tilda swinton cosplay

Hey there Children of the night! It’s DONATION TIME!
You all know I am moving to scotland, so money is short. I am saving every cent for the big travel to the north.

but you many of us asked me in the last weeks if I can finally do my ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE-cosplay shooting, with both Adam and Eve.

If you want to see it done soon, please help with a donation for Eve’s LACE FRONT WIG.
(It still does not sit well with me to ask others for help, but I had so many mails demanding the cosplay, so if you want to see me as Adam AND Eve, there you go…)

needed right now:
A lace front wig for Eve ( price around 70 euro ), Eve’s Clothes, and a better jacket for Adam (I am still asking around to borrow one from friends, but right now it does not look too good-__-).

if you want to donate (my publisher was so kind to lend me their paypal, I myself have none. This paypal-addy is safe!): 

PAYPAL: butter-and-cream@gmx.de
SUBJECT: fahrlight OLLA cosplay

you can donate whatever you feel like giving. But it would be nice if we could reach at least the 70 for the wig.

I will keep the whole thing as transparent for you as possible, and every money I get too much will go towards future cosplays (Prince Hal, Prison!Loki etc.)

IF YOU DON’T WANT TO DONATE: That’s fine, don’t feel any pressure. This is a choice you make. Nobody has to donate anything, just if you want to help, that would be really really great and I would be forever grateful! thank you! 

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