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The signs on their period:


Aries: A moody little shit

Taurus: Eats a lot and overthinks

Gemini: Horny

Cancer: Cries a lot

Leo: Works through the pain

Virgo: Doesn’t move til its over

Libra: Clingy lil shit

Scorpio: Saltier than usual

Sagittarius: Complains about everything

Capricorn: Isn’t affected

Aqaurius: Brings up stuff from like 2 yrs ago to start beef

Pisces: You will catch these hands if you leave the door open

part of me is bitter and wants to complain about how the ddadds team should just say that they can’t release it tonight instead of delaying it hour by hour but insisting it’ll be out today (they have like three hours and ten minutes before they miss their deadline entirely) but the other part of me read vernon’s apology tweets and wants to tuck the entire dev team into a bed saying “it’s fine its fine its fine take your time honey”


Anonymous said:October 11th 2016, 6:06:00 pm · What if Gintoki tried Hijikata’s shirt? Revealing his torso and the rest of his body ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i’d die, thats what   

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Hello. I know you think that Destiel is endgame and i agree with you, your metas give me hope but have ever think that Supernatural has a Queerbaiting problem ? I love this show, i love metaswriters but i don't want to be disappointed because i too much hope for Destiel being canon.

Hi anon, honestly I’m really sorry but I’ve answered this so many times already…. I must keep a tag for “anon is worried about endgame destiel”, for now if you scroll my #queerbaiting tag I hope this will help as that is where my pov is.

Basically I just don’t think its possible to call this queerbaiting until we get to the end of the story and it hasn’t happened. IF the show ends and it hasnt happened then I will probably call it queerbaiting as well as storybaiting, unless they come out with a BLOODY good reason for it, which I just don’t see how they could but you know, benefit of the doubt, but at this point in time it is a long drawn out (imo) heavily subtextual love story that hasn’t come to frution yet because it IS THE NATURE OF THIS KIND OF LONG DRAWN OUT LOVE STORY AND THIS TYPE OF SHOW.

I leave you with this, this was NOT queerbaiting as it was a m/f couple… 

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BUT a love story as a part of a show about the supernatural, where the supernatural was the “A plot” and their relationship was the undercurrent that held it together and gave it layers, that subtextually lent itself to a whole loads of the plot but wasn’t CANON, which only was canon right at the end of the show and you know what? IT DIDNT LAST. BECAUSE THE CHARACTERS WERE NOT IN THE RIGHT PLACE FOR A RELATIONSHIP, THEIR STORIES WERE NOT COMPLETED, THEY HADN’T FOUND THEMSELVES SO IT FAILED.

I am not willing to sacrifice the endgame happiness of Dean and Cas just so they can “be together already” when they are not ready and it all fall apart.

For me the best thing they can do now is make it more blatant to the GA from now on until they ARE in the right place and they can be happy and together, which is probably very close to or indeed at endgame as it would be difficult to drag out the story for a long long time afterwards if they are “resolved” (although I really hope they do give us at least half a season of canon Destiel, with the unresolved story being Sam so it circles back to the first season, but I’m not EXPECTING it, it’s just my WISH)…

I mean YES I am endgame Destiel positive but I’m not 100% because there COULD be reasons why it doesn’t happen in which case I will be pissed as the narrative for me means it SHOULD and it would be a kick in the teeth to anyone who is invested in the show and read the story that they gave us in this way, which is the way IMO that it was meant to be read, purposefully portrayed as such… but we can’t say YET if this is the case or not and I choose to believe that they aren’t that stupid or callous, that they are building this love story in this way as it is what makes sense to me and is a parallel of SO MANY romance stories, it is not in it’s own little world, it is a standard romance plot line so… 

It’s not over til its over. In the mean time just enjoy it.

QUICK someone be my gf before the school starts

 @naomithespirit: Tord is cute too hehehe…It was super adorable how he got embarrassed when talking about when he saw Tom’s butt.

Also bury the height hatchet! He’s my height(when I was alive) so leave him be! He’s fine as is. Hmph!


(Mun: tysm for the wonderful art!!! also the height stuff tbh is probably just gonna get deleted by this point, like i appreciate you guys sending in messages and all but it gets a lil old. 
M!A: 5/??

1 Week Hiatus

I’ve had an idea all week for an I Need U AU drabble for Yoongi x Reader. I sat at my desk to start writing to realise that I have absolutely no motivation what so ever. Now, this wouldn’t be a bad thing if this feeling wasn’t so constant. 

I barely update anymore, and for that I’m sorry, especially to the people asking where my content is, and those taking their time to request. 

I’m going on hiatus this week, which means I’m not going to be posting anything this week at all. I’m going to try and take my mind off it, do some other studies and stuff to try and get my head back in a good place. 

Thank you for your patience with me wonho-ful people. I love you. 

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