tight high waist jeans

school dress code! ft. s.j.m characters


rowan : simple jeans and a shirt. nothing special. blends in with the crowd. probably wear timberlands. probably gets them stolen by aelin. may wear rings occasionally. very tall, so midriff always showing when he stretches. 

aelin : always wearing tight™ clothing. rowan always has to walk her to places because of it but he doesn’t mind. tight high-waisted skinny jeans and mid waisted crop tops. snap back caps too, probably aedion’s. doesn’t wear dresses or skirts. big on shorts. wears thigh high boots. 

aedion : ripped jeans and ripped sweatshirts. model™ every day. how does he do it? the world may never know. probably takes as long as lysandra in the morning, if not longer. muscle tees definitely. wears normal sneakers that keep being stolen by his cousin and his girlfriend. 

lysandra : girly girl that will assault you if you call her a slut™ don’t mess with her™ she may wear skirts and blouses and heels and headbands in her hair but she will cut™ you. wears necklaces and bracelets and rings too. probably has a blade hidden in her bra.

dorian : black black black everywhere. when does this boy ever not wear black? when he’s wearing grey or white. expensive™ clothes. “where you get that black shirt?” “this isn’t black, it’s charcoal off-black black and it costs $400″ he’ll mix it up but those are his three go to colors. they compliment his eyes. 

manon : goth™ hot topic™ always wearing band merch. always some ripped dresses and shirts and jeans. black stockings and those ridiculously high heels. spiked rings and necklaces. the queen of chokers and choking people. skulls and roses too. but mostly skulls. wears less black than dorian, but still loves black. 

chaol: mostly wears sweatpants and whatever shirt he just found. nothing special about him. but he still kind of looks good?? as long as he doesnt walk directly beside the others. sweatshirts of course and muscle tees but like twice every summer. 

nesryn : closet goals™ everything you could ever wish for™ mostly red and brown and gold. maybe some white and grey here and there, but she really does have everything. mostly wears midriff showing red shirts and brown high waisted skinny jeans. loves combat boots. has body jewelry and you know it. makes chaol look good. 

fenrys : probably on the sports team. so he just wears his uniform. but if not, he’s wearing those sport-like shorts and simple white tee shirts. muscles rip through shirt so beware™ wears joggers too bc he’s trying to look cool™. aelin most likely dresses him. 

asterin : wears a lot of gold and she looks drop dead gorgeous in it. and mix of lysandra and aelin. most likely will not wear a dress or a skirt, but when she is in one, you know it’s about to go down. definitely™ has blades hidden under her clothing. 

lorcan : he’s too tall for clothes. he’s too cool for school. he messes up the dress code every day. probably lets elide dress him. and she just throws xxxxxx-large sweaters at him, which they found on some black-list site. very hard to shop for him, but he likes simple things. 

elide : makes lorcan look 128% better. loves long sweaters with leggings. mostly likes grey, black, creams, browns, and reds maybe. always has too long sleeves so she can look extra cute. wears beanies. simple flat shoes on. 

connall : smol gay bean™ doesnt hide his gayness™ but he doesn’t look gay. just beanie and sweaters and jeans. simple, easy to find, vaughan loves ripping it off in the janitor’s closet, probably the best fashion sense next to aelin. fashion wars™ between those two. 

vaughan : connall dresses him. he can never dress himself. he’d look like a hobo wearing green with orange and a side of purple. connall just puts him in simple clothes that he got from whatever store was next to his favorite. probably bright colors too, just so he can laugh. vaughan is never amused™ jk he is bc he loves connall. 

gavriel : dresses like the dad, is the dad… the hot dad your best friend is having an affair with. loves those nerdy glasses. does not dress like a nerd. but oh my he looks good. “stop staring at the dad™ of the group” “cant stop wont stop” “ugh” simple v neck shirts and jeans. so simple, but he makes it look so good.


rhys: drag queen clothes. over the top. calm down rhys. everyone is looking at you. wears as much black as dorian. actually dresses feyre and everyone else “oh honey, that color makes you look sick” “oh no no no this just wont do” sassily walking down the halls, a grumbling feyre behind him.

