tightrope ft. big boi

Songs that Describe the Batfam

  • Bruce - Sins of my Youth by Neon Trees
  • Alfred - Sirens of the Caspian by Sevdaliza
  • Luke - Tightrope by Janelle Monáe ft Big Boi
  • Kate -  Lucky Ones by Lana del Rey
  • Babs - Sad Song by Marian Hill
  • Dick - Talk Too Much by COIN
  • Stephanie -   Liebe ist meine Rebellion by Frida Gold
  • Cassandra - Run Boy Run by Woodkid
  • Tim - Hey Brother by Avicii
  • Carrie - Alone by Halsey
  • Damian - Arsonist’s Lullaby by Hozier
  • Harper - Girls/Girls/Boys by Panic! at the Disco
  • Duke - Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds
  • Helena - Daddy Lessons by Beyonce and The Dixie Chicks
  • Jason - Night Vision by Transviolet
music tag!

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list 10 songs you’re currently vibing on, then tag 10 other people.

Be Lazy- Day6

Tightrope- Janelle Monáe ft. Big Boi

Too Much- Loco ft. DEAN


Incontrôlable- Louane

Can’t Help Myself- Eric Nam ft. Loco

J’me fous de tout- Thomas Dutronc

La Bohème- Charles Aznavour

C’est la vie- Coralie Clement

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21 years, 21 songs

by 100percentsassy and gloriaandrews


01. Prince Charming - Adam & The Ants // 02. Hot Child In The City - Nick Gilder // 03. Madame George - Van Morrison (Bang Sessions) // 04. Green Eyes And A Heart Of Gold - The Lone Bellow // 05. It’s Not Easy Being Green - Kermit The Frog // 06. Tightrope - Janelle Monae ft. Big Boi // 07. God Shuffled His Feet - Crash Test Dummies // 08. Windy - The Association // 09. Every Little Piece - Modest Management Pete’s Dragon OST // 10. I’m Free - Inez Andrews // 11. Oh Had I A Golden Thread - Eva Cassidy // 12. Live Your Life - Mika // 13. I Know What Boys Like - The Waitresses // 14. Banana Splits - The Dickies // 15. Bad Reputation - Joan Jett // 16. I Won’t Cut My Hair - D-A-D // 17. Cosmic Dancer - T. Rex // 18. Shine A Light - The Rolling Stones // 19. My Back Pages - The Byrds // 20. Home - Bonnie Raitt // 21. Sunday Sermon - Booker T. & The M.G.s

“… was that a parable, or a very subtle joke?”


Janelle Monae ft. Big Boi “Tightrope”

Admittedly, I was pretty slow to the Janelle Monae fan base, but now that I am here, I’m not going anywhere. So much of her music speaks to the issues of gender and sexuality. In Tightrope, Monae references the necessity to balance between tight positions in life, which I am pretty sure many Black women can relate to.

Janelle also wears suits in her videos and performances and appearances as a tip to the working class people in society, who many of Janelle’s family members are. She is paying tribute to her parents and others who support us on a daily basis.