tightly pressed

with her dreams pressed tightly
between shaking hands,
she gathered the notebooks filled
with stories she had written.
“this.” she said,
“this is who i am.”
—  poeticallyordinary
settle down | jungkook (undo pt.2)

Originally posted by sugutie

pairing: jungkook x reader (ft. jimin & yoongi)

genre: angst, smut

word count: 4.9k

warning: contains mentions of cheating

description: you weren’t supposed to feel anything for him, especially since he already had a girlfriend.

a/n: this is the second part to UNDO


Jimin pushes your hair out of your face and lets out a small sigh,

“I knew this was the reason,” he whispers sitting down in front of you, your hands still tightly pressed over your ears. You sniff loudly and look at him,

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(I wrote this whole thing out on mobile, posted it, then for some reason all my writing was gone -_-)

So I’ve been getting a lot of asks about where I got my ladybug mask/if the mask is makeup and I thought I’d put this tutorial together instead of answering them all privately. 

First, I used masking tape and covered the general area of my face where I wanted the mask to be. I made sure to press it tightly to my face to make sure it took the shape of my face. I then drew the shape of the mask, removed the masking tape and cut it out. With a bit of tweaking, I had my template.

Next, I place the mask back on my face and traced it out with an eyebrow pencil. With the outline drawn on my face, I then painted the Red and Black spots with stage makeup and a bit of acrylic paint and let it dry, then followed it up with the liquid latex.

I got a bottle of liquid latex from Amazon for $8 and barely used half of it for 2 attempts. The first attempt you can see in the picture with the 3 masks on a mannequin head. It was bright in color, but thinner than paper and very flimsy. I had only done 3 very thin layers of latex. The middle mask, my final mask, I did 9 layers of extra thick latex and used a throw-away paint brush normally used for painting details on walls to paint it on. The trick is to let the layers dry in between, otherwise it’ll take days for your mask to cure enough to remove it.

This took me about 2-3 hours to do. The latex takes some time to dry between layers, so I had a small fan blowing directly at my face. This helped speed up the process, and keep the fumes from making my eyes water. 

Once the 9th layer was dry, I peeled it off my face (make sure to use a glue-stick to stick any hair down before using the liquid latex, otherwise you’ll pull the hair out) and let it dry for 3 days on top of the masking tape mask on the mannequin. This made sure it didn’t lose it’s shape while it cured. Then I cut the excess latex away from the mask and painted it by mixing some of the liquid latex with acrylic paint. Make sure to let this cure on the same masking tape+mannequin head so that it doesn’t lose shape with it’s new layer of latex.

Let it cure, and viola! You can adhere it to your face with either spirit gum/glue or double sided tape, just make sure to clean the mask with a slightly damp cloth when you’re finished! And the trick with keeping the eye holes large, but the mask looking seamless is to use the same red stage makeup around your eyes (almost like a red raccoon) before attaching the mask.

no offense but louis is hugging a true, treasured, real friend there like it’s an extended amount of time, they do the little spin around rocking thing, he buries his nose into steve’s shoulder, his hands are pressing tightly like i’m so so so so so happy he has that 


once again, we have caspar bending down to be at joe’s height, holding onto joe’s arm and resting his head on joe’s shoulder. 😇

via @jasparuk on twitter! 


who has been my new boyfriend
through two birthdays and the funeral,
but I like to call him that,
know too well the way men steel-plate
themselves inside my joints
until my body has to relearn running.

& he knows
a few parts of this story,
but I didn’t want that man’s name
back in my bed.

just told him,
picture yourself in a theater with your eyes closed,
your own palms pressed tightly to your ears.
on the drive home, 
he’ll describe each scene frame for frame,
talk about the previews, which one
the two of you should not-see-together next,
and you will feel lucky enough in that moment
you won’t notice the entire city of Portland starting to melt.

months later,
when he says it is your favorite movie,
you will nod and know it is
not worth arguing over.

(“are you trying
to tell me

you’ll tell yourself it’s true.
tell yourself
it’s the best movie
you’ve ever seen.

