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okay but reminder that jake is gina’s childhood best friend. he is who she grew up with, who she works with. jake has always been there for gina. charles might be her brother but so is jake. and her first thought upon hearing that jake’s been found guilty (and rosa her maybe possible love in the future) is to comfort amy.

—Tenés que admitir que tenés mal gusto.
—¿…? ¿Por qué decís eso?
—No porque te gusten las milanesas a la napolitana, (a parte de que a todo el mundo le encantan), sino porque andás conmigo. Lo cierto es que no me explico por qué lo hacés.
—Disculpame, pero tengo muy buen gusto.
—Claramente no. O sea, mirame.
—Obvio que sí. Tenés un corazón de oro, una de las mentes más interesantes que conozco y una sonrisa que irradia calidez. Vos porque no te has visto, pero cuando te ponés a hablar sobre las cosas que te gustan o de las historias de cuando eras menor, te iluminás y es re lindo perderse en esa luz. ¿Y tus abrazos? Creo que se están por ganar el premio al lugar más cómodo del mundo. ¿Ves? Tengo un gusto bárbaro.

Hay quienes creen que los días soleados son hermosos. Y también estamos nosotros, esos otros locos que bailan bajo la lluvia.

Juego de palabras

okay so one of the cutest things about the moo moo episode was how at the end jake frames the picture the girls drew for him and amy,, like he doesnt just stick it up or anything.. he frames it!! 

and i was thinking how his mom’s an art teacher and an all round a wonderful person and mother, and it probably didnt occur to jake to do anything less than frame cagney and lacey’s picture bc that’s what his mom used to do. with every. single. one. of his drawings.

every single one. can you imagine?

they’d be drawings framed on the window sill, in the living room; they’d be drawings covering the fridge and plastering the hallway walls; her cupboard door in her bedroom would have drawings from each stage of jake’s childhood; she’d have her favourite framed and hanging on her bedroom wall. she’d tell him what an amazing artist he is each time, she’d point out something unique in each drawing and painting that she loves. common reoccuring themes in his drawings are cops and families. “you’re gonna be a wonderful artist when you’re older, jake,” she would tell him, “or cop, or father, or all three knowing you.”

imagine jake doing the same with his and amy’s children; the only ones not hanging or stuck up somewhere in their place are ones that he gives his mom.

basically i’m just very emo about jake and children and he’s gonna be a wonderful dad bye