SYRIA. Rojava (Western Kurdistan). Aleppo/Al-Hasakah governorate. What ISIS left behind.

(1) (2) Al-Rai. September 27, 2016. A view shows an institution of religious law building and a school that were used by ISIS militants as positions. Photographs: Khalil Ashawi/Reuters

(3) (4) (5) Manbij/Mabuk. August 16-17, 2016. Blindfolds and handcuffs inside a prison/remains of a media centre which, according to Syrian Democratic Forces fighters, belonged to Islamic State militants. Photographs: Rodi Said/Reuters

(6) Tel Hamis/Til Hemîs. March 01, 2015. An Islamic State flag hangs on the wall of an abandoned building after Kurdish People’s Protection Units took control of the area. Photograph: Rodi Said/Reuters

(7) (8) Manbij/Mabuk. August 16, 2016. Containers used to make explosives/tripods and a projector inside an ancient hammam. Photographs: Rodi Said/Reuters

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