Programming isn’t the only thing I do :P

This (incomplete) model is my tribute to what I feel is one of the greatest spaceships of all time. Whilst a slight miscalculation has made applying materials to the hull a little difficult, I should have her donning her Cerberus and Alliance colours very soon.

Whilst I’ve tried to stay as true to the actual Normandy SR2 as possible, I’ve managed to cut down modelling time by not being so OCD with positioning my vertices. Turns out it has worked pretty well

On an unrelated note, if someone asks you to apply materials to a curved object which has already been smoothed, run!


Close Comet and Large Magellanic Cloud

(via APOD; Image Credit & Copyright: Justin Tilbrook (Astronomical Society of South Australia)

Sporting a surprisingly bright, lovely green coma Comet 252P/Linear poses next to the Large Magellanic Cloud in this southern skyscape. The stack of telephoto exposures was captured on March 16 from Penwortham, South Australia. Recognized as a Jupiter family periodic comet, 252P/Linear will come close to our fair planet on March 21, passing a mere 5.3 million kilometers away. That’s about 14 times the Earth-Moon distance. In fact, it is one of two comets that will make remarkably close approaches in the next few days as a much fainter Comet Pan-STARRS (P/2016 BA14) comes within 3.5 million kilometers (9 times the Earth-Moon distance) on March 22. The two have extremely similar orbits, suggesting they may have originally been part of the same comet. Sweeping quickly across the sky because of their proximity to Earth, both comets will soon move into northern skies.