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With the sun shining overhead on her head, Furiae placed a lock of blue hair behind her ear. With the other hand, she adjusted one of two pearl earrings pierced through her ear - there was something to be had about maintaining appearances in a foreign land.

And this was one called KALOS. She had swam quite a ways to come here, looking for something, anything to inspire her people - or perhaps herself. This particular town, the Water Pokemon she encountered informed her, was called COUMARINE CITY. Somehow, she had managed to wash ashore with little to no issue - although the heat from overhead brought a bead of sweat to her forehead.

“Ah, this shall be… a problem.”

Well it’s ABOUT TIME I GET AROUND TO DOING THIS! Man I can’t believe I’m halfway to a thousand followers on this blog. Like, holy crap where did you all come from? I honestly didn’t think I would make it this far so quickly, you all are such wonderful people! Also keep in mind that even if I don’t mention you in this post [since 500 followers is a LOT] know that I adore each and every one of you. <3 That being said, on with the list!

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It hasn’t even been two weeks and I have already hit 100 followers! I don’t think I have ever gotten this many so fast on one of my rp blogs. I swear ya’ll are lost. But thank you all from the bottom of my heart for following and supporting me as I get this blog off the ground. I have been away from Tumblr for a while and it just really means a lot to have you guys here. I would really like to thank some of you personally for that. First off, my big thank yous to two wonderful people:

The Bae- @shrimpyscriptmage​: Ashley, I wouldn’t have made this blog if you hadn’t finally pushed me to doing so. Thank you so much for all the love you give Ash and the time you’ve spent roleplaying with me on Discord to help get a sense for him and his character. It truly means a lot. I love you <3

Bestest Friendo- @lethargic-hunter@eeveelutionist​: Shae, I absolutely adore our threads and no matter what blog I am on or what fandom I am sucked into, you are there for me. You’re one of the best friend’s I could ever have and you are always there for me even if you don’t know that I’m upset about something. I still say you have a friendo sense. Keep being wonderful and I can’t wait to see where our threads lead~

I’d also like to thank some groups of people. Some I have interacted with and others I would love to interact with but haven’t:

The Rocket Squad- @blastingxff @rocketmeowth052 @lavenderrosepetals: I know for the most part we have yet to interact, but I am looking forward to what sort of shenanigans our characters will get into. I mean, every Ash should have a Team Rocket and I would love you guys to be mine~


@gottakeepemall: Your Bonnie is absolutely the most adorable Bonnie I have ever seen. I just want to adopt and give her love. I love our threads and I just can’t get enough of this sweet precious babu
@undinaes, @resonata: Puddin <3 You are an absolute sweetheart to me and I literally screamed the first time you Misty was in my ask. I can’t get enough of all your shenanigans and you’ve just been nothing but nice and caring towards me. I’m really really looking forward to all of our interactions, especially with momma Delia~
@shootie: I know we haven’t really interacted much and I still have to watch more of B&W, but I love our small talks out of character. You are such a sweetie and I love that we can just talk and I can’t wait to see what is in store for our characters and future threads <3
@nurturen: Taylor, you are an absolutely amazing Brock and I really want to interact with you more. I know you’ve had your blog less than I have, but just know that I already admire you a lot and love everything you do with Brock
@oakmd: We’ve yet to interact or talk at all, but just know that I really love your Professor Oak and I have been admiring you from afar
@trevcr and @tiierno: I can’t get enough of you two. I love everything that graces my dash between you two and I never know what’s gonna happen next. You’re also just fucking cute. I’d love to interact with you guys sometime <3
@fabulance: I know we haven’t interacted, but I mostly wanted to thank you for the support you have showed me when I was down about my blog. I really appreciate it and if you ever want to rp just hit me up sometime
@sterlingsilverchampion: We haven’t really gotten to interact, especially cause I need to catch up on more Pokemon, including Hoenn, but I wanted to thank you for the support and love you have shown towards my Ash. It really means a lot to me
@skullgruntdana​: I just need more Dana in my life. She is precious and adorable, but also smol and sassy and I love her
@chcsxn: We’ve barely interacted or talked, but I really love your aged up Ash and it makes for really interesting interactions. Keep being awesome and I hope we can rp more~

The ones I admire from afar:

@bossgiovanni @alola-dad @telekinetiq @loyalpika @bigcalavera @heraldofkalos @bexutyindexth

There are just not enough words to express how much I love and appreciate each and everyone of my followers. You all are amazing and if it wasn’t for you I probably would have started to give up on the blog already. Seriously you guys, it means a lot <3