I went through the match, and worked with Roman… absolutely incredible in the ring. It’s unbelievable to hear the amount of negativity he gets, and when you get in the ring with him he is absolutely one of the… well, it was eye-opening moment for me going “Oh my God, this guy’s really really good.”

Again, 16 years of being in there with them all, and then getting in there with Roman who has, like, among the fans and some of, you know, the wrestlers around the world who obviously haven’t locked up with him, has kind of a bad reputation with the whole “You can’t wrestle, you can’t wrestle (mimicking crowd chants).” And when we locked up, I was like “Oh my God, this guy is great,” and was never at any point in that match kinda uncomfortable, you know? He just put me a lot at ease with that whole situation… hat’s off to Roman because he really kinda led me through it.

—  Finn Balor on Roman Reigns