WIP, just posting it to tease Tiki-san <3

The five-year-old stared disdainfully down at the slumbering bundle that was his new baby sister Bellana. A little over a month was how long she had been in his life and already, he hated her. His mother all but ignored him these days and he had overheard his grandmother saying that the new baby was her favorite, because of her pretty hair. That was when the idea struck him, maybe if he got rid of her pretty hair, mommy and grandma would like him best again.

Grabbing a fist-full of her fluffy pink locks, Kavi held it firmly as he brought the scissors out of his pocket, snipping and slicing Bellana’s hair down to a choppy fuzzy mess. Before he had time to even drop the severed hair from his hand, Bellana was crying furiously and his mother was storming into the room in response.

“Kavi, what have you done!? Why would you cut your sister’s hair!!?” His mother’s tone was frantic and more angry than the small boy had ever heard.

Dropping the hair from his hand and hiding the scissors in shame Kavi stammered “I…I just….”

The look his mother was giving him drove the redhead to tears.

“Kavi, get out.”

“B-but momma I..”

“I said, get out Kavi!” the paladin snapped harshly.

Just as he began to sob the door to his parent’s room open and his father stepped out, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“Wat’s all dis’ commotion about? All da cryin’ and screamin’ woke meh up”

Daliiah turned to her husband with rage painted on her face.

“Look what your son did to his baby sister!” She held Bellana to Tahlib, showing him the damage.

“Hmm dat’s no good, she not hurt though?”

“No, she’s okay”

“Den wat be da problem Da'kini? Her hair grow back”

The paladin’s face flushed angrily. “That isn’t the point Tahlib! The point is your son is old enough to know better! He shouldn’t have even thought about mutilating his sister’s hair, she’s a baby for Loku’s sake! Get him out of my sight now! Take him down to the festival, do something because I don’t want to see him for the rest of the night!”

Kavi’s tears came harder as his mother’s hurtful words filled his ears. He jumped slightly as his father gently laid a hand on his back.

“C'mon Devi’ Les’ go to da festival, we go get ready now. Ah put flowas’ in ya hair if ya want. How dat sound?”

“O-okay Taata, c-can we use the pretty purple flowers you brought home yesterday?”

“Sure Devi’, les’ go get ready.”


*Devi is a nickname Tahlib has for Kavi it means “beloved by the spirits”

*Da'kini is the name Tahlib gave to Daliiah because her’s was too hard for him to pronounce correctly before he learned common.

Taata is the Hindi word for father/dad, I use Hindi a lot when making up random zandali words, as in my headcannon zandali sounds like Hindi.