Bullzini by The Green Album
Via Flickr:
I had a request out of the blue from a Swedsh company to pay to use one of my photos of a tightrope walker, pouring a cup of tea whilst on a tightrope, in an advert of theirs. I managed to track down ‘Anaspitos Bullzini’ down, aka Chris, and we agreed to split the money 50/50. So we arranged to meet last night so I could give him his share and we could celebrate with a a fine cup of Earl Grey tea. I had such a warm welcome and it was lovely to meet him, see the area he trains in as well as the props for his new show. And of course I couldn’t leave without a photo of our meeting outside the converted 1920s circus caravan that he lives in with his wife. This is what I like so much about flickr, the random requests and opportunities such as this. Oh…..i’m the one on the left in my boring office clothes :-)