New year, new sticker. :D

Thank all you beautiful people for another year of love and support! I hope 2015 has treated you well. I for one can’t wait for that “fresh start” feeling. Starting a new year can be incredibly motivating if you approach it juuuust right, and I’ve got a few interesting projects and commissioned work lined up. So BRING ON 2016 and have a safe and happy new year!! <3 <3 <3

Tuesday was Zoo Sketch Day. I was feeling like poop so we rented a covered two-person bike trolley thing so I could sit in the shade and draw. The sun ended up being the least of our worries. Turns out the trolley’s tarp roof doesn’t keep you very dry during random thunderstorms. ^^  The animals ran for cover. We pedaled for cover. Got soaked. Didn’t get a whole lot of drawing done, but who cares. Worth it. 

I was just gonna slap some flat color on this guy, but I’ve been so enamored with the creative lighting kisskicker uses in her paintings, I NEEDED to try it. Got a little impatient at times, so I’m not thrilled with it… but it was a learning experience. Go check out kisskicker’s art!

This is Spark'lore. He’s the same species as Noc'lore, just a different body type.

black---everything  asked:

So I'm trying to make my fursona and I want it to be really original If you could give me some ideas for a breed or mixing of breeds that would be awesome <3 Love your art

I was gonna suggest some kind of semi-aquatic mix between a horse and maybe a shark, since I’ve personally never seen anyone do that. But just to be sure I googled it and-

now I’m just at a loss…

grindylowe replied to your post: whoops

do you exercise regularly? that really helped my anxiety.

Not really. This is going to change since HOLY SHIT I am the sorest person ever from moving shit x__x;; - dani-kin replied to your post: whoops

I’ve never had problems with sudafed and my anti-anxiety meds, but thats just me. Maybe something like Flonase that you do every day? Hopefully that will help?

I shall look into it~ Thank you c:  - tiinasaurus replied to your post: whoops

This is super unhelpful for immediate relief, but if you can eat honey, (I know you have food intolerances, so I don’t want to assume) having local honey daily helps with allergies. 

Oh? o___o I will have to look into this…! Thanks!