bleepslovebreaks  asked:

What sort of plans do you have for DPT? First/second/third dosages? Set and setting? (if you've planned any of this, that is). I'd really love a trip-report if you're up for it.

Ha. I have to get it first. Which is about a month away.

The reports of DPT sound like a hypervisual form of Ketamine to me so I’ll probably do it in contexts similar to K or other dissociatives: At home, alone or with a close friend or three, listening to industrial or ambient music to help me surf the astral, light some Chocolate and Cinnamon incense and go around the room chanting the Vajra Guru mantra to clear the vibes, fresh fruit (pears, mangos, peaches, or clementines depending on season), and a steaming cup of Rooibos or Green-White tea with honey in it, I’ll probs put the DPT powdah on some sexy book that’s either of occult, poetic, or cutting edge science nature and sniff a line while laying down on a couch and slowly sipping my tea and see how far out I can go. I generally use tea to help with the sometimes gross drip of arylcyclohexylamines, and I use fresh fruit and chocolate to ground myself if I’m having a difficult experience as I like to go farrrrrrr outtttttt on ketamine and the experience can be frightening if I’m not mixing it with an entactogen. I used to use MDMA during K-holes as a psychological safety net, but just the smell of the fresh fruit, the smell of a clementine as you peel it, if I’ve been terrified by what I’ve seen in the land of the dead can oftentimes help turn the experience around and the sensation of eating on dissociatives is strange but pleasurable. Other than that I have no idea what use I will be able to find for this compound but I’ve been looking for it for years and am excited to taste it I do wonder what the subpsychedelic headspace is like and if it’s the kind of headspace that’s worth it at lower doses and if you can dance on it.