Soft Warren Headcanons (Pls excuse the mobile formatting my laptop is trashed atm)
@v-writings my gift to you

•He gets sleepy so so easily from like the simplest things. You could be leaning against his side while watching tv and absentmindedly stroking his hair and he’s yawning in like seconds flat

•He’s incredibly clingy when he’s sleepy, to the point at which it’s almost an inconvenience. If you try and get up when he’s sleeping on or near you then he’ll instinctively reach out, winding his arms around you and pulling you in close so you can’t slip away

•He’s also incredibly clingy when he’s cold, and thanks to his low body temperature, he’s almost always cold. He’ll insist on holding your hands all the time because “Baby my fingers are cold. You need to help warm them up” and at night in the winters he basically drapes himself over you entirely, wrapping you up in his arms and his wings so you’re pressed tightly against him

•That being said, for someone who complains about being cold so often, he lives for snowy days where you both get to stay home. He’ll set up a little nest of blankets and pillows in the living room and make hot chocolate or something for you both and then you’ll cuddle up together for basically the whole day, watching reruns of old sitcoms or bad movies. You’ll also usually end up getting takeout so that you don’t need to leave your warm haven of blankets and pillows and cuddles.

•He’s not an amazing cook, but he loves keeping you company while you’re in the kitchen. He likes the intent look of focus on your face as you scan the recipe or try and calculate measurements and he definitely enjoys taste testing if you’re baking something sweet because he has a raging sweet tooth lbr

•He’s always looking for reasons to be near you. Every time there’s a quick errand to run, no matter if it’ll take like five minutes or less, he insists on coming with you. This is in part because he just loves to be around you and also because his attachment issues and anxieties about people he depends on leaving means it stresses him out to be away from you for even short periods of time

•He behaves in a manner not entirely dissimilar to a happy cat when you play with his hair, humming in contentment and leaning into your touch. He loves to lie with his head in your lap because you’ll always absentmindedly run a hand through his curls (which often leads to him falling asleep like that but you don’t exactly mind when that happens)

•He insists on a proper, formal date night at least once every few weeks, taking you out to a nice restaurant, holding doors for you, pulling out chairs etc because you are the most important thing in his life he just wants to make sure you feel sufficiently appreciated and loved, and after all the things you do for him, it makes him happy to be able to give something in return

Yuri finished the Grand Prix Final and Won
  • Yuri: I told you...I'd get you something round and gold!
  • Victor: Well it's seems you were successful... now it's my turn
  • Yuri: huh?
  • Victor: (reaches into pocket pulls out a small box) Yuri...you gave me something gold and rounded...and I'd like to return the same to you. (Victor gets down on one knee)
  • Yuri: (hands pressed tightly against his mouth) no way!!! Victor! This isn't real...
  • Victor: (smiles) Yuri will you marry me?
  • Yuri: (gasps) YES...I LOVE YOU.
  • (Yuri crashes into victors open arms and hugs him tightly)
  • Victor: Relax you don't need to hold me so tight...I'm already yours...I love you...

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Fics

Compiled according to kudos. Ones I’ve read are marked with asteriks.

Please don’t forget to check the tags for anything triggering.

it starts and it never fades away by scagnetism (4k) **

Or, Louis puts out a flyer to help him get a date he absolutely doesn’t want. He gets more than he bargained for.

lagrangian point by flimsy (4k)

They find each other again the night of Valentine’s Day.

Louis figures it wasn’t a good night for either Harry or him, and suddenly the comfort of Harry’s sharp edges pressed tightly against him is more than welcome.

Make It Everlasting So Nothing’s Incomplete by supernope (9k)

Trying to be conspicuous so he doesn’t startle him, Harry sidles up to Louis and asks, “How’s it going?”

“Alright,” Louis muses, turning his head so he can smile at Harry. “I wish there were explanations about what each of the flowers mean on labels or something, though.”

A thrill runs up Harry’s spine, and he can’t quite temper the grin that spreads across his face as he asks, “Well, I could tell you, if you’d like?”

“Oh, only if you have time, I don’t want to keep you away from your work -”

“Louis,” Harry laughs, gesturing around the empty shop. “There is nobody here and, as luck would have it, there is literally nothing I would like more than to talk to you about flowers.”

oh my my, baby don’t be shy by ballsdeepinjesus (2k) **

Harry waves back shyly and looks away, toeing his boots along the hardwood floor. He’s 31 and a boy is making him nervous. He scrunches up his eyebrows and scoffs.

He’s 31. And there’s a boy. Screw it.

