liberteaustin   I get asked a lot what holster I use to conceal carry… My favorite is the Galco IWB BC I can wear it with tight jeans or shorts and I don’t need a belt. Except for the clip you can’t see the holster and NO I do NOT ever carry on my person without a holster not even for a picture… The material is suede which makes it super comfy.. I almost always carry a 1911 for personal protection and I do not carry it cocked… Sometimes I will carry it chambered but with the hammer down if I’m let’s say walking in a dark alley… That’s just my preference and I think with training and situational awareness you can still have plenty of time to draw and shoot. However, if you’re not comfortable with the response time then carry a weapon with a double action for example that provides an extra layer of safety while carrying a hot weapon. For ladies you should always holster your weapon even if you carry in your purse. Treat your gun as if it’s loaded at all times is the golden rule! If you carry on your purse make sure you can get to it in time or it’s useless. I’m in Texas so I can carry open or conceal and I’m completely for both methods on a case by case basis.. My gun is on my mind all day when I carry.. As it should be because it needs to be taken seriously. Don’t carry in your purse only to leave your gun sitting in your purse somewhere out if your control. Be responsible and carry wisely. Just my two cents for tonight ✌️🔫❤️


It doesn’t look like too much of a difference honestly, but I feel worlds different. 

For my work, I have to wear jeans. When I first moved here, my jeans were tight. They required some stretching to get to work and to feel good and comfortable.I would be on the second tightest buckle on my belt. Today, I put them on, and they’re falling off on me.  The tightest buckle is now still too loose on me. I have to buy a new belt.

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