Laura Pergolizzi, the Long Island singer songwriter better known as LP, just gave us a double dose of audio visual bliss by dropping two music videos at once. I was an immediate fan of this striking artist from the very first moment I encountered her voice close to three years ago. I don’t think there’s many artists out there with a comparable sound when it comes to her scratchy emotive delivery and her immaculate range, stretching from deep resonating to lofty spry. Watch LP strum and coo away in the video for sooty chugging Other People above, then watch the video for passionately blazing Tightrope below. LP’s 2016 EP Death Valley is available for purchase from iTunes.

reasons why u should love janelle monae
  1. she is a queen
  2. if u listen to all her music in order it tells the story of an android named cindy mayweather who falls in love with a human, and is persecuted because she lives in a dystopian future world
  3. but all her music still has real world meaning
  4. like about feminism and racial discrimination and mental health issues and basically everything people should be concerned about
  5. but it’s not all seriousness all the time because her music is super cool and original and fun to dance to
  6. no but really she goes from r&b to punk to old movie to funk to trippy sounding all in one album it is wonderful
  7. she was deeply inspired by the science fiction film Metropolis
  8. she wears the coolest clothes ever 
  9. like wow she dresses like don draper but she also looks ladylike as all get out
  10. she sings like an angel
  11. just buy all her albums and listen to them like 5 times in a row trust me you will not regret it because she is the best ever

Janelle Monáe x Prince 💜

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I have looked forward to writing this post for months, MONTHS you guys, even before I started outlining this whole One Week One Band week. 

Now that it’s here it’s all I can do not to devolve into a puddle on the floor. A puddle which tries hard to be Profound and talk about the Symbolism and Impact and What This Video Meant For Janelle Monáe as An Artiste. A puddle which really works to dissect Palace of the Dogs, gallows humour, and the way the video hints at the duality of the myth of the crazy creator along paired with a social stigma around real mental illness. A puddle which makes Footloose references punctuated with cool asides about Katherine Hepburn and Meshes of the Afternoon and the symbolism of all those mirrors. A puddle which says smart things about the catchy rhythms, the way this song functions equally poignantly in Metropolis and Aughts celebrity culture and one’s personal life.

But ultimately just a puddle which mostly sits [lies? pools? pudds?] there and emanates squeeeeeeeee sounds.

Because this video was not just one of my first interactions with Monáe’s art, it wasn’t just there at a seminal time in my life [look we can talk about this some time over beers, but as a queer person who was just leaving a social group in which seeing/showing women’s legs was a sin, here was this beautiful woman in menswear just dancing around and LOOK AT HER MOVE and UM WHAT ARE THESE FEELS and I JUST WANT TO THAT COOL SO MUCH and ZOMFGSQYEEEAEEEE] … 

Sorry. Puddling. 

I’ve started and restarted this post about 8 times and that’s the furthest I get without that happening. 

I’m a professional human who takes pride in being able to engage in fandom and everything that means, while still being able to separate all those feels and be objective in my work. But sometimes you just turn into an aforementioned puddle of squee. 

What I’m trying to say is, we all have our Kryptonite, except sometimes that’s a good thing which turns us into squee-puddles, and this video is one of those things.

Watch the video, and if you don’t smile, if you don’t enjoy, if you don’t tap your foot and wish for reverse-saddle shoes and moves like that, then you’re not a human, you’re not an android, you’re not an alien; I don’t know what you are, but check yourself into a research lab, we have discovered a new life form.

Walk The Moon Sentence Starters

Shut Up and Dance-

  • “Don’t you dare look back, just keep your eyes on me.”
  • “You’re holding back.”
  • “Shut up and dance with me!”
  • “I think you’re my destiny.”
  • “We were bound to get together.”
  • “I felt it in my chest as you looked at me.”
  • “Oh, come on girl!”
  • “Deep in your eyes, I think I see the future.”

Anna Sun-

  • “My feet are still sore.”
  • “My back’s on the fringes.”
  • “We rattle this town, we rattle this scene.”
  • “Oh (insert name) ______”
  • “What do you know? This house is falling apart.”
  • “We got no money, but we got our hearts.”
  • “We’re gonna rattle this ghost town.”
  • “I’m faster than you!”

Work This Body-

  • “You rolled your eyes at me every time I thought I was cool.”
  • “It’s just a matter of time honey, it’s a matter of time.”
  • “I will work this body, I will burn this flame.”
  • “Yeah I’m a workaholic I swear.”
  • “One day I will beat you fair and square.”
  • “Show me what you got!”
  • “Work your body on the floor.”
  • “Just who do you think you are?”
  • “It ain’t no matter of if, honey it’s just a matter of when.”


  • “Easy now with my heart.”
  • “This heart is burning up.”
  • “Careful now with my head.”
  • “Make your mind up.”
  • “I’m tangling up in the chains on the swings on the set, on the night that we met.”
  • “If you speak your mind, you can’t take it back.”


  • “You got curves like the ocean.”
  • “You got emotions that’ll make us last.”
  • “Oh and (insert name)________ why don’t we get together?”
  • “______’s got a body like an hour glass.”
  • “I wanna be the sand in your hour glass.”
  • “I should take this slow… but I can’t control myself.”
  • “I’m not gonna take it from you, I’ll let you give it to me.”
  • “______’s got a body, yeah.”

Shiver, Shiver-

  • “You grip your hands around my throat.”
  • “You strip the buttons off my coat.”
  • “I feel the thumping in your chest.”
  • “When you are close to me I shiver.”
  • “You leave these marks up on my neck. It’s still there… I know but I still check.”
  • (insert name)_____ you’re dear to me. Can we get intimate again?
  • “Please leave your clothing at the door.”
  • “You always leave me wanting more.”
  • “Shall we get intimate again?… I think so.”