1. Vanessa Carlton- Ordinary Day /// 2. Liz Phair- Why Can’t I /// 3. Neverest- Everything /// 4. Avril Lavigne- Things I’ll Never Say /// 5. Miranda Cosgrove- Kissin’ U /// 6. Adam Lambert- If I Had You /// 7. Waking Ashland- I Am For You /// 8. Hoobastank- The Reason /// 9. David Archuleta- Crush

Credit to Kimmy for art.

Guess Tightshipping won XD Strawberryshipping should be next tho~

Zwaranniversary - Tight Drabble #1: Winter Stroll

[It’s been a year since the war has started so I decided why not write cute drabbles featuring the pairings that battled it out! First comes a Tight and we’ll see who comes next!]

“Oi, Kay, you’re slower than I thought!” IV grinned as the brunette trudged behind in the snow, trying to breathe through her scarf as snow sprinkled down to the earth. The scarred Duelist was dressed with a creamy yellow scarf of his own but wore a simple, thin winter coat over his turtleneck; Kay wore more of a puffed winter parka with a purple scarf. “How can you move in something so thick?”

“Thomas,” Kay let out a little whine. “I can’t help it if my body gets cold easily.”

“Alright,” IV chuckled and pat her head with a gloved hand. “We’ll go back and I’ll make some hot chocolate.”

“But I wanted to make the hot chocolate this time.” Kay gave a childish pout. “You did it last time.”

“Fine, fine.” IV continued to grin and began to head back to the house, which was a mile and a half away. “I’ll get the blankets and don’t you forget the peppermint and marshmallows.”

“Like I could forget that!” Kay laughed, chasing after him with strong motivation to reach the house before him as he started to fling little snowballs close to her face.