tightest dress

Things you don’t know
i. I only kissed you that night because I thought it might help me get over somebody
ii. It did
iii. I fell in love with you the kind of quickly that I used to laugh at
iv. You were the first boy to ever make me feel beautiful for more than the way I looked on a Friday night in my tightest dress and my reddest lipstick
v. I noticed the way you used to look at me like I was something perfect, like I was something you didn’t even deserve
vi. I noticed when you stopped
vii. I always wondered what I did to make that happen
viii. I don’t regret you
ix. I used to think nobody needed anybody else to be happy
x. You made me change my mind
xi. I have tried my best to move on
xii. I haven’t moved on
xiii. I adored you and I wish with my whole heart that I told you that more
xiv. I had never really gotten it right before you 
xv. I’m terrified I’ll never get it right again 
xvi. I told everyone about you, you were a character in ever story I told and I talked about you like you painted the sky blue 
xvii. It broke my heart that you never talked about me that way, that I was only ever “just this girl”
xix. I hated that you never really loved me as much as I loved you 
xx. I want you to be so happy
xxi. I wish so badly it could have been with me
xxii. I’m doing alright without you
xxiii. That last one was a lie
—  22 truths and a lie - blue-delusion
6th and San Jacinto

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Summary: You live in Austin, and one night out with your friends, you decide to go to San Jac Saloon. The co-owner is there, and he makes it a point to make sure you get special treatment throughout the night.

Word Count: ~4,100

Warnings: drinking, general bar atmosphere, smut (you knew it was coming), cursing, unprotected sex (be safe!)

A/N: of course, talking with @spontaneousam led to yet another fic idea. This one, I’m calling a collab. She basically gave me the idea, I wrote it with her as my editor. Thank you, Brook! Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, my crisis.

***Credit to @seenashwrite for the second gif!! Thank you so much again for making it!

You slipped into your tightest dress, your strappiest heels, and make sure your makeup was perfect and set, sure to last you through the night. Austin, Texas, the city that never sleeps - oh, wait - ah, whatever. You and your best friends had planned a night out on the town, heading down to 6th Street.

It was insane. The street was blocked off by police barricades, cops on horses lined the street, mobs of people were shuffling from bar to bar. You noticed a kind of quiet place, right on the corner. San Jacinto street. It ran all the way through Austin, practically - straight through campus, downtown, and then even farther than that. You waved for your friends to follow you through the pack of already drunk people crowding the door of the bar just down the street.

As you entered the corner bar, you noticed how different the atmosphere was. Other bars were bumping dance music. This one had country playing through the speakers. You could get used to this place.

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The Four Times You and Cisco Had Sex

Cisco Ramon x Reader

Warnings: Smut! Oral sex (male receiving and female receiving)

Word count: 2K+


Tags: @gointothestore @agirlinherhead @riseofthephoenix96 @littledorkworld @thefonzeis @moonchildcharm @acunningstargazer @jodiejodiekei

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Imagine – Sam helping you with your abusive boyfriend.

Word Count – 2,448

Pairing – Sam x Reader and some Sam x big brotherly Dean

Triggers – Abusive relationship, angst, really really rude boyfriend


You and your boyfriend Adam have been dating for three years, sadly. At first it was all rainbow and sunshine’s then after about a year, maybe not even he started getting very aggressive and jealous all the time which led to things starting to get emotionally abusive, then sometimes physical. Sam and Dean always told you to leave, especially after it got abusive but the thing was you were terrified to.

Adam would tell you not to see those “Winchester demon boys” as he would call them, and would beat you if you did. Of course you still went and saw them, they were family and nothing was going to ruin that.

You buried your face in makeup and put on the tightest, shortest dress you owned knowing if you didn’t you’d regret it after with him. Tonight was the night you were going to meet his “friends”, you were terrified.

“Hurry up, I don’t want to be fucking late just cause you’re doing your makeup.” He yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

“I’m… I’m coming!” You yelled nervously, taking one last look in the mirror.

“You look hot, good. Let’s go.”

The ride there was quiet, mostly like every car ride with you guys unless you were arguing. You felt a tear slip down your cheek, being careful of not smudging your makeup and being careful that he didn’t notice. You just wanted this over, this whole thing to be all over.

