So I went to York Cemetery today (and dragged my lovely best friend along since it’s near her apartment), to visit the grave of Olga Alexandrovna. It’s also the final resting place of her husband Nikolai, and one of their sons, Tihon. There’s also a space for Tihon’s third wife, also named Olga, as you can see by the missing death date for her she is still living. Next to it, as seen on the bottom, is the grave of Tihon’s second wife Livia, with whom he had his only child, a daughter named Olga.

The cemetery itself is absolutely beautiful, although right now they’re doing some construction near the front gates so we had to go through a bit of that to get in. It’s really easy to get to where it is, since hers’ is right alongside the edge of the “road” so to speak.

I wasn’t sure what to bring in terms of flowers, lilacs were suggested but I couldn’t find any. So I went with the purple carnations you can see on top in the first photo since they’re at least the same colour. I didn’t want to come empty handed, and bless my best friend for being a trooper and coming with me. (She actually seemed really intrigued when I was telling her about everything. I said Russian Rulers and she mentioned Anastasia. I said no but her Aunt and she thought Anastasia survived but I had to bust her bubble sadly)

It was honestly a really surreal and strange experience standing in front of the grave of a Grand Duchess, someone “born in the purple” amidst the most amazing splendor imaginable, and who could not better illustrate just how drastically your situation can change. I have no hope of ever going to Russia, so this is the closest that I can hope to get to a family that’s been fascinating me for a long time. According to the little sign that the family put there to thank people for visiting, here’s apparently a guest book in the office you can sign to share your thoughts with the family. I might do that next time I go, but I wanted to share these pictures with everyone who might not be able to visit like I can.

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