He’s not entirely sure the best way to attract the attention of an adult at a gathering of teenagers. The DJ switches the song to one he loves, an upbeat number about living life to the fullest or something endearingly cliche like that. So he doesn’t really think his next action through. He dances.

[harry and louis meet at their daughters’ valentine’s day dance]

shit, i still love you (still see you in bed) by Wankerville (10k) **

Harry hums, tugging his bottom lip between his teeth, “I want daddy to fuck me in the gold booties he got me for my birthday.”

or, it’s valentine’s day and harry wants to be fucked in his gold boots

sugar never tasted so good by vashtaneradas (4k) **

Louis sells rock candy and Harry sells flowers and london is cold; aka a dumb valentine’s au.

their lips are lying only real is real by vanillabeanniall (5k)

The one where Louis and Harry pretend they’re in love to get a few free movies until suddenly they stop pretending.

Turn Around, Valentine, Walk Your Pretty Walk by tomlinsunshine (3k)

It’s Valentine’s Day. Louis gets a package from Nick that he is most definitely not going to open. Really.

we’re looking for something dumb to do by soleilouis (3k)

Harry and Louis decide that they need to come up with the best senior prank possible. if it means pretending that they’re married, that’s a sacrifice they’re willing to make.

your heart is glowing (and i’m crashing into you) by anyadisee (11k)

If this were a fairytale, maybe even a Young Adult novel or a chick flick, this would be the moment where Louis would stare right into his soul and whisper, “You. It’s you, Harry,” before pulling him in for a kiss right there and then in the middle of the sidewalk. They’d confess their never-ending love for each other then hold hands for the rest of the walk home, and then they’d go to uni together and become the ultimate power couple of their campus. They’d start a family together a few years after they graduate, find a large house somewhere nice and preferably warm, get two pet dogs and five cats, and then adopt enough children to start a football team. If only men could get pregnant as well, Harry thinks wistfully. He’d love to carry Louis’ babies given the chance.

But. This isn’t a fairytale, nor is it a movie based off the latest YA bestseller. This is real life.

(harry is in love with love, volunteers to hand out valentine gifts for a week, and somehow becomes the football captain’s secret admirer.)

Playing with Fire || Seungcheol || Pt. 1

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 //

Word Count: 4002

Genre: royalty!au, angst

Summary: He was a forest fire but you didn’t care. You just wanted to get close to him again.

You remembered the first day you met him. You saw him for only a moment before you were swept away by your mother, who pressed you tightly against her leg and rushed you away. You had looked up at her, pulling at her skirt. She looked down at you with kind brown eyes and a soft, velvety smile as well as a patient tilt of her head.

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The Things She Carries, Part 6

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Only the pillar behind her keeps her upright — she is undone. This can’t be happening, but it is, it is, and yes he’s going to — and she wants, oh yes she does —

“Take —” she rasps. 

He leans back; she misses him fiercely. Forces herself with what little strength she has left to meet his eyes, to say, “Take what’s yours.”

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The Signs // Making Out

Aries: will hold you tightly and will probably press your body against a wall and kiss you until your lips are numb. the most passionate kiss, for sure… 

Taurus: will stare at your lips, which will drive you insane. you will feel their heavy breathing on your skin. your body starts shaking and when they finally kiss you, you’ll feel like exploding, melting away, moaning, dying… 

Gemini: will probably pick you up and throw you on the bed. they will kiss you until you want to have sex with them. but don’t worry the sex will be great. 

Cancer: most romantic kiss you’ll ever experience. they will hold your face and press their body against yours. you’ll forget the world around you. 

Leo: most. sexual. kiss. ever. they will kiss you like you have never been kissed before. you will never forget a Leo’s kiss. never. 

Virgo: they don’t like much talking. and don’t worry they will kiss you first. and when they kiss you, phew…be ready for a firework. 

Libra: will stroke your hair and stare into your eyes. they will kiss your neck and touch you everywhere. EVERYWHERE. but they do it so softly that you almost feel like losing your breath. 

Scorpio: will bite your lip and will give you this incredibly cheeky grin which will drive you crazy and which will make you crave for more. mOrE!

Sagittarius: the most genuine kiss you’ll ever experience. when they kiss you, you truly know they want you. you’ll feel so safe with them

Capricorn: they are so careful. they will touch you like you’re the most fragile thing on earth and their kisses are so soft and innocent, it feels like an angel kissing you. 