When you arrived to the bar you could already feel the night going horribly.

“Alright, my friends opinions on you mean everything to me, so try to act hot and cool, okay?”

‘It means more to you than how I feel?” you asked quietly, looking down at your lap.

He just growled and slammed the car door shut, making you jump. You climbed out of the car slowly and headed in with your head down. When you looked up to look around you noticed two guys who looked really familiar, one of them were wearing a blue jacket with flannel and the other was wearing a leather jacket – shit.

Once Adam yelled your name both of their heads turned to look at you with wide eyes. You tried to act like you didn’t notice them and walked off with your jerk of a boyfriend, sliding into the booth next to him.

“This is my hot babe, y/n.” Adam said wrapping his arm around your shoulders, filling you with disgust.

“She is hot man, way to go!” The one guy said, giving him a high five while the other two couldn’t stop staring at you.

“Where’d you two meet?” the other man asked you

“Um, I think here actually.”

“Nice, nice. Come here a lot?”

“Eh, sometimes.”

“Cool! Maybe one day you can bring me a friend, or maybe I can just get with you.” He winked while you gave him a rude look and everyone else laughed, including Adam.

The night was filled with just them laughing and leaving you out of everything. You just sat there like a log, sipping on your beer and thinking about how much you wanted to leave. You also would give quick glances at Sam and Dean while they did the same, not when you noticed though.

“So hot stuff, tell us about yours and Adams sex life! Must be so interesting.” The guy asked, making you want to puke in disgust.

“What the hell? No!” Adam gave you a mean look while you gave him one back.

“Sorry guys, she just needs to be reminded who she’s dealing with.” He said with an angry tone, still looking at you.

They went back to laughing and being childish when you snuck out and went to the bathroom, wanting to get away from their rudeness. On your way there you didn’t realize you were walking past Sam and Dean till Sam walked in front of you, stopping you in your tracks while Dean was in the bathroom himself.

“Hey y/n, how come you didn’t say hi? We miss you!” Sam said, bringing you in for a hug but you didn’t hug back, making him frown.

“This is about Adam, isn’t it?” He said with a sad tone and worry look, breaking your heart.

“Sammy, I gotta go…” you whispered, looking at Adam then looking back at him

“Why do you let him do this to you y/n? You deserve to be treated like a princess, not a – a Barbie.”

“You don’t get it Sam, you really don’t.”

“No you’re right, I don’t. But if you need anyone … I’m just a call away, see ya y/n..” Poor Sammy, always putting everyone before himself.

Sam walked back to the booth him and his brother shared, taking a big sip of whiskey which he rarely ever would drink. He was sad, he’s been sad since you’ve started getting treated that way. Since you started dating … him. He wanted to protect and love you as his own. He wanted to sleep with you in his arms every night, and wake up with you every morning. He wanted to take you out on dates on the days they weren’t busy with hunting. He wanted to help you hunt even though you were already badass, he just wanted to keep you safe and be your “hero”. But that could never happen now, cause of Adam. He knew you were terrified of leaving Adam, and didn’t feel the same about him anyways but he was wrong, so wrong.

“That bathroom in there is gross, man! I could barley –“ Dean stopped, noticing the tears running down his little brothers red cheeks with his quivering lip.

“Sammy, what’s wrong?” He asked, sitting in front of him.

“Let it out baby brother, I’m all ears.”

“She’s with that Adam dude, the one who beats her. You should see the way she’s dressed man, she doesn’t even look like herself. You should’ve seen how scared and upset she looked. She kept looking over her shoulder and she could barley look me in the eyes. I don’t know what to do.”

Dean sighed and patted his shoulder, giving him a sympathetic look.

“I’ll go talk to her if you want, okay? I’ll be right back.” Before Sam could say anything he was up and walked away, leaving him to himself again.


You walked out of the bathroom, trying to fix your makeup as much as you can from the tears. Getting lost in your train of thought you didn’t realize Dean was standing in front of you, accidentally bumping into him.

“Oh sorry – Dean?” You asked, panicking more when you realized you’d be gone for a while again.

