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To be fair, the game will run on my current system. I really don’t like being near or on minimum specs and I am with my video card. 

/on the upside, that’s the only thing I see an issue with

Holy weasels. I don’t know why you’re here, but welcome to whatever this blog is! 

Feel free to drop me asks (anon is on). I’m also always happy to create additional tags if you need them, so feel free to ask!

/I’ve gotten an influx of real people that’s significantly higher than the pr*n bots lately. Wow. 

Right. So I finally typed all those words that I wrote on sunday (mostly). It’s over 7k words. Over half of that are a dialogue of sorts between two people who can’t seem to communicate in a way that… would make my life easier.

/it’s not a conflict. it’s not UST, either. they admitted a long time ago that they like each other as friends and are kind of trying on the romantically involved part. they are just being IMPOSSIBLE. 


So, mostly for my own reference:

  • Project 1: finished draft, now at 123k words. This was my january editing project.
  • Project 2: current project, now at 30k words. Half of those written this month (and counting; I’m not done typing yet either).
  • Project 3: written 25 pages this month, none of them typed yet. 

Well, I think I can reasonably say I’ve been very productive so far this year.

In a late post-post (eh), I guess the thing that happens most is that I kinda like a character, shippy or otherwise, which then gets totally out of character in a next instalment. Not going to name anything in particular here, but…

Well, let me name something in particular here actually. Does anyone remember Neverwinter Nights? 

There was this rogue dude in the base game who was kinda cute and rogueish who pretty much turned into a fairly standard asshole in the expansions. That was a non-canon romance ruined. 

/on the upside, the second expansion did give me my still favourite tiefling

Well… anyhow. I spend a lot of time on this side of the ‘net while everyone around here is asleep. I’ve been doing that since I got my own computer and  internet a long time (and exceptionally high phone bills) ago. 

Before that, the only option I had was reading. I am *really* glad I have the internet (and computer games) now. 

However, it still sucks to have a sleep disorder. 

I am pretty sure I was tagged in more memes than I’ve done recently, but tumblr doesn’t let me find them (not in search or in tagged). So if you feel like nudging me to one I forgot about, feel free to do so!