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do you exercise regularly? that really helped my anxiety.

Not really. This is going to change since HOLY SHIT I am the sorest person ever from moving shit x__x;; - dani-kin replied to your post: whoops

I’ve never had problems with sudafed and my anti-anxiety meds, but thats just me. Maybe something like Flonase that you do every day? Hopefully that will help?

I shall look into it~ Thank you c:  - tiinasaurus replied to your post: whoops

This is super unhelpful for immediate relief, but if you can eat honey, (I know you have food intolerances, so I don’t want to assume) having local honey daily helps with allergies. 

Oh? o___o I will have to look into this…! Thanks!

I was just gonna slap some flat color on this guy, but I’ve been so enamored with the creative lighting kisskicker uses in her paintings, I NEEDED to try it. Got a little impatient at times, so I’m not thrilled with it… but it was a learning experience. Go check out kisskicker’s art!

This is Spark'lore. He’s the same species as Noc'lore, just a different body type.

My creature design for this months Autodesk Sketchbook Hero challenge actually won and I’m flipping my shit! o_o I have tremendous respect for Terryl Whitlach’s knowledge of anatomy and attention to detail in her work. So this means a great deal to me:

Beautiful drawing and unusual blend of serpent and  sloth–this is an exotic, attractive pet that would appeal to both reptile fans and those who adore furry mammals.  It’s calm, serene attitude implies a gentle, loving pet.
-Terryl Whitlach



I redid my paper ornament sheets so I could hand them out at Indie Craft Bazaar last Sunday. So if you’ve never gotten a paper ornament, you can download them for free in the Print Shop!

And when you’re done, show me how they look on your tree, mantle, or wherever you put them, through Facebook or Instagram! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

Click the photo to download this year’s paper ornament.

Another year has blown by! Thank you, to all of my new followers and those who have stuck with me through the years, for your support! Seriously… I love you guys! 

Why Quetzalcoatl? Because 2012 is really the only year that I’ll get away with making a winged snake ornament. XD I hope you enjoy his scaly little divine presence and feed him lots of paper babies. He’s only a little serpent God, after all. 

Thank you all for being the amazing supportive people you are for another whole year! <3 

I’m afraid I ran out of time this year to devote to my annual downloadable ornament, so I had to dig through my sketchbook for an older unused design. Okay, so it isn’t a dragon, but it COULD be if you squint! OH LOOK, four legs! *backs out slowly* Previous Year’s Paper Ornaments:

I’m sorry guys, but I’m gonna be a pest until this contest ends (or I pull ahead) because I really really really want to design a Tate’s Comics shirt. 

The design with the most Facebook likes will be live screen printed for free during Tate’s ‘Out of this World’ sale. But the competition is stiff, so I need the help of my followers! <3

:: Please 'LIKE’ my design in the voting gallery :: 

The last contest’s shirt won with just over 200 likes. This is Tumblr, I know you guys can make that happen. :) And thank you so much to everyone who already liked and reblogged my previous posts. It means a lot to me! <3