tigress: artemis crock


Young justice version! Spoiler: Bart’s in Jamie’s room

Things I want to see in Young Justice Season 3

Red Hood and the Outlaws.

Imagine it: Tigress is on a mission when she hears someone shout “Artemis!” and goes “???? That’s MY name” before remembering the red-haired Amazon that Jason has been following around like a lost puppy

Connor finds out that he has ANOTHER crazy older brother and just goes “fuck this shit, I’m out”

Tim goes to the ruins of the Cave to get something and finds Jason just… chilling there, basking in the memories, and is like “??????? Didn’t you die?” and Jason responds “Only a little bit”

Red Hood meeting Arsenal and the Watchtower suddenly collectively just goes “FUCK” because now there’s two of them

More Good Dad Batman™

Just… the Outlaws, guys

Alright so I’m sure Robin actually told Artemis who he was in some like normal way, like “oh hey by the way my real name is Dick Grayson we go to school together haha” but the way I like to think she found out is this:

Dick has two different phones: one for Robin bc he and the team have a group chat & some other reasons probably and one for Dick Grayson and he probably texted her and was like “hey can you do the essay for the English project? Babs and I are doing the poster but we don’t have time to write the essay bc we’re both busy tonight cuz Bruce is making me go to some dumb party and Babs has gymnastics until 10:30”

but he didn’t realize he texted her on Robin’s phone until he sent the message

(her reply was “wow you really ARE a dick”)