Well, it’s a little out of the blue, but i’m just as surprised!

My mom decided to take us on a random trip to San Fransokyocisco since we didn’t travel anywhere this December (We usually go on vacations around this time of year) and i’m really excited!! I’ve been wanting to meet San Francisco for many years!!

We’ll get back before New Years day, but i’ll try to lurk around here ;D
See you later, guys!

Yes i’m still alive, I’ve just been living under an irl rock, but i’ll reply to some long over-due messages! (Sorry, tumblr mobile didn’t notify me of some fanmails and asks!)
So many things have happened in my life. Some good, some bad. I’m still crossing my fingers about some stuff, but i’ll let you guys know later this week!

Ok off to my inbox now!

Well, it’s a bit late, but my first day at work was pretty chill!
I just did some layouts for a catalog and hopefully tomorrow they’ll give me the files i need to keep working on it, so the day won’t feel as slow!

Also, WE DON’T HAVE AC!! Just a bunch of fans, but still it’s pretty hot and i was sweating all the time!! (Hence, the drawing above)

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HEY GUYS, LOOK!!  I got myself a new phone! My very first smartphone ever!! It’s a Moto g 2nd generation and it’s sooooo pretty! ♥

I’m so happy to finally have it after all the misadventures i went through to get it! (It took me like 3 months to save enough money, then I had to spend some of that money, then i had to save it back, then when i had it, it went out of stock everywhere lmao)

But yeah, I can’t wait to start using it!! I just need a nice case for it, then set it up, and then I can be like the cool peeps and ignore everyone at parties and reunions! (no kids, say no to phubbing)

Ps: luravea Look!!

Well, I gotta get to bed cuz I got work tomo!

Don’t ever work for free.



P L E A S E    D O N ’ T    E V E R   W O R K   F O R   F R E E.

This applies to every field, specially the creative one. Don’t ever agree to work for free.
Money comes and goes, but time doesn’t. Your time is precious, so don’t waste it by doing something that’ll leave you nothing in return.
Have too much time on your hands? Invest it in personal projects instead. Do stuff that you know will get you closer to your goals, not someone else’s.

Auuuugh seeing all these cool gemsonas make me want to finish mine and i’m frustrated cuz I got no time for that rn (I’ve barely checked this site in the past 2 weeks lmao)
I’ll be left alone at work today so I might be able to draw for a bit, hehe~

Also, I got some messages to answer…I dunno when i’ll be able to get to them, but thank you so much for sending them! I appreciate them a lot!♥ I’ll answer them as soon as i get the chance!

Hope you guys have a great day~

This Saturday was mother’s day here in Mexico and I had a pretty great day!
I got my mom some lillies and baked her a black forest cake, which is one of her faves! My bro and I were going to take her to a restaurant on Sunday, but they decided to go eat at my aunt’s instead.

The greatest highlight was that my family came over and I finally got to meet my nephew, Dylan. He’s my cousin’s firstborn son and he’s SO frowny!!  A real cutie, indeed!♥

Hope you guys have a great day, too!