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HI HELLO GOOD MORNING FROM SAN DIEGO, CA 🌞 Never really got a chance to submit an ask before, but how about Steve and #1?? I absolutely love your writing (Steve's and Bucky's are always my favorite) and look forward to seeing much more! 😊

Hello my love! It’s afternoon now, but I greatly appreciate your morning greetings <3333 I want to visit San Diego sometime. Show me around when I do, okay? :D xoxo

I told you to stay inside.


I told you to stay inside!” You shrunk back as Steve snapped. The two of you stared at each other, stunned for a moment. He eventually breathed a short, frustrated sigh; he didn’t mean to get angry.

Ever since the last time you had been kidnapped and severely injured, your dear Captain never wanted you to go on a mission alone and even then he would always tell you to stay back. You understood where he was coming from, but being in the action was your job, your life.

You had managed to cop a bullet through the shoulder this time and it pissed Steve off to no end. He had told you stay inside the safe house. You didn’t have your Kevlar gear so there was higher risk of you sustaining a long term injury. And look what happened!

“I can’t tell you that it doesn’t hurt whenever you snap at me,” You managed to huff. “But you have no right to tell me to stay back when you jump head first into danger too. You don’t think I worry about you the exact same way you worry about me? You might be a super soldier, Steve, but you aren’t invincible.”

The blond slumped into the seat beside your cot. “Sorry.”

“I know, Captain. I know.”