WIP, “Tilikum’s Nightmare.”  

With this piece I’m challenging myself emotionally as well as in my skill, but I’m really loving bringing these whales to life, while also feeling like I might be contributing SOMETHING to raise awareness of  the imprisonment and emotional torment inflicted on these creatures in much celebrated Marine Circuses like Sea World. It isn’t easy for me to paint about things that infuriate me, but my fantasy portraits will hopefully keep that part of my insane imagination happyyyyy!

This week I’ll have TIME to really focus and hopefully come close to completing this piece and make room for many more for this cause.

1 week left until the end of the Tiji hunting season #endcaptivity #EmptyTheTanks #emptythenets #taiji #thecove #aquarium #animalabuse #animalrights #slaveworld #shutdownseaworld #stopcaptivity #savethedolphins #dolphin #DontBuyATicket #cetacean #BoycottSeaWorld #boycottcaptivity #marinepark #marine by save_the_dolphinsx http://ift.tt/1MJaUmd

"Infused" goat curry luncheon day 2. Today we learnwd that the bestest goat curry in Pidie is in Gelanggang Padang Tiji where even the Aceh Governor is a huge fan. They only open for business there on Tuesday and on every Saturday they would cook at Gelanggang Beurenun. The place in Padang Tiji is pictured as sitting under the tree and eat together, like at home. We missed it (it was supposed to be yesterday for us), and will deffo schedule the next visit on Tuesday to Pidie!!! Today’s curry is ‘heavier’, we ate the head