin would brush it off as you kept on repeating your apologies. He knew you didn’t do it on purpose and secretly found your worried face to be the cutest thing ever.

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