til you see the light

Long before

There are places

the light can’t reach

Hidden truths

our secret sins

Lust for death and pain

where hurt and hate

always and forever wins

Keep that shit locked down

don’t ever open that door

Living darkness which whispers

‘til you can’t see the light anymore

Heart twisted, turn that knife

pouring out our pain

glory in the violent strife

just be still, again

When the end finally arrives

and the end will always come

That is when you will find

you were dead

long before you were done

kittykitty-mewmeww  asked:

Thanks to the serum, Bucky and Steve had a refractory period that rivalled yours. It meant they could spend all night tag teaming you, taking breaks when needed but mostly they came in or on you until you were a complete mess, begging for them to let you finish just one time. Not until morning, they said, but the sound of their cocks pumping into you with their cum easing the way almost did you in more than once.

😧 yes yes yes, they usually don’t let you come til sunrise because they love to see you in that light

Sinful Sunday™

anonymous asked:

Is it time for us Larries to admit that we have been played by Harry, Louis, Modest/Syco and Azoff? I think they use their closet to pull in fans who sympathize with their situation. The closet for them means more fans and more money. I believe GBA was used to misled the big Larries and by extension the entire Larry fandom that they would come out. Clearly they are further inside the closet than they have been for last four years.

I’ve never thought a coming out was imminent, although anything is possible. It never looked terribly reasonable to me, given the circumstances. I do think 1DHQ believes the Larry fandom is valuable and at times has played to them. They did allow “not that important” and “don’t knock it til you try it” to see the light of day. However, I think they’ve put much much more effort into closeting Larry than they have into pandering to Larries. And yes, I think the incoming team knows the value of the Larry fandom as well.

Sure, there have been sleepers in the fandom misleading Larries (Idk if GBA was a sleeper–not suggesting that). But I’m a Larry believer and I didn’t take the bait. And I was offered the bait. And I was advised to drop the Ziam talk too. I passed on all of that. Then I got trashed by Larries who did take the bait. And today, many of those Larries are looking pretty sad, lost and confused. Oh the hell well. They should have kept their wits about them instead of orgasming over the promise of exclusive 1D info and access. None of that has panned out how they thought.