Aquarius: their kisses are wet and playful. they will kiss you everywhere and tickle you. and their kisses last long, you will forget about time, space, your name…

Pisces: their kisses are the sweetest and the most innocent. they will kiss you everywhere but your mouth. they take their time with you. a kiss on your chin, a kiss on your cheek, a kiss on your eyelids, a kiss on your shoulder…

Imagine The Cloak of Levitation interrupting sexy time with Stephen

- Stephens POV -

Kissed by silver moonlight and stroked by a lingering shade of pink across her cheeks, Y/N was truly the most beautiful think that ever existed beneath my eyes. Soft, fragile, dainty yet something about her resembled the strength of a precious gem.

She was tightly pressed against my trembling body which got more aroused with he every touch. Her fingers were rythmically dancing up and down the blue fabric of my garments, as if she was playing the delicate strings of a musical instrument.

I could hardly contain my sexual frustration by this point. I had been desperate for her closeness and touch for a long time and as much as I enjoyed the divine sensation of her fingertips against my chest I simply craved for more.

It wasn’t untill i felt the shifting of the sheets beneath us that i remembered my companion that was tightly clamped to my neck, yet I was too engaged in the passionate kisses we shared to do something about it and i simply hoped that that would be the last intervention that The Cloak of Levitation had in store for the night.
Oh was I wrong.

I seemed to have forgotten about the minor disturbance untill i felt the familiar fabric push its way between us. Y/N groaned, audibly dissatisfied at the loss of contact that we had before. I joined into her frustration and simply pushed it away yo where it laid originally.

As I was about to lay my hads onto her waist i felt her hot breath tickle the delicate flesh of my neck and her lips brushing against it. Yet my bliss didn’t last long. As she tried to take off my cloak it must have smacked her hand away for she let out a scream that tore across my room and my ear drums and she backed away in panic.

I was close to madness. After seeing the fear riddled expression I jumped out of bed as I fought to strip myself from the red hazard. After a few harsh tugs at my collar I managed to take it off quickly and slam it into my closet before turning the lock.
- “ Sorry about that.” - I said to Y/N who was cheerfully chuckling and hiding beneath the covers, looking sexier than ever and once again awakening the burning flame of lust that was raging inside me.
- “ Where were we..” - I growled lustfully whilst joining her under the satin sheets.

rl quick pressure stimming guide:

1. put hardcover sketchbook on your lap
2. put your back against a wall if there is one
3. squeeze your knees to your chest
4. grab your sleeves really tightly
5. press sketchbook to your chest
6. press face to sketchbook
7. clench teeth
8. curl your toes
9. Feel Good (potentially fall asleep that’s what i did)

Jealous!Newt Scamander x Reader

Request: Hey, could you do like a jealous!newt x reader hc or a cuddly newt x reader hc or both whatever floats your boat xo

A/n- I did both :)

Enjoy ( sorry it took a bit)!

-Jealous Newt would 100% be the protective type, as he would not be afraid to cut in and assert that you were already taken

-You knew he wasn’t a violent person, but you did know that he could get a tad bit jealous at times.

-Newt would sometimes see guys checking you out or winking while the two of you were out running errands or going out for tea/ coffee

-Newt immediately putting his arm around your waist tightly while pressing a heated kiss to your cheek, fully displaying that he was yours and you were his.

- He would go in what is sometimes known as “honey-badger mode” when one of the guys actually gets the nerve to come and flirt with you as he was standing right there

-His face would start to turn red as he seethed with annoyance and slight anger

-Him confronting the man, standing taller than him with your hand tightly in his

-You giving him a look and muttering, “Newt, please put your wand away, you’ll get in trouble,” as he is slowly retracting his arm and glaring at the man.

-The man trying to touch you and get close to you because you ‘needed a man who could please you’

- Newt was having none of it, and would reply furiously, “Sorry but she already has one of those, and he’s quite good at it too.”

- You would kind of just stare at him, a bit shocked, but you would nonetheless thank him with a passionate kiss

-Newt would also be the one to apologize, ‘for his outburst’ but you wouldn’t be angry at all.

-After incidents like this, he would take you home and make sure that you didn’t feel uncomfortable or nervous, which was sometimes the case.

-Him snuggling and cuddling with you after as he read to you

-Newt kissing you and saying stuff like, “I love you” and “You’re too special to be harassed like that” because he knew you were a person, not an object

-Newt overall being a warm and cuddly hugger that would always be there to protect you no matter what



Picture this: Mike and El sprawled out on the couch watching 101 Dalmatians.