“Hiya y/n, long time no talk. You doin’ okay?” You nodded, lying.

“Really? Cause that bruise on your wrist tells me otherwise.” He said, nodding his eyes down to your wrist with the huge purple and blue mark. You looked away and rubbed up and down your arm nervously.

“Closed it in a door by accident.”

“More like your boyfriend closed it into a door, why are you still fucking with him y/n? You’re a smart, beautiful girl who could get any guy she wanted! Why waste your time on that piece of shit?”

“Anyone I wanted? That’s fuckin’ funny, Winchester. Cause I’m pretty sure your brother doesn’t want me, so I can’t do much.”

“You don’t know that!” He said louder.

“Yes I do! Now, I have to go and deal with Adam and get flirted on by his “Friends”. I’ll talk to you at some point when there’s a case close by. Stay safe, tell Sammy I said stay safe too.” You said, walking away without a good bye.

“I think you’re the one who needs to stay safe!” He yelled, but you ignored him.

When you came back to the table Adam looked as angry as ever, if looks could kill you’d be dead. You sat back down without looking at anyone, hearing them talk trash about everyone and anything.

“Me and y/n best be going, we got other plans to do.” Adam said, making your heart pound.

“Oh, what plans? We were just startin’ to get to know the girl.” One of his friends asked.

“Just things we have to do, she knows those things.” You looked at him with fear, then looked over at Sam who was already staring at you with sadness and anger in his eyes, giving you a quick fake sad smirk after. You wanted to say something so bad, but knew you couldn’t with Adam around.

He grabbed your arm tightly and pulled you out of the bar, but the boys didn’t notice sadly. You were hopping they would so they’d come to the rescue, but nothing. He pulled you to the side of the bar, throwing you against the hard brick wall and punching you in the nose after.

“You stupid bitch, I saw you with those … those Winchester boys!” He said, punching you again.

“Adam, we were just talking for 10 seconds! Maybe less, fucking stop!”

“You probably fucked that punk looking dude in the bathroom, I saw you go in there with him! Disgusting!” He punched you again, but this time in the stomach.

“Adam – please!” You cried, holding your stomach.

“You are the biggest slut, and biggest let down I ever met. You’re a hunter and you can’t even protect yourself from a man, weak!”  

“Nobody will love you, and that’s a fact. You had the best thing ever and you fucking lost it baby, gone! You’re all alone, just how you started and that’s how you’ll die…alone.” He reached up his first but took to shock when he felt someone place their hand over it, and twisting his wrist after. You opened your eyes, realizing you didn’t feel anything hit you and you were so thankful for what you saw, Sam.

“You’re wrong on that one buddy, cause I love her. Also you’re not the best thing ever cause she is. You’re actually the WORST thing ever and you sure as hell are not a man!” Adam spat in his face while Sam just chuckled and threw him on the ground, punching him In the face after.

There was cracking and blood everywhere. It was on Sam’s fists, and Adam’s firsts but it was your blood instead of Sam’s. After 5 minutes you got out of your shock and realized if you didn’t stop him he was gonna kill him, which you didn’t feel like dealing with at all even though he deserved it.

“Sammy, please!” You yelled over his grunts and Adams muffled swears. Dean came behind you quietly and buried your face in his chest, placing his hand on the back of your head and running his hand through your hair softly, letting you cry into his chest as he held you and tried to distract you from the view.

“Come on, you don’t need to see this.”

You and him walked back to the Impala and sat together as you cried. He rubbed your back and would whisper sweet things to calm you down.

“Anything broken sweetheart?” He said softly, looking at your bloody nose and busted lip along with your black eye.

“No, not that I know of.”

“We’ll keep an eye on your nose, it’ll all be okay. It’s over… it’s over. You’re safe.” You hugged him again while he hugged back softly, trying to not cause you anymore pain.

“How am I safe? I have no home, and my stuff is probably gone.” He looked at you like you were insane.

“You are always welcomed in our home, y/n. Me and Sammy might be a pain in the ass to live with, but you are always free to stay with us for as long as you want. You’re family.”

You nodded with a smile, a real smile for the first time in years. You actually felt safe, like everything was going to be okay and that was a feeling you haven’t had in so, so long.

