tight lacing


Couture Outfit “The Crown Princess”

“The Crown Princess” is a richly embroidered couture outfit, consisting of an underbust corset panty, a matching neck corset and strapless bra.

The corset pieces are made from sheer strong mesh and are elaborately decorated with synthetic leather cutwork, silver beads and Swarovski crystals.

The epaulettes and hip pieces are made from sturdy thermoplast and are also decorated with beads and Swarovski crystals, as well as silver metal spikes.

Royal Black Couture and Corsetry (x)

How to Lace Up Your Corset - A Helpful Infographic by Strait-Laced Dame

Perfect as an 8.5" x 11" print out, this diagram is intended for the corset lover looking to learn how to lace themselves up independently.  Practice makes perfect, and a visual aid makes practice much easier.

Please don’t hesitate to share this with anyone you think might be interested, but don’t forget to keep the credit intact!

These screencaps of my upcoming Contour Corset review apparently ruffled some feathers on Facebook. Before any turd comes by and spews ignorance, let me clarify:

  • Most corseters do their research before training and understand the risks and benefits.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day. My waist doesn’t cinch down 7 inches in one go, either.
  • You’re entitled to your aesthetic preferences, just as I am to mine. Neither is “wrong”.
  • I’ve shown my corsets to multiple doctors whose reactions ranged from, “Wow” to “You can market those” to “Oooh pretty.” Also, they say I’m healthy.
  • I don’t do this for anyone but myself.

“Killing you and giving you advice aren’t mutually exclusive.”

Today I donned the completed corset and headpiece for my first attempt at cosplay: Portal character GLaDOS.  It required a number of nearly sleepless nights, but it was, I believe, worth it.  In fact, I only finished it this morning, a mere hour before departing for Denver Comic Con for the afternoon.

Many thanks to my husband (always my “stalemate associate”) for helping me to cut boning in order to get it done in time.  And to the 30 or so people at DCC who stopped me and asked for a picture, let alone the countless who I heard whispering about me while walking by.

Being brave and stealthing my CS-411 Orchard Corset under my dress for my work do on Friday. I actually love how I look with this on and I’m so glad I bought it. I’m getting much more body confident and I definitely don’t *need* anything to like myself but I still adore my shape like this.

Still working on closing this (and have more on the way) and can’t wait to see how things progress!