Suddenly, she’s leaning forward and Mike thinks that she’s going to kiss him so he closes his eyes. But instead of lips, he feels her fingers softly brush across his cheek, under his left eye.

When he opens his eyes, he sees her examining the eyelash–his eyelash–resting on her fingertip. Mike smiles and places his own fingertip over hers, pressing tightly. El looks up at him, unsure.

“When someone loses an eyelash,” he explains, “You can make a wish on it. We both make a wish and then separate our fingers. Whoever has the eyelash will have their wish come true.”

El nods. She knows about wishes. They’re what you do when you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, like Lucas did last week. She doesn’t need to think about her wish; it’s easy: I wish for my friends to be happy forever, especially Mike.

When they pull their fingers apart, El smiles to see the eyelash still resting on her skin. She blows on it delicately and watches it float away, looking forward to her wish coming true and not knowing that Mike’s wish was startlingly similar; the wish he’ll make on every birthday candle for the rest of his life: I wish for El to have all the happiness in the world forever.

Always My Girl (Kendall Jenner Imagine)

Request: No 

Pairing: Kendall Jenner x Reader (Y/N) 

Warnings: Explicit language

Word count: 988

NOTE: Unedited! Just a quick writing, hope you all like it :)


Originally posted by kendalljbrasil

I sat in the car, my legs shut tightly and lips pressed together while I tried not to breakdown for the fourth time since we’ve gotten into Kendall’s car.

Stop worrying, you pussy.

“Y/N. Please. You’re biting your lips and the last thing I want is to have you eat me up with those chapped lips” I knew she was joking and I knew better not to think about how her pussy felt between my tongue and mouth at the moment.

“Kendall, we’ve been together for what? Two months? And I’m meeting your family. Not to mention that you have like fifty people in your family”

“You’re overreacting. They’ll like you. I like you! Please stop worrying” she said, glancing at me for a second and giving her full attention to the road again.

She was in a pale blue blouse that made her nipples slightly seen and she had jeans that hugged her beautiful legs delicately.

Although, the last thing on my mind was her body when I was nervous as hell.

I ignored her cheerful talk -although, it did not help me to cheer up even the slightest- and continued to look around to see if we’re close. Cause if we were, I was going to try and escape.

“Okay. There we are” Kendall looked at me through her sunglasses and smiled.

“Can we do this another time? Please? I’m not feeling well and honestly, I feel like I’m going to shit myself any minute” I sighed again, touching my chapped lips which was something I always did when I felt nervous.

She let go of the steering wheel and a small giggle left her mouth.

“Come on babe. They’re already fond of you. Kylie already follows you on Instagram and mom made your favorite pie for tonight. Please Y/N?”

“Fuck this. Let’s get to it, my tits are freezing!” I let out a shriek and closed the car door behind me.

Kendall was already in front of me, waiting for me to hold her hand and walk towards the door.

She guided me through their front porch and we stood in front of the huge white door.

“Ready?” Kendall asked and waited for my approval.

“Wait. How do I look? Do I look okay”

“You look perfect, please stop worrying. I promise everything will go great” She gave my hand a squeeze which was interlocked with hers and rung the doorbell which made me even more nervous.

If that was even possible?

I heard the laughter coming from the house and gulped.

It shouldn’t be this hard, right?

I’m not meeting Obama. They’re just Kendall’s family. And they happen to be worldwide famous. 

No biggie.

“Look who’s here! We’ve been waiting for you two since this morning!” Kendall’s mom opened the door with her signature smile -I watch them on TV, so what- and hugged her daughter lovingly.

“Hey mom. Sorry, it took us long”

“Oh shush! And you must be Y/N! Come here,” before I took in what was happening, I found myself inside Kris Jenner’s arms.

She smelled like expensive perfume and…maybe a bit of wine?

“Hey,” I tried to make a conversation and awkwardly hugged her back.

I probably looked so weird.

“Please honey, come in. They’re all waiting for you two! We’re hungry,” Kris smiled and led the way, us following behind her and me looking like a lost puppy.

The Jenner household’s hall was decorated with two chandeliers on the ceiling and black and white coloured ceramic tiles on the floor. I held myself back from gasping at every single glamorous decorative object in the hall.

