tight lacing



So along with an update with my corset training, I have decided to begin a challenge of some sorts. With this challenge I want to try and create a community of people that struggle with everyday problems big and small, so that we can all come together and help one another rise above those issues through proper motivation. I am calling it the “Rolling Girl Challenge” due to the fact I was inspired by the song “Rolling Girl” however this is open to anyone. Anyone who would like to join me in this feel free and if you would like, please tell me what kind of things you struggle with in life. I would love to hear people’s stories and see what they want to overcome in the future. My first challenge to myself is to try and get stronger mentally, physically and emotionally. I am taking baby steps towards it, like leaving my house to actually hang out with someone I haven’t hung out with since I was like 14.

The logo was created by my lovely friend @ashtreesarts she’s extremely talented so please check her work out! <3

As far as corset training goes, I am still currently maintaining my 31″ waist. The corset in the photo is the lovely CS-426 Short in black mesh in a size 26″ from the lovely @orchardcorset. This corset has helped me at work since it’s better mobility wise than both of my customs due to them being longline underbusts. Also because of the mesh, it is breathable and very easygoing which is very much appreciated. The curve looks very nice too. Give Orchard Corset some love as well since they have good starter corsets at very reasonable prices! ^_^

Have a wonderful day!