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Hey guysFapGodhere if you guys haven’t already take a look at my Redbubble store to see if there is anything you like! Some examples of my work are shown above!  As much as I hate to advertise I could really use your support over here on Redbubble!  So come check it out!  Also if you have any suggestions for T-Shirt ideas let me know! 

P.S Sorry for those that Don’t like advertisements on their dash but I’m in a pretty tough spot at the moment financially so that’s why I’m advertising my Redbubble to try and get out of the hole I’m currently in. Anyways I’m sorry for filling up your dash you have yourself a good day!

I would like to thank the amazing @lavenderfawns for this lovely piece of work that I commissioned. I love what they did with what I asked for!  From the email, my request was: 

“Kylo is just his wisheshewaspunkpunk-actuallyhipster self, lots of black, skinny jeans, ya know. Doc marten boots. He is a vampire, he is super casual, teeth are permanent. Little ones on his canines. He is ridiculous, like carries blood in his dark colored Nalgene that casually hangs off his bag.
Hux is a witch baby, Millicent is his familiar. He always wears button ups (either solid dark colors or maybe with little prints, like tiny white bats on a short sleeve button up). Or a plain tshirt. With a cardigan.  Always cardigan bc he’s a cold baby.”

@lavenderfawns did the best I love this so much! Thank you!!