The signs and which glee couple is their parents:
  • Aries:Puck and Quinn
  • Taurus:Tina and Artie
  • Gemini:Kurt and Blaine
  • Cancer:Mike and Tina
  • Leo:Rachel and Jesse
  • Virgo:Kurt and Blaine
  • Libra:Finn and Rachel
  • Scorpio:Brittany and Santana
  • Sagittarius:Sam and Mercedes
  • Capricorn:Rachel and Jesse
  • Aquarius:Puck and Quinn
  • Pisces:Brittany and Santana
Drabble: the bow-tie collection

For notthetoothfairy’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Prompt: “I fell asleep on your couch after a party but you didn’t complain and made breakfast for the both of us” AU with the specifications of: I’d like it to be Kurt falling asleep at a Tike+Blaine houseparty (Kurt only knowing Tina and Mike, obviously) and Santana and Rachel just leaving him there because he was flirting with Blaine all evening anyway but both were too shy to actually make a move so the girls thought that some more alone time couldn’t hurt.

I’m sorry, honey, I did make some small changes. But well. I hope you still like it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


The doorbell rings when Blaine’s still combing the finishing touches to his hair, bow-tie hanging loose over his shoulders.

“Tina!” he calls, “Can you get it?” it’s probably her friends, anyway. His would know better than to show up this early.

“I’m in my underwear!” comes the answer.

“Mike!” he calls, “Can you get it?”

It’s Tina’s voice, still, “I’m in my underwear!”

Blaine freezes for a moment, caught between amusement and mortification and drops the comb on the shelf above the sink before jogging over to the front door. He checks his watch – whoever it is, they’re forty five minutes early, and that’s kind of… rude. Still, he smiles as wide as ever as he opens the door.

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goodbye glee meme [5/7 shops]: Mike Chang & Tina Cohen-Chang
“You don’t talk that much, you hardly ever sing, but when I see you do that, it’s who you are. It’s what makes me feel you. Mike, you gotta know by now, when I see you dance… it’s why I fell in love with you.”

anonymous asked:

do you know what day does the long descriptions usually come out?

There’s no real pattern. The one for 6.08 just came out, though.

6x08 - “A Wedding” (20-Feb-2015)

As gleeks old and new pitch in to help get ready for Brittany and Santana’s wedding, the happy, albeit nervous couple settles on a few final details for their upcoming nuptials. The planning stage hits an impasse, however, when the two brides have a stark difference of opinion over whether or not to invite Sue. While Brittany, who credits Sue with bringing them together in the first place, is in favor of extending an invite, Santana is vehement about refusing to allow Sue’s attendance. But the former Cheerios! Coach is not so easily dissuaded and still has a few characteristic tricks up her sleeve. And the supremely superstitious Brittany is thrown for a loop when Santana sees her in her wedding dress before the big day. Meanwhile, when Kurt and Blaine finally reunite as a couple they are all too aware of the mistakes and regrets of their past, but supportive words from family and friends inspire them to take a sudden and daring leap, and Tina announces her unorthodox decision to ask former boyfriend Mike Chang to marry her, but while most of her guy friends are supportive, fellow former flame Artie remains dubious about the plan.


  • Brittany S. Pierce - HEATHER MORRIS
  • Santana Lopez - NAYA RIVERA
  • Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman - MARK SALLING
  • Kitty Wilde - BECCA TOBIN
  • Tina Cohen-Chang - JENNA USHKOWITZ
  • Mike Chang - HARRY SHUM JR.
  • Burt Hummel - MIKE O'MALLEY
  • Carole Hudson-Hummel - ROMY ROSEMONT
  • Wade ‘Unique’ Adams - ALEX NEWELL
  • Sugar Motta - VANESSA LENGIES
  • Walter - HARRY HAMLIN
  • Jane Hayward - SAMANTHA MARIE WARE
  • Spencer Porter - MARSHALL WILLIAMS
  • Roderick - NOAH GUTHRIE
  • Mason McCarthy - BILLY LEWIS JR.
  • Madison McCarthy - LAURA DREYFUSS
  • Alma Lopez - IVONNE COLL


  • Written by ROSS MAXWELL
  • Directed by BRADLEY BUECKER