OOC: Things I’ve learned while reading “Anna & Elsa: The Polar Bear Piper” (spoilers)

- Anna hosts story time with the village children every week.

- Anna loves reading and books.

- Tilda’s Bakery is a place located on a corner.

- Leander runs the village laundry.

- Olaf shares Anna’s love for stories.

- Germany exists.

- Anna conveniently left out that the pied piper kidnapped the children of Hamelin when the king didn’t pay him.

- Anna’s bedroom door is Oak.

- Anna’s favorite book is the Nansina Drude files, a mystery book. She probably played detective as a child to find out why Elsa was hiding.

- Elsa still makes sure Anna eats properly.

- Arendelle has fisher women, one named Elin who works at the wharf.

- Anna can whistle with her fingers.

- Kristoff jogs across the glade regularly.

- Arendelle is hundreds of miles south of the arctic.

- Elsa openly expresses when she’s impressed with/proud of Anna.

- Elsa still has instinct to use her magic when there’s danger.

- Anna helps Elsa with her speeches.

- Hrödebert, Josef, and Benja are three huge huntsmen who live on the outskirts of town.

- Hrödebert is older with a beard and no hair on his head. Even tho he’s a huntsman, he dresses nicely.

- The village feels safe with Elsa in charge.

- Anna and Elsa walk arm in arm.

- Jörgen’s Polar Bear Digest is a book.

- Elsa still wrings her hands when she’s worried.

- Kristoff owns cookware, even a sauté pan.

- Anna read about composting in the king’s library.

- Olaf loves announcing Elsa.

- Olaf still calls the trolls ‘love experts’ and not trolls.

- Grand Pabbie knows a lot about animals.

- Anna frequently visits a tall bluff that overlooks Odin’s Fjord. Is perhaps the same one she and Hans were on.

- Elsa still makes her ice pretty even if it’s for animals.

- Arendelle sells shrimp as well as fish. Lotta money there.

- Elsa sucks at playing the flute.

- Olaf gets bashful when he’s complimented.

- more elsanna hugs ftw 

Things I created in my own head:

- Olaf planned to kidnap the village children.

- Nansina Drude = Nancy Drew

- the North Mountain is in the west.

- Anna doesn’t believe in the five-second rule and just eats whatever is on the ground.

- Princess Anna of Garbage.

- Arendelle believes in recycling.

- Elsa confirmed lesbian: Elsa sucks at blowing.

- Anna and Elsa have no problem sending Olaf to his doom.

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Princess Diana and Tilda Swinton were apparently friends at school. This makes so sense.

“One day I will marry a prince and become the world’s most famous woman.”

“One day I win an Oscar and spend a week living in a glass box at an art gallery.”

*teacher rolls their eyes and thinks they’re both insane.*


Favorite actress series | Tilda Swinton: “Swinton’s performance in Orlando combines emotional acting and “nonperformance,” as Swinton calls it in a terrific interview this week with David Schwartz at Moving Image Source. Swinton, having spent years working with the experimental auteur Derek Jarman less as an actress than as an intuitive performer—posing silently and improvising dances on-screen—seized upon Orlando as an opportunity “to really examine this thing of not acting at all, and being in front of the camera in a variety of shapes and sizes, but with contact with the audience, through the prism of the lens.” Indeed, time and again, Swinton’s Orlando looks straight into our eyes—not unlike Jim on The Office—bemused by the chaos of centuries surrounding her”. -  Dan Kois