After ten minutes, we were sat at the long dinner table, everyone was chatting and having a small talk around me.

“You okay,” Kendall looked me in the eyes and touched my arm that was covered in lace material which felt quite itchy on my skin for a second.

I nodded softly and smiled back.

“So, how did you two meet?” I glanced at the voice that asked the question and saw Khloe smiling at us.

I was so nervous that I could even forget my name.

“Um…we met through mutual friends. At a club,” I smiled shyly.

“Nice! How old are you again?”

“I’m eighteen” I answered Kim’s question feeling a bit more relaxed.

“Do your parents know about you and Kenny?” This time, Kylie shoot the question with her wine glass on one hand and I felt myself visibly gulping.

I was literally sweating under the huge chandeliers and my tongue felt too dry.

“Actually…my parents don’t know about me” I hesitantly answered and waited for someone to roast me.

Or even kick me out?

I couldn’t even look Kylie in the eye while answering her question.

“Kylie, it’s none of your business” Khloe cut the silence and I felt the tension between each of us on the table.

“No- no. It’s okay!” I quickly spoke and gave a small smile to both of them.

Literally a small smile. Maybe even a half?

“No, I’m sorry, it’s really none of my business. Sorry for asking,”

“More pie anyone?” Kris finally cut the tension between us and offered more pie -apple pie, heck yeah- and I couldn’t be happier.

“I’ll get some,” Kourtney chime in.

They were all very nice and as the minutes passed, I felt myself getting relieved and more relaxed in front of them.

“You okay?” Kendall turned her attention to me and put a strand of hair behind my ear.

I shyly nodded and felt my stomach dancing in excitement.

“I love you,” she whispered while she leant in and kissed below my ear which made me squirm and giggle.

“I love you too, Kenny”

“You’re always gonna be my girl, you know that right?” She asked and I made an inhuman voice inside my head wishing that she didn’t notice my facial expression.

“I wouldn’t want anyway around”


If I can have one thing happen in season 2, can it please be a Shiro/Matt reunion with an intensely long hug–I’m talking foreheads touching, chests pressed together, tears and choked up words whispered to each other. Can I have Matt clutching at Shiro, asking over and over is Katie okay please tell me Katie is okay how did this happen and Shiro just shaking his head with his eyes pressed shut tightly because I don’t know I’m sorry I’m so sorry I don’t know I can’t believe you’re here I’m so sorry and they’re both so emotionally ruined and compromised in that moment to actually comprehend everything and the galra are everywhere and damn we really don’t have time for this but they make time because it can’t be expressed how much they missed each other and how much time they’ve lost, the what-could’ve-been’s lurking in the back of their minds every second up to this point.

Make Haru Laugh!

A/N: First lee!Haru fic, here I go! Thanks anon for the request, you might not remember it since it was months ago ^///^ But here it is, the long awaited contest, and with help from @ticklygiggles like always, I got many nice ideas and the plot in this fic escalated a little. I hope you like iiit<3

Summary: The guys are chilling at Makoto’s place, and when Haru refuses to laugh at the funny movie they’re watching Nagisa initiates a make Haru laugh contest. Friendly warning: Rin and Haru are a thing in this fic. 

Word Count: 1927

Haru was comfortable. He was content. Together with his Iwatobi swim club gang and boyfriend Rin he sat squeezed together on Makoto’s bed. 

Rin’s shoulder pressing tightly against his own, Makoto on his other side. Rei sat next to Rin, barely falling off the edge, and Nagisa lay sprawled across their laps. One cuddly mess they were.

They were having a movie night at Makoto’s, watching some good ol’ classic Scary Movie. The movie was okay, but what was more okay was spending his weekend with his friends and lover. It made him feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Bwahaha!” Haru jolted a little in surprise when Nagisa burst out in a very loud and bubbly laughing fit.

“I remember this part! It’s hilarious!” he cackled. Haru now noticed Makoto and Rin were laughing as well, and even Rei let out a few chuckles. Woah. Did he miss something?

“Don’t think that’s funny, Haru?” Rin asked as if he noticed Haru pondering over why they were laughing, and he probed his side with his elbow, making the serious swimmer blush. Haru never laughed at movies…

“Ehh, I…” Before Haru could even reply, Nagisa who apparently heard Rin’s comment caught on, and he turned his head with an excited grin.