“He was cryin’ over you, you know?” Dean said, looking down at the ground.

“He was?” He nodded slowly.

“He was terrified, y/n. He was scared to death. I never seen him cry like that before.”

The sounds of Sam’s boots clomping caught your and Dean’s attention, seeing his fists still covered in blood and a little on his shirt and jeans.

“You okay?” Dean asked.

“Yeah, can me and y/n talk for a second?” You got out and walked with him, leaving Dean alone.

“I’m sorry I didn’t do that sooner, it’s just … when I heard your whimpers and his screams, I knew. I told Dean “man, this ends now.” And I meant it y/n. I really, really freaking hope you’re not going back to him cause I swear to Christ if I gotta kill him just to get him away from you and keep you safe I will.”

“I love you, Sam.” The four words he’s been dying to hear for years, the words he dreamed about.


“Open your ears, moose. I said I love you.”

He walked up to you, cupped your face with his big hands and kissed you as hard as he could, knowing his lips would be sore tomorrow but he didn’t care. You ran your fingers in his hair and kissed back, making him smirk against your lips.

“God, I’ve been waiting years to hear you say that.”

“Well get used to it because you’re going to be hearing it a lot more.” You smiled while he smiled too.

“I’m so excited to treat you how you deserve to be treated, like a princess. You have no idea how excited I am to make you happy!” You kissed him again while he hugged you tightly, kissing your nose, eye and lip after.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry I didn’t help you earlier.”

“Sam, better late than never. I’m so thankful that you came and helped, if you didn’t I don’t think I would’ve made it home alive.” His heart broke at the idea of that happening.

“Well you won’t have to worry about that anymore.”


“So, are you guys ….?” Dean asked. Sam wrapped his arms around your shoulders like Adam did, but this time it was different with Sam. You felt comfortable, and safe. He nodded and pulled you in with a smile while Dean smiled too.

“About damn time.”

I Just Hit The Lotto - Chen

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Other Parts: Kyungsoo Kai Lay Baekhyun Chanyeol Suho Sehun Xiumin

I entered into the boy’s giant warehouse casino from the housing area at the back after I had finished getting ready for the party that was already in full swing but I had decided that tonight was going to be different from the normal casino party. My boyfriend chen and I hadn’t done anything sexual in weeks as he and the other boy’s had been caught up in stuff to do with their gang that I don’t know of since Chen doesn’t allow me to get involved with it any more than I already am by dating him.

My outfit tonight was to tease the hell out of Chen, the dress code at the casino was to wear white and have masks on while inside the casino at all times but that didn’t apply to me or the boy’s even though we tend to wear white or black but tonight I’m going to change it up a lot by wearing the tightest brightest dress I own.


Once on the casino floor I made a bee-line straight for my boyfriend who is sitting in the middle of a long table gambling while surrounded by people in masks, mainly girls that were trying to get his attention I might add but he was paying them none.

Chen hadn’t noticed me yet but a few of the other boys did as I made my way to him and they gave me a knowing look as this wasn’t the first time I had done something like this as Chen was often neglecting me, not that he ever meant to and I didn’t blame him for it which was why I was still around.

Once I reached Chen I leant down so that I was level with his ear and asked if he was winning before kissing his cheek and moving so that I was standing next to him and he could finally see what I was wearing.
“Baby is this all for me?” He asks pulling me so that I am sitting on his lap.
“Yeah, we haven’t had any fun in a while so I thought I’d let you see what you’ve been missing out on” I answer crossing my legs so that the slit in my dress shows all of my leg.
“Good why am I such an idiot to neglect you so much!!” He groans out loving everything I was doing to him.
“I don’t know baby, I really don’t” I say giggling at him as he presses at kiss just above my breasts.
“Alright now that my lucky charm is here, let’s get this game going” He says to everyone around the table.

Chen had been gambling for hours now and was killing everyone but I was bored of Chen’s hand only on my waist and simply pecks on the lips every time he wins big. Getting up I tell Chen that I’m going to get a drink and see what the other boys are doing, he replies with a quick okay and kiss before releasing me from his grip.

