Far from the heights, far from the heart. Far, even, from eyes. Nestling at the foot of the famous Yemeni summits, the Tihama, a coastal plain on the Red Sea, is little by little losing its grandeur. With its sculpted cities of a glorious yet faded past and its abandoned villages of decorated huts, this little known region breathes its last sighs to complete indifference, Pascal Meunier.

a) Standing stones of al-Manâ/sîb at the site of al-Midamman, b) exposed megalithic stone at the interior site of Kashawba‘, c) stones from the site of al-Midamman re-used in the steps of the nearby Daûd Ibn Am-Zayn mosque, d) alignments of standing stones at the Tihâma foothill site of al-Muhandid, e) partially exposed stone (Am-Khamsa Banî al-Kabûs) near the tomb of Walî Am-Khamsa where visitors leave offerings to ward off nightmares, f) large stones at the site of Saba‘a, exposed as a result of an illicit excavation, g) one of many large stones scattered near the Islamic cemetery at al-Jarâ/hî, h) Faza cemetery: one of many standing stones from al-Midamman re-used in Islamic funerary contexts.