“Dude, Haru-chan never laughs!” he said, and Makoto and Rei also got distracted by their chatter, and they looked away from the TV screen and suddenly Haru felt four pairs of eyes on him.

“He does!” Makoto protested, and Nagisa turned to face Makoto this time, rolling onto his other side and turning away from the TV. Haru shifted uncomfortably when it was almost as if Nagisa was pressing his face into his crotch, and he could hear Rin snicker softly beside him.

“Oh yes? When?” Nagisa asked, and yep, Makoto had to think too long about this. ‘That’s what I thought, Makoto,’ Haru thought with a smirk. He couldn’t remember ever laughing in Makoto’s presence, even after all these years. 

“Well, he does smile sometimes but.. laugh?” Makoto wondered aloud, doubting his earlier claim, and Rin laughed and shook his head.

“Trust me, he doesn’t,” he said. Haru smiled, silently agreeing with him. 

“I’m sure Rin-san knows,” Rei said, but Nagisa shook his head and pounded Haru’s stomach, making him force out a breathless ‘oof!”. 

“I disagree, disagree! Let’s make it a contest, whoever makes Haru-chan laugh wins an ice cone with three scoops of ice cream ready set go~! Rei-chan!” Rei who was partly distracted by the movie again ended up sputtering because of the sudden pressure on him, and he quickly straightened himself and cleared his throat.

“E-eh what?! Right.. What did the beach say when the tide came in?”


“Long time no sea! Hahah do you get it?” Not even Nagisa laughed, and poor Rei sighed in disappointment.

“Was that all you could do Rei-chan?” Nagisa giggled, and it may not have been visible from his expression but Haru was definitely enjoying the way Rei blushed in embarrassment.

“You should’ve given me more time!” Rei protested, and Nagisa laughed and reached out to pat his leg.

“I never counted down!” While Nagisa and Rei were quarreling about nothing, Haru glared at Rin and mumbled:

“You’re not participating are you?” Rin snickered and took a quick glance at Makoto who seemed to be in deep thoughts about his pun or joke, and he leaned to whisper his answer in Haru’s ear.

“Who knows. Maybe I am.” Haru blushed and turned towards Makoto when he asked for all of their attention.

“Okay guys I’ve got one! A swimming one. What stroke do you think sheep enjoy doing?” Makoto even held up his finger, a big smile on his face. That had to be a good one. 

Haru and Rin looked at each other, then Haru leaned a bit forward to see Rei’s confused expression, and he turned back at Makoto, shrugging.

“Sheep? Sheep don’t swim,” he said with a serious face.

“No, Haru. The answer is baaaaackstroke!” Makoto said it in such a funny sheepish way that even Nagisa and Rin started to laugh. Rei was still going over that joke, and Haru’s eye twitched.

“Who knew you could be so funny Makoto,” he commented dryly, and he looked up when he felt Rin tap his shoulder.

“My turn. Haru, look here.” Haru felt a small urge to laugh when Rin made the silliest face ever.

“PFfftt you look like a silly shark Rin-chan!” Nagisa laughed, and he took his phone and shot a few pictures. Rin held on for a little but when even making a ‘raaawwr’ sound didn’t get Haru to laugh, he sighed.

“Normally it works, I swear,” he whined. 

“You knew I was gonna do this one didn’t you? You just controlled your laughter by force,” Rin said, pushing Haru’s shoulder playfully, and Haru fell back against Makoto, not even trying his best to keep his balance.

“Nah. Jokes get old you know,” he said.

“You mean this once made Haru laugh?” Rei asked. Haru was so busy following conversations, Rei and Rin talking with each other, Makoto joining in, that he was only half aware of Nagisa moving around and bringing his hands to his sides.

“Heh, I thought Rin-chan would play this card but I guess it’s mine. Gather your pennies for that ice cream guys…” The blond playfully squeezed Haru’s sides, and it was as if the whole bed jumped when Haru jerked hysterically, a small gasp escaping his lips.

“Ohohoooo I think this really is gonna be my win!” Nagisa said, observing Haru’s reaction, and Rin, Rei and Makoto turned their attention to Haru who still lay against Makoto, squirming in an attempt to get up.

“No! Nagisa, don’t you dare,” he growled, but Nagisa tickled his sides again and oh nooo out came his laughter. His embarrassing, hideous laughter!

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