tight tops

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Please don't take offense from this because i love love loveeee your blog and your art and everything, but I have just noticed that the way you draw breasts on women seems a bit... off? I know that it looks different considering the clothing (especially the tight dress tops and everything) but to me it just doesn't look 100% correct.... overall it doesn't matter too much though, and you don't have to change anything if you don't want to!!! Sorry, ilu mom!!

Ahh! I’ll keep this is mind when I draw in the future! It seems like something I need to work more on!

I try to draw them very pushed up because of the corset, but I might go a little overboard. Thank you for the feedback!

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Something that's much more effective for me than a sports bra is to bind with just tight women's tank tops. It flattens somewhat and it bridges the gap between the boobs and the stomach, giving the illusion of a flat chest (works better if you have a bit of stomach). I wore two tight tanks under my shirt last week and my friend legit thought I was wearing a binder