To elaborate on what I meant by angst fueling me….
Basically, many years into the future, long after the Council has finally been taken down, when Silver is in his 40’s, he basically works as a counsellor for children with powers like himself. He helps them with their self confidence, teaches them to be proud of their powers, and also how they can gain control of them. Basically, an enemy (that I made) from long, long ago when Silver was 14, named Sharp the cockatiel, seeks revenge against Silver, Gold, and the Prof. because they were the ones responsible for him being put in prison and “ruining his life.” He was a sympathizer of the Council and basically worshipped them a long with Bronze and Spectrum. ( @verditatwo’s characters) Spectrum changes their ways later on tho.. Technically, Sharp is supposed to be receiving a life sentence but he’s escaped even the most technologically advanced prisons, thanks to the help of his friend who is an expert hacker, Bronze the lion, and is always on the run. Soo, basically, instead of killing Silver, he wanted to make him suffer so he tried to snipe the youngest of Silver’s two adopted kid-o’s named Tik-Tok (that Verdita made) but Silver saw Sharp and pushed Tik-Tok out of the way and got shot, dying right in front of her. And I’m like wow that’s Fucked Up.. my poor son Silver?!!
ALSO Fucked Up is later Sharp forces his child named Hank to poison the Professor’s coffee but Hank is literally just a poor young child and panics.. and puts the poison in their sweet tea instead.. which is Myrtle’s favorite drink. And she dies right in front of Schlemmer and the Bits. And the Professor is Traumautized. And Hank is also Traumautized that he just killed an innocent old woman… like he’s literally just 10?!?! Spectrum, as Verdita has said, is connected with the afterlife and knew something was up in advance before both died but failed to prevent it.. twice. And they felt so horribly guilty.. also, Spectrum was in love with Sharp when they worked together.. double Angst. Spectrum later tricks Sharp into believing that they are returning to a life of crime and befriending him again, and basically has Paradox fatally shoot Sharp in the back right after Spectrum casually says to him, “Say hi to Silver and Myrtle, won’t ya?” :^) then casually takes Sharp’s hat and puts it on, walking Tragically away in clouds of Fog
WHATthefuck?!! This is all so dark?
Also random but Spectrum ages 20 years than everyone else


Star Trek “Tik Tok”

I will never be tired of this.


And thus why Tik-Tok and Jack Pumpkinhead are the best characters.

Need to watch this movie again and finish reading the books sometime…


reminder that this exists and will never stop being the best thing