Moving around the room I see all of the boy’s doing the normal things, the only thing that stood out to me was that Kyungsoo’s girlfriend wasn’t at the cock fight with him but was chatting with Kai instead, I guess her boyfriend wasn’t paying her much attention either. After seeing nothing that catches my fancy happening around the room I head back to Chen noticing even more girls around him since I left but he’s still not paying them any attention.

I decide that I’ve had enough of waiting for Chen and he’s had long enough to play his game so I walk pass him whispering in his ear along the way saying that he needs to pack up his money and join me in his bedroom now if he wants anything from me tonight before walking straight to the big double doors and typing in the code all without looking back at him knowing that his eyes will be on me the entire time.

It was only a couple of minutes before Chen came barrelling through the door slamming it behind him, picking me up from the spot where I was standing and throwing me on the bed roughly, making me squeal before giggling as I bounced on the bed.
“I hit the lotto tonight baby and not just out there but also with having you as my girlfriend, you are so amazing” He says not wasting any time in getting the both of us naked “Baby look at how ready your pussy is for me, you’re so wet”
“Well what do you expect I’ve been waiting for this all night” I say pulling him in-between my legs “Actually I’ve been waiting for this for weeks now”
“I’m so sorry (Y/N), you know I don’t mean to neglect you it just happens” He says taking my face in his hands before gently kissing me.
“I know Chen you never need to say sorry for it, I love you” I reply flipping us over so that I was on top of him, straddling his hips “Now let me take care of you tonight baby”

Grinding against him, he quickly grabs onto my waist as his cock hardens even more than before. Not interested in fore play tonight I lift myself up and slide down onto him, placing my hands on his chest digging my nails into him loving the way he fills me up.

After taking the time to adjust to Chen’s size I start to move rolling my hips around in figure 8 shapes knowing how Chen likes it when I’m on top. One of Chen’s hands slides up from my waist and to my breast squeezing it in his hand and pulling at my nipple before sitting up enough so that he can take the nipple of my other breast into his mouth biting, licking and sucking at it causing me to arch my back into his mouth even more.

Once Chen detaches himself from my nipple and lays back down on the bed I start to bounce on his cock making both our grips on each other tighten. Leaning down I start to kiss him loving the way his lips feel on mine and the things he does with his tongue.
“God baby girl you’re going to make daddy cum already” He says sounding despite and needy.
“Daddy? That’s a knew one” I reply slightly shocked as Chen has never brought up that kink before but fuck did that turn me on “Mm, Daddy I’m close too”
Bouncing on him harder and faster I bring both myself and Chen over the edge.

Riding out our orgasms before collapsing onto his chest in a sweaty heap.
“(Y/N) you make me so thirsty for you it’s unreal” He informs me whilst running a hand soothingly up and down my spine.
“I’m sorry I took you away from the party Chen, I just wanted you all to myself” I say even though I know that he doesn’t actually care.
“You don’t have to be sorry baby girl. I don’t need gambling and money, I just need you” He says pulling out of me and wrapping us in a blanket before falling asleep in each other’s arms…

several hours had passed since the brunette last spoke to the male, the anger still raging inside her as she dressed in the tightest black dress she owned; strapless and ending just underneath her ass. she was warned to stay home, to keep out of trouble, but raven was never one to listen especially now that she was in over her head. sitting on a couch, drugs swarming her system, she leaned her head back to give the male seated next to her more room to mark the skin now in the possession of his lips.

You packed the tightest dress you could find in Abby’s close and when you steps out of the bedroom, you have to sit down. Her dress is somewhere between blue and green. It’s dark and clings to her, being held up with two thin straps over her tan shoulders. Her hair is in soft curls around her shoulder. “Holy shit.”

She smiles, blushing slightly, “You look amazing, Raven.”

You stand up and look down at yourself. Your dress is strapless and fire engine red. Your hair is down in strands that falls straight down. You swiftly move to her and sweep her up in a kiss because you don’t know that you can stop.

Her hands push against the small of your back, pulling you against her body. You make out until she pulls back with a content hum. “We should go.”

“Okay,” you steal another kiss for the road before leading her out the door.

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