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More about WRAPPING!!!!

Here are some FACTS about the wrap!

1. It’s NOT water weight loss. There isn’t one single ingredient in our wrap that would cause water weight loss.

2. it’s botanically infused cloth is designed to tighten, tone and firm any area on the body from the neck down where you want to see some instant toning results.

3. They reduce the appearance of cellulite

4. One wrap works in your system for 72 hours so you only want to use one wrap every 3 days!📆

5. One wrap is a “sample” but 4 is a full treatment! 🚫DO NOT JUDGE YOUR RESULTS FROM ONE WRAP!!!🚫 Just like someone wouldn’t go get ONE session of hair removal, go tanning ONE time or use ONE crest white strip, Wraps need to be used in a TREATMENT! Although people typically see results from ONE, don’t stop there!!

6. Drink LOTS of water during the 72 hours your wrap is working in your body! Your results will also be progressive over that time frame!

7. TAKE PICTURES!!! GUYS…. If you aren’t willing to take a picture than you may as well not wrap! Because you’re not going to be able to compare and see the difference!! My first wrap I didn’t see any results and didn’t want to take an after picture. My Sponsor MADE me and when I compared the 2 photos, my jaw dropped!! TAKE. PICTURES!!📸

8. Wraps are NOT meant for lazy people to throw a skinny wrap on and skip a healthy lifestyle. They are designed to go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle hence the reason we have an entire supplement line! But think how amazing it would be to throw a wrap on on days you’re feeling discouraged and haven’t seen results in a while. You get that instant result and Suddenly you’re motivated again!! This is my favorite reason to wrap!!

9. Wraps will tighten loose skin from weight loss and pregnancy. I am NOT a scientist and don’t even understand how on earth you can stick a wrap on and see these results (just like I don’t understand the science behind tanning, dying your hair, crest white strips etc.) but I’ve seen them with my own eyes all day every day for the past 9 months

10. Are your results at the gym permanent? Depends on if you’re maintaining with a healthy lifestyle, correct? Same with our wraps!! Don’t knock them till you try them! 💁🏼

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anonymous asked:

I have recently started losing weight. I'm 5'10" and when I originally started I was at 304, now I'm at 276. But I'm worried about my skin, what can I do to best prevent lose skin from happening?

First, congratulations on your weight loss! When you lose a lot of weight, there isn’t really much you can do to tighten up the skin 100%. However, you can do a couple proactive things to help down the line:

  • Lose weight at a steady pace. The faster you lose the weight, the more loose skin you will end up having. Good, steady weight loss is about 1-2 pounds a week (you will have bigger numbers when you first start due to losing a lot of water weight and initial change in lifestyle).
  • Keep your skin moisturized. I personally apply cocoa butter lotion after every shower.
  • Incorporate weight training & toning into your exercise routine at least 2-3 days a week. This is going to be the best thing you can do for tightening up the loose skin to an extent.

All in all, loose skin is the least of your worries. I know it’s scary to think about working hard and still having to deal with loose skin, but you shouldn’t let it keep you from continuing on your journey. Because despite having some loose skin, you will also have your health, your new body (which will look amazing anyway because no one can see loose skin under clothes), your newfound confidence, and everything that comes along with losing weight. And skin removal surgery is always an option down the road.