feyre : she doesnt even know what she’s wearing. she loves shopping at thrift stores but rhys puts her in high brand things. she loves getting old clothes and making them better but rhys loves spending thousands of dollars on her. mostly just wears ripped clothes and makes them look good. doesn’t care about the name brands™.

cassian : hot™ boy™ at™ school™ everyone wants him. that poplar boy but with a heart of gold. has “nerdy glasses” competition with gavriel bi-weekly. they switch turns when it comes to winning. wears skinny jeans because it’s good for the butt muscles. and good for the ladies. he is a sin. 

nesta : elegant clothes™ the epitome of class. created the word ‘classy’. wears those big shades just to dramatically slide them off her face and flip her hair like a super model. has nice fitting clothes, not too edgy or revealing. the “it” girl. 

azriel : mor actually dressed him. he couldn’t dress himself if mor smacked him in the head with the clothes she wanted him to wear. which she does. he likes to hide behind his clothes and mor. doesn’t feel worthy of the hotness he has. actually has a nice sense of style when he got into it. wears belts and tucks his shirt in and has cufflinks. probably the occasional bowtie and blazer. hotter than you think™. 

mor : walk walk fashion baby, the hallways are her runways. always in the hottest styles. in those eight inch heels, but can totally fite™ you™. has short dresses that barely just reach her thighs. always wearing short in the front long in the back. made the term “business in the front, party in the back”.

lucien : elain is actually impressed by his sense of style. loves autumn colors. its the middle of spring and you ill find him in browns and reds and golds and orange scarves. loves normal jeans and normal shirts and just wears rings to accessorize. the occasional beanie here and there. 

elain : spring incarnate. exactly like lucien, but with spring. always wearing light pinks and blues and yellow and tangerine oranges. she can pull off anything. always wearing those light pink skinny jeans and light blue tops. color clashing™ somehow it works™ huuuuge hoop earrings and necklaces that drop down to her belly button. wears sandal platforms.

amren : drop dead hot. and scary™ watch out. wears more spikes than manon. has spikes on her heels. spikes on her bra. spikes everywhere. loves silver and red. has the best body jewelry and a lot of earrings in her ears. and septum one. red and black lips. gotta love her sense of style. chokers™ with spikes™ and skulls™

tamlin : …

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Okay hear me out: Glanni wearing a light pink, silky bomber jacket with a plain black, tight crop top, paired with high waisted leather jeans with silver zippers, and studded suede, lace up chunky heels

This I can get behind. Because I would actually wear this.

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I'm going to a party this Saturday and I'm not sure what to wear! It's winter where I live so it can't be to skin-revealing.

Maybe a long sleeve velvet or lace crop with either a skater skirt and tights or high waisted skinny jeans, leather jacket, choker and chunky boots x

Snapchat mishap (Nate Maloley)

It hurt.

It’s hurts, so fucking much, the pain in my chest is so sharp I’m surprised I’m not bleeding out from it. My eyes water as I rewatch jacks snapchat story clicking through the first one until I’m there again, watching Nate make out with some girl. But why should he care, she’s beautiful and I’m just a bumpkin, besides it wasn’t like we were together, we never had been.

In fact I’m certain he has no idea really that I like him so much, we were friends. I hung out with him and swazz and the rest of the crew, fairly certain that I was thought of as one of the boys. But I didn’t want that anymore, especially not with Nate. Id dressed up tonight thanks to my few friends that were girls and could give me tips and well dress me like how usual in style girls dress. I was wearing a tight crop top and some high waisted jean shorts and all white high tops. They’d done my make up which I rarely ever wore and even put lipstick on me.

I was sitting in the uber having just arrived at the house and decided to check my phone and see what I might be walking into when i saw the video. And now here I was sitting on the steps outside the party contemplating wether I should still venture in or not. I was leaning toward not, when the door opens and stass and sammy come out giggling while leaning into each other in this late evening.

“Oh my gosh, y/n you’re here! And you look so cute too!” Stass giggles waving at me.

I smile back but still think I can get away when Sammy’s eyes land on me, a huge grin graces his face.

“DAMN Y/N YOU LOOK HOTT C'MERE” he yells dragging me into the low lighted house.

I pray that he doesn’t take me into the kitchen, but it seems that’s where we’re going as we stumble into Johnson, whose still giggling with his phone while sammy is trying to find me a something to drink as he tells me for the thirtieth time.

