tilda in a box

VIII Landgraab, 6:54 p.m.

Tilda: Have you seen the box with all of my coffee mugs? I swear those movers stole half of our stuff.

Kamali: I already put all of the kitchen boxes away, Tilly. Maybe you need a break? You’ve been up since 6 am.

Tilda: I will, I will, I’m just trying to get things situated here.

The front door opens and slams back shut as Amira and Ben come racing in.

Tilda: Whoa, whoa, whoa, where have you two been all day?

Ben: Oh hiya Ma. We were down playing by the fountains. You should see this place, it’s so fancy!

Tilda: Ben, I’m pretty sure I asked you quite nicely to work on unpacking your room today? I was just up there and not even one box was opened.

Ben: Maaaaaa, I don’t wanna do all of that. Me and Amira have stuff to dooooo.

Tilda: Well, I still want you to help get your room done. How about tomorrow we work on it together?

Ben: Sure Ma! Sounds great! Me and Mira are gonna go play on my new GoldBox!

The two friends dash up the stairs, laughing about who’s going to beat who at Party Frenzy.

Tilda: Oh, well, alright. But we’ve gotta take Amira home in about an … he’s not listening anymore is he …

Kamali: Judging by the fact that his bedroom door just slammed, I’d say no.


She’s awake!! 

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Modern AU in which Tilda brings home a box of kittens and Thranduil is like the one person in the house who actively tries to avoid and act like ge dislikes the creatures so naturally the momemt he enters the room they make a beeline for him and

Prompt continued: Start climbing up his boots but when no one else is around Thrandy stops trying to be so calm and collected and gives in to the side of himself that just wants to scoop them all up and cuddle them and then he falls asleep on the couch with a blanket Made of purring kittens and Bard comes home and finds him that way.

“No, no way.” Thrandui stated firmly, crossing his hands over his chest.

His entire family was stood in front of him, they were each cradling a kitten in their hands.

“But ada, pleeease.” Tilda begged, holding carefully in her small hands an even smaller kitten, her one was a little ginger tabby, no more than a ball of fluff.

“No.” Thranduil repeated, although he’d be lying if he said his resolve didn’t waver at least a little in the face of his youngest looking up at him with big eyes.

“Oh but ada look at them they’re so cute!” Legolas grinned up at him, or he would have if he wasn’t so busy making goo goo eyes at the white kitten squirming around in his hands.

“N-” Thranduil went to state again, but he was cut off by Bain before he could even get the whole syllable out.

“And they don’t have anywhere to go.” Bain protested, clutching the shabby grey kitten to his chest protectively.

“You don’t want us to put them back out on the street, that’s too cruel!” Legolas sounded completely outraged, as if he thought Thranduil would actually abandon the little things out on the street.

“I never said put them on the street I’m sure we can manage to take them to the shelter.” Thranduil replied, exasperated and feeling his firmness beginning to crumble.

“Thran, look at their little faces, we have room.” Bard insisted, petting a little tuxedo kitten that was nuzzling into his large palm. Really Thranduil wasn’t equipped to see something so small and delicate in Bard’s hands – honestly it was a good job they couldn’t have a baby because Thranduil had no idea how he would survive it.

“Come on, ada, how can you say no to this?” Teased Sigrid smushing her face together with her white kitten covered with a patchwork of brown and black and looking up at him.

“Peeease ada.” They all pleaded at him, and maybe Thranduil had somehow grown the ability to resist Tilda’s puppy-dog eyes (it was a necessity or he’d never be able to say no to her) but when his entire family – including his ridiculous husband – was pouting at him, cuddling kittens to their chests and fixing him with pleading looks then well, he was only human.

“Oh fine! The kittens can stay.” He gave up, throwing his arms up dramatically.

There was a chorus of ‘yays’ and ‘you’re the best ada’ and his whole family was bundling him into a cuddle pile, kittens and all.

It was ridiculous.

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TIlda got a hold of some markers. She draws her life.