“Naaatteee, y/n needs a drink. So help her.” He shouts before leaving me in an awkward silence with him and his possible new girl.

“It’s fine I was just leaving” I mutter.

Making sure to avoid looking at him or even in his general direction, quickly shuffling out of the room just as fast as I came in it. He calls my name but I’m speed walking as fast as I can out of there, already wishing I hadn’t even tried to look this good for a hopeless cause.

“Y/n!” I heard my name being called.

But didn’t feel like facing anyone at the moment so I started to jog, making it outside and to the sidewalk, before a hand pulled me back into a hard chest.

“Careful there, wouldn’t want you to get hit by a car.” He murmurs.

That makes one of us, I think. Because the embarrassment coursing through me is enough to make me want to live under a rock.

“Why’d you leave?”

“I just realized why I don’t come to parties is all,” I mumble.

He turns me around, but I keep my chin down, staring at his chest that’s covered by a white shirt. Hoping that he’ll let me go. But I feel one of his arms that’s wrapped around my waist, move and suddenly his warm hand engulfs my chin pulling it up so I have to stare into his eyes. They’re hazy, but he’s looking at me with a concerned expression. And I hate it, because it makes my heart flutter, but after seeing him with that girl I don’t want it to beat hard for him.

“What’d you say? Why are you trying to leave?” He asks.

“It’s nothing Nate, I just remembered why I don’t usually come to parties is all.” I say.

Wanting to move my head back down, but his fingers keep me still, he even lowers his head a bit so that he can stare me in the eyes a bit more intensely.

“Fuck, you look good tonight Y/n” he whispers.

And that’s when I remember the exotic make up my friends helped me do, and now I was wishing I hadn’t even tried. Although the way his eyes have lit up makes me smile a little.

“Thanks, but I gotta go so take a picture cause I probably won’t be looking like this again.” I say pushing off from his chest and stumbling back a few steps.

“Come on Y/n, just come in and stay for fifteen minutes and if you really hate it then leave, come on please lil ma” he whispers sticking out his bottom lip in a pout.

I sigh taking his out stretched hand and following him back inside. He smiles at me triumphantly before we’re back inside. He’s grabbed me a beer and the music is booming, and with some liquid courage I pull Nate onto the made up dance floor with me, heart racing with excitement.

“Alright I’ve seen you’re victory dance, so show me what you got” he laughs.

He’s talking about the few times when I beat him at 2k16, and the little dance i’d do.

I smirk,at first swaying my hips while looking at him before turning so that my back is to his front and grinding my hips into his slowly, just like I practiced in front of the mirror several times. I go to step away scared that I somehow did it wrong, as he’s not responding, plus looking at the other girls who are dancing on guys they seem to be doing much better than me, when I feel his hands slip around my waist and pulling me into him.

I smile a little before getting into the beat of partition that has just come on, I lean into him before bending down and sliding back up all the while pushing my ass into him. His thumbs hold and rub into my hips, and he grinds along with me. Before i pop back up bending down a bit and looking over my shoulder at him. His eyes are hooded and he’s biting on his lower lip, I can start to feel a stirring in my pants so I move back to just sway with him.

“Fucking hell Y/n” he whispers.

His lips brushing against my ear as he nuzzles his nose into the crook of my neck. I giggle, wrapping an arm around the back of his neck. We stay like that for awhile when a more upbeat song comes on. And that’s when the boys come out. Sammy sees me smirks as he dances with stass, Johnson, the lil shit grins at me before pulling me out of nates arms and twirling me around. I giggle seeing swazz come over and offer Nate a blunt, funny as the song I guess I’ll smoke, comes on. I dance a little with Jack, and then with sammy and stass, but really I just want to go back to dancing with Nate. However when I turn to go back to him, I see the girl from earlier. She grinding on him, and he seems happy with it.

Rolling my eyes I take a swig from swazz’s bottle, before grabbing his hand and dragging him away from the girls he was with. He starts to say something but I shake my head, smiling and dancing with him. Swazz starts to pull me closer as I move my hips provocatively, or what I assume is provocative. But I don’t get too far as Nate stumbles between us, his girl in tow.

“What the fuck are you doing swazz?” He asks.

“Nothing, y/n and I are just dancing” swazz says shrugging.

The girl whose leaning into Nate’s side huffs and tugs on his arm.

“Get off will you.” He snarls wiggling his shoulders so she lets go.

He then turns to me, grabs my hand and pulls me off of the makeshift dance floor. I stumble after him yet hold onto his hand tightly as he leads me out of the house and back to where the cars are.

“Nate what’s going on?” I ask

“I just want to get out of here lets go somewhere Y/n” he whispers before turning to shoot me a cute dimpled smile.

“The beach. Let’s go to the beach” I say.

He nods in agreement before I step closer to him til he’s only a few inches away, slowly slipping my hands into the front of his pants and grabbing his keys. His eyes are swirling as he licks his lips slowly while staring down at my own.

I lean up on my tip toes, and kiss where his dimples would be before going back down and nodding for him to get in the car as I get in. He stops me from closing the door. Pulling out my seatbelt and sliding it across my hips, his lips brush against my collarbone and I stare down at him as he smirks. He kisses it gently once again before I hear the clicking of my seatbelt and he walks around the front of the car, while I sit there trying to catch my breath.

When he gets in he looks over at me and raises an eyebrow.

“Well let’s go to the beach!” He cheers.

I smile, starting the car and pulling out while he starts to fiddle with the radio. He plays with it before I decide to take over, pulling the aux cord and playing my drake pandora station. He starts to sing along before opening the window and sticking his head out like an idiot causing me to laugh. Finally we pull up to the beach and I park.

“So what are we going to do now?” He asks looking at me.

I wink biting my bottom lip, before unbuckling and jumping out of the car.

“What are we doing y/n!” He hollers.

I don’t say anything looking over my shoulder at him as he leans against the side of the car, I take off my shirt and throw it at him before unbuttoning my shorts and taking them off as well, I turn away running a little bit before slipping off my bra and running to the crashing waves.

“Come on skate boy!” I yell beckoning for him to come to me.

He shakes his head laughing before jogging to me and slowly taking off his clothes, when he gets to his boxers and is only a few feet way from me I turn away and dive I tot he chilling water. When I come up for air Nate is already in the water as well looking sexy in the moonlight.

He swims about a foot away just looking at me, I smile a bit still feeling shy swimming in nothing besides the boy I’ve liked for so long.

“Look at the stars.” He whispers.

I do as they shine bright and twinkle high up in the sky.

“They’re beautiful,” I murmur.

“Yeah you are” he says.

So I look over at him, his white teeth flash in the moonlight before I splash his face, not wanting him to see my cheesy smile.

He laughs splashing me back, we get into a splashing war before we both tire out and decide to just float a little while.

“Y/n” Nate says.

“Hmm” I whisper back still looking at the sky.

“Why did you dress so differently tonight? Not that I don’t like it, it just seemed like you were trying to impress someone.”

“I mean, I was”

I say looking at my pruning hands, while Nate looked over at me, frowning.


“You. I was trying to impress you.” I say.

Tired of hiding how I felt.

I start to swim back to shore, when like earlier tonight I’m pulled back into NATES chest, though this time he holds me as I wrap my legs around his stomach and he runs my back, warming my chilling body.

I look down at him waiting for him to say something. He doesn’t but he kisses my chin, softly, before I lower my head and or lips touch, once, twice, three times. And then he deepens the kiss. His tongue tracing my top and bottom lip before I open my mouth and our tongues dance together. My hands tangle I’m his wet hair, while he holds me tighter.

My head is swirling as he ends the kiss with another soft kiss to my lips.

“God you don’t know how long I waited for you to say that.” He growls.

Kissing me hard once again.

This time when it ends we swim back to shore, I shiver as I pull in my underwear, sneaking glances at Nate and his bare body, it’s beautiful, before he’s pulled on his pants he starts to pull on his shirt before looking over at me. I’m shiver in my shorts and struggling to pull on the right ass crop top. He chuckles coming over to my side and pulling away the shirt, his hands trace up and down my stomach before he puts his own shirt on me.

I smile gratefully before we head back to the car hand in hand.

Sorry this took forever to post but I do hope